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Endless Frontier now on sale!
May 28, 2008, 6:11 am
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Endless Frontier: SRW OG Saga NDS ROM

Download from rapidshare, size 75Mb 

Download from fs2y, size 69Mb

Download from jsharer, size 78Mb



Endless Frontier now on sale in HK. someone at TGBUS already got it.

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LoL … It won’t be long now xD

Comment by Daigelmir

want the rom so i try it until my copy ship

Comment by srw4ever

It’s finally out, uh?

Well i would like to check a basic translation of the story before trying it gameplay wise, i know it sounds weird, but since the probablity of MnF being translated are not defined and i don’t really want to wait for it…

Comment by Metzen

Its probably just me, but the breasts are the only thing u can see clearly on the cover >.> … u see the mech and stuff but they get over ruled by large, round, breasts.

Comment by xZero


I just know “he’s” gonna start bitchng about it…

Comment by thepyro

(I just know “he’s” gonna start bitchng about it…)

None other than thepyro the running dog who always tails behind others’ comments.

You want to play the game, just go ahead. No one’s gonna stop you, not even your mother.

Comment by codename:v

Actually, I don’t have much interest in Endless Frontier, so I didn’t buy it. I don’t plan on pirating it either.

Comment by thepyro

Actuslly pyro, you suck at lying

Comment by codename:v

How would you know if I’m lying? I have no plans to buy this game and the DS emulators suck.

And you’re in no position to be calling anyone a liar, Mr. Clone.

Comment by thepyro

As you’re in no position to be calling anyone a clone, Mr.Liar

Comment by codename:v

“As you’re in no position to be calling anyone a clone”

Hahah, that’s true. Since the icons disappeared ‘mysteriously’, there’s no way to tell for sure which CVs are the real deal and which are clones.

Though, if I had to guess… you are a clone. Your posts so far lack the usual random incomprehensible insults, so you can’t possibly be the real CV.

Comment by thepyro

Even I get tired of insulting petulant kids with no inteligence, even you want to be igual to me with your childish “incomprehensible insults”.

Go back to the womb of your mother, you arent fit to real world

Comment by codename:v

“you arent fit to real world”

This coming from the same person who has enough time to draw fan art and complain about a line of video games in several forums? Though I have to admit, that still was rather civil as opposed to the usual.

Though, I am interested to hear why you hate SRW so much, hopefully without overuse of the word ‘fag’.

Comment by thepyro

Another download link please, and could someone please link an emulator that can work the game properly (or as close to that as possible).

Thanks guys keep up the good work

Comment by Daizengar

NDS Emu NO$GBA Ver. 2.6a with NDS2xGL2(zoom 2X)

Comment by superrobotwar

SRWN supports piracy… that should make most of us happy, thought, so am I

Comment by NT1

Yeah, visit Malaysia and you can get cheaper pirated NDS games at half price.

Comment by codename:v

does anyone know what settings to use on Super card?

Comment by Wookieman

No$gba emulation isnt accurate Y.Y

Comment by haloforce

yup, its non playable so just give up and buy a DS, guess I’ll stick to PSP thought

Comment by NT1

The emulator looks fine but all my games are in Spanish now and i can’t find the option that turns them back into English?! can someone tell me how to do that.

P.S. Please provide another download link for the game, its impossible to download it from rapidfire without membership. A torrent would be nice.


Comment by Daizengar

Wtf? its playable, I just said that the emulation isnt accurated..

Comment by haloforce

r u sure?
it can play but later the game hangs(but the music is still playing) and it usually hangs when u finish the battle
i got stuck when i got the red hair girl

Comment by Juste

Try windspro

If you don’t know how to use or setting emu go to

Here is my emu setting

Comment by superrobotwar

Does it work better?

Comment by haloforce

someone mediafire this for easier dl

Comment by CurryToa

well im using the same settings its still the same

Comment by Juste

Video emulation is 100%

Problem is sound

Comment by haloforce

set the emu speed to “realtime/auto”
u get smooth sound

Comment by Juste

Smooth Sound with breaks , great

Comment by haloforce

I guess the rom breaks in some parts, because the first battle I fought with the “red girl” on my team, the battle worked and I got out with victorious

Comment by haloforce

I got hang sometime. emu seem to be not work.

Comment by superrobotwar

uhh anyone can upload the rom to megaupload ? none of the link works for me…

Comment by Anonymous

Guess its back good old nintendo ds then…

Comment by haloforce

yeah i’m a fag and i’m loving it .. srw sux because i love it but won’t admit it coz i’m such a fag

oh yeah,and i’m a fag and loving it!

Comment by codename:v

Yea i got a fatal error message at the end of my first encounter. Maybe the settings are off, but i’m not sure of the best way to work this game.

If u figure it out post it o.k. mate

Comment by Daizengar

the best way is to wait for next version of the Emu

Comment by Juste

I used to heard calls for banning pirated and illegal downloads of animes and games online by so-called diehard OTAKUS, but when it comes to file-sharing torrents and ripped game emulators, OTAKUS can change overnight and eagerly download these illegally online shamelessly without being answerable to their support for originals.
Such hypocritic mentalities are fine examples of OTAKUS’ embarrassing behaviours and most of them suffered from Acute Insistent Denial Syndrome or AIDS for short with symptoms like short-temperedness, emotional breakdowns, schizophrenic, violent intentions and over enthusiastic. There is no known cure for AIDS yet…
It’s fine with me if you want to blow up your PC by downloading all these gigabyte-size emulators and fans-translated animes/mangas since you just can’t wait for the actual product which is months away, but you have to admit the fact that you’re SUPPORTING PIRACY, fansubs and game emulators are pirated products in file-sharing forms. The best thing of all is FREE, isn’t it?
So don’t going around acting hypocritic elitists and look down on those who play pirated versions because they’re poor and can’t afford originals since YOU also support piracy.

