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This month’s Dengeki Hobby magazine
May 23, 2008, 2:15 pm
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Volks SRW OG full actions figure Ryukooh



Volks SRW OG full actions figure G Compatible Kaiser

Linebarrels Of Iron series 1/144


Mobile suit from Gundam 00P

Gundam Abulhool

Gundam Astraea [Cones Type GN Drive]


Soul Of Chogokin GX-45 Daizengar and Aussenseiter

* Aussenseiter can transform to “Pferd Mode”



Soul Of Chogokin  GX-43 Daimos

Soul Of Chogokin GX-42 Shin Jeeg

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if they are improving gundam kits, why can;t they just make the upper legs longer already… it looks so much better and scale better too…

Comment by realgundam

Hmmm… Looks like the Daimos is fully transformable afterall. If this is compared with Takara’s Masterpiece Optimus Prime, I guess the Daimos would be not as larger than life like Optimus do. Thanks to decades of reappearances and Yankee bareface-robbery marketings, OptimusPrime aka Daimos’ copycat rise above its 70s transformable predecessor.

I still have many doubts on how revolutionise this RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2 can be. By right, I expect its torso to be able to fold forward and backward in order to reanimate all those memorable moves in the anime. The coreblock fighter is a real pain in the ass as it’s standing in the way or the spine cord, for the purpose of the upcoming MG G-Armor? Man, sometimes Bandai should be more flexible in its way of making things work.

Comment by codename:v

I’m really curious to see how the transformation of Aussenseiter will work, and how much in terms of proportion and detail they sacrificed to have a working transformation.

That SoC Shin Jeeg looks freakin awesome. Too bad they didn’t include more Jeeg parts though. I really liked the Sky Parts from the anime. Ah well, at least they included the Jeeg bazooka and the oppai…err…mach drill.

I don’t like that they made it look like the anime version RX-78-2. Even if it has more articulation, I still think both the OYW vers and vers Ka look way better. They didn’t try and make the Zaku II 2.0s look like their anime counterparts, so I wonder what caused them to go in a different direction with the RX-78-2. LOL watch, soon they’ll be coming out with anime versions of the Zaku IIs to match up with this.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I have my full confidence in Bandai in pulling off the transformation. They proved they are capable of such magic with the SoC Gunbuster. Daizengar and Aussenseiter will be a good addition to my cabinet.

Comment by dodgethis

Aussenseiter looks like it will be a “partsformer.”

Comment by mchan

Thanks superrobotwar… Can you put the other G Compatikaiser images, please?

Comment by Folka

[…] SRWARBLOG ha messo on line un interessante preview riguardante la nota rivista  Dengeki Hobby magazine […]

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I will update more soon.

Comment by superrobotwar

I dont think RX-78-2 is revolutionary at all… G gundam can post better…(and namely its upper legs are longer…)

Comment by realgundam

DaiTrombe is fully transformable? I’m so getting this one then!
The problem with that transformation is from WHERE all the mass comes from, but I suppose they will do it by swapping/adding extra parts

Comment by beamknight87

The last thing for the Ikkitousen chogokin set would the issue of stability after Daizengar got onto the saddle. As far as I know, chogokins has problems of loose joints and stiff poses. Since both are made of metals and porcelins, they will weight quite a few pounds and imagine the Daizengar+zankatou total weight on the horse, I don’t think it could even stand up without display stand supports. For those who already purchase the Koto ikkitousen set, you sure wish you had wait longer…

If the G Compatible Kaiser is actually a substitute for the Dairaioh story, then I guess that what makes OGG instead of OG3. Politics within companies often create disturbances and I guess bad managements and poor plannings are what contributes to Banpresto handling over all its game developments to NamcoBandai. If you still want to support Banpresto, go play their pachinko machines.

Comment by codename:v

That G Compatible Kaiser figure looks awesome!!! I just knew that when they had that black G Thunder Gate in the last magazine that it was only a matter of time before they made this. Sucks that it’ll be almost impossible for people outside of Japan to get, but it’s still really nice to look at. Maybe Kotobukiya (to the chagrin of codename:v) will make a non-scale kit of this someday.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

well, getting really tire of the same rx-78. cmon bandai, at least you could come with someting new like Mg for the other mobile suits of gundam wing endless waltz or gundam wing tv version. a mg wing zero (t.v) would be nice

Comment by siegmund

by the way, dont you think that bandai puts too much effort on the inner frame. i mean, we cant see the frame at all on the rx 78 cause of the armor. oh well. they could have at least made some more details on rx 78 armor. like the oyw ver

Comment by siegmund

Any chance that the new Volks will NOT cost some obscene over 300$ amount to import?

They need to reproduce those Volks en masse to make them affordable or at least something that the average collector can buy.

Comment by Ed

@Ed – Well I e-mailed Volks, and they said that they can’t release the SRW figures to overseas buyers because of “licensing issues”. If we lived in Japan it wouldn’t cost half that much, but since most of those don’t, we have to settle for whoever happens to get extra figures and is willing to sell them off at astronomical prices.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Volks will NEVER sell oversea. Most of their stuff can only be gotten through proxy service and you know how much those costs + the actual item price.

Comment by shady123

Even with ordering through import shops, it should be impossible to put enough work into a pvc figure to make it cost 200$ list price.
They’d be idiots not to reproduce the old Volks figures at a price and scale like the new MS In Action series.

As for import shops, they’ll import anything. At least anything that they think will sell. Copyrights are obviously not an issue since there are plenty of import game and model stores that sell figures and games not copyrighted in north america

Comment by Ed

Comment by 삼부태랑

superrobotwar, since every volks srw action figures article has the artwork of that certain unit, can you please look for the other pages of the G Compatikaiser with its artwork?


Comment by Folka

What? So that you can rip it off and give it to mahq?

Comment by codename:v

No, on the srw og site owned by Orochi Kusanagi 😀

Comment by Folka



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