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MG Infinite Justice
May 24, 2008, 2:46 am
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Special Phase-Impulse MG Edition PV

Download (Flv, size 5Mb)

Here is screens capture in the end of special Phase-Impulse MG Edition promo video.

This mean next MG from Gundam Seed will be MG Infinite Justice this autumn 2008.



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So what’s the big deal? A wedding between MG StrikeFreedom and MG InfiniteJustice? Man, even the MG RX-78-2 Ver.2 didn’t get this redcarpet treatment.

Comment by codename:v

Hell yeah!!! MG Infinite Justice!!! I’m so glad I didn’t buy the regular 1/100.

Comment by CyberSynaptic


Comment by beamknight87

Great better than another UC version 2.0

Comment by ShinGundam

wrong, it’s the Aegis

Comment by tera

Boo, I’d rather get a MG Victory Gundam.

Comment by thepyro

Well whether it’s the Aegis, Justice or Infinite Justice, it will be my first MG kit. If it’s the Aegis, I’ll buy the MG Aile Strike along with it. If it’s the Justice I’ll buy the MG Freedom along with it. Finally if it’s the Infinite Justice (which I’m hoping it is), then I’ll be the MG Strike Freedom with it.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

@thepyro – Well I’m just glad that it isn’t yet ANOTHER MG kit from the OYW. Seriously, the last MG release that really got me excited was the MG Strike Noir more than a year ago. The releases since then either didn’t excite me at all (all the OYW stuff, Unicorn, Destiny, Turn-A), or I was only vaguely interested in (Strike E + IWSP, Launcher/Sword Strike).

Comment by CyberSynaptic

u no aegis, justice, and infinite justice isn’t red; they r all pink. but the savior is red, however it doesn hav any green on him except his eyes. but if the green means the eyes then the astray red frame and sword impulse r still in the running.

Comment by katsu

Wow! Looking forward to this

Comment by amuro0093

finally some athrun’s version.

Comment by kyo

Yeah, they’re pink/magenta, but in the Gundam universe I guess that’s considered red…**cough**Char**cough**… The Druggies even referred to Justice as “the red one” during SEED.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

well, it probably is the justice or aegis, ps: it is written gundam seed, not seed destiny

Comment by siegmund

but if u look at the strike freedom and destiny boxes it saids MG gundam seed

Comment by katsu

@CyberSynaptic: That’s true, although I do look forward to the MG Guntank. Still, I want a MG Victory. And Gundam X. Those two series are the only old series without MGs.

Comment by thepyro

Cool, but when are we going to see some love for the V Gundam and Gundam X mobile suits? Even Crossbone Gundam and Gundam Sentinel got some MG kits made.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Just as it looks like no more kits will come out for SEED/SEED Destiny, they released Athrun’s aegis?Justice?Infinite Justice?

Can’t really see what is it. It just looks red

Comment by Wowzer

Wow they are really going to finish the seed master grade series, I’m guessing we will also see a sword & blast impulse master grades?

Comment by Subaru

I do think it’s going to be Infinite Justice. As for Blast and Sword Impulse MGs, it’s possible but not likely in the near future. Look how long it took them to release the other MG Strike Packs.

Comment by Mark

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The Aegis would be nice or maybe Savior

Comment by robotodudeXo

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If you ask me, Gundam X probaly the least known in all the Gundam series, even in Japan, it’s didn’t liked much although i really like this one.

Back to the topic, MG IJ is not bad deal, compare to the OYWV ver2, and if they make a MG Nightingale next, then it superb!!But since Bandai probaly still in the SEED dream, i’ll be fine with just MG Savior. And lastly, what make the Special Phase Impulse so special ?

Comment by yasulong

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Man, finally! Although it’s not the Justice. RX-78-2 got hell lot of versions already and I’m just sick of it. The RX-78-2 “Gundam” (ver. 2.0) has a good inner frame but the appearance looks like shit! Sorry to the fans but seriously, I prefer the RX-78-2 “Gundam” (One Year War 0079 version). It has better details on the outside and looks better. The version 2 is just following the anime.

Comment by AdamJ

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