Comment by codename:v

“uhh anyone can upload the rom to megaupload ? none of the link works for me…” – You give Anonymous a bad name with your massive amounts of failure.

Comment by Anonymous

(You give Anonymous a bad name with your massive amounts of failure.)

If you enjoy talking to yourself in the mirror and in public, then you’re a shame to the title ‘anonymous’. COWARD

Comment by codename:v

it doesnt work


Honestly code, do you actually enjoy being the party clown around here? You’re like a designated punching bag for the citizens of this board to enjoy in a slow news days, the only thing I can’t tell is if you’re acting like that on your free will, or something else…

Either way, keep up the good work :D

Comment by Anonymous

can you upload your Ideas ver. SRWN ? mine doesnt seem to run properly

Comment by NT1

i’ve already ordered my copy of endless frontier, but it wont arrive for 3-4 weeks… talk about sadness

Comment by haloforce

plz guys where the right emuim so exicted dudes



iDeaS working no crash.

Cant get it above 30 fps

Comment by Legion

Mmmm, CV, you know that Fansub is the way how Animes get the majority of their international fanbase and thanks to it they are able to sell abroad, right?
Without it, the majority of the Animes wouldn’t leave Japan.
I do have a beef with those fansubbers that sell CDs or DVS of the series, since they are getting some money from that without really paying the copyrights and stuff, but when one downloads it from a free Fansub group that won’t charge for any money and will gladly stop when the Series is licensed, then it isn’t that much of Piracy and more a way to Publicity.
Obviously when they don’t respect the licenses and go on fansubbing that lincenced series is without doubt piracy.
Remember something, without Fansubs, those who would brought the Anime legally wouldn’t be able to know which series is good and which series is bad, only focusing on the most popular series ala Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon, etc, leaving series less popular but maybe with better quality remaining in Japan because they would be too “risky” for those who sell Anime.
Roms are obviously Piracy and nobody can’t say otherwise.
But Fansubs is something that can’t be seen with a Black and White Mindset, CV, there are also Shades of grey there. There are those who do Piracy for their own profit, those who just do it for spreading it without cost or charging people, and those who just are showing the series to those who don’t live in japan or can’t speak the japanese, so it would later be brought in legal ways.

Comment by Metzen

for those who are looking for an alternative source here you go:

Comment by chris

>>The best thing of all is FREE, isn’t it?
So don’t going around acting hypocritic elitists and look down on those who play pirated versions because they’re poor and can’t afford originals since YOU also support piracy.

What an amazing picture. A hypocrite despising hypocracy! This comes from a guy who downloads the hobby magazine scans for FREE from this website. BTW did you know that your dearly beloved Japanese people actually PAYS for those mags? If piracy is an act of theivery, what would you call that, I wonder?

Guys, don’t even bother arguing with this creep. His antics are often incoherent and words such as logic are not part of his vocabulary (however small it may be.) Even his behavior is similar to the otakus and weaboos who lurk in internet grotto like 2ch and 4chan, and societal failures like them are best avoided.

Comment by Shin

@G-COMPITAL KAISER: If you are interested in emulators and getting them to work, why not just visit an emulation site? This board is a horrible medium to offer tech support, or to teach someone who to use emulators.

Comment by Milkman Dan

we need a translation of the dramatracks, at least the 3rd one because it has the FULL awesome Axel vs Beowulf battle they negated us in OG2 O_O!!!

Comment by beamknight87

Let’s see, what kind of people would come as ‘anonymous’- convicts who did time, drug-addicts, alcoholics, paedophiles, rapists etc anyone who has criminal records and fear public biases.
Basically, anonymouses are bunch of low-lives who continously carrying out their criminal activities in the dark and most anonymouses are racists in their purest forms by going around using racial slurs like ‘nigga’ and ‘chink’ especially at 4chan, now isn’t that low-life or what? Anonymouses never look at themselves in the mirror ‘coz they don’t have faces at all and they can’t walk in broad daylight ‘coz they will burned to death like vampires do. Funeral houses business sure booming with anonymouses purchasing caskets from them…

Shin: Why of course, you’re the uncaring elitist who trampled on those who download illegally by calling them poor. Meanwhile, back at your whore house you’re downloading SRW torrents from mediafire site… For someone who calls other japanophiles and weeabos, I think the hypocrite goes by the name of “Shin”…

Comment by codename:v

damn it its not workinggggggggggggggggg


The No$Gba does work but only if u encrypt the game already, so encrypt it and try again.

Comment by Unknown

This thing always crushes on No$GBA. I forgot the version I am now using.

When I try to use No$GBA 2.6a with NDS2xGL2. the upper screen is just in black…

Comment by Dev

someone says wht ver able to play it


>>Why of course, you’re the uncaring elitist who trampled on those who download illegally by calling them poor

Haha, where exactly in my post did I call anyone “poor”? Would you point it out for me please? The only accusation I made here is that YOU are a HYPOCRITE for calling us pirates while you download free stuff from this website. How can I not call that hypocracy?

>>Meanwhile, back at your whore house you’re downloading SRW torrents from mediafire site…

I saw your mother at the whorehouse. She says she misses you and wonders how you are doing.

Comment by Shin

Even more contradictions from CV
Heh, the usual thing…
I’m surprised that he didn’t start bashing the game with their INSULTS and MORE INSULTS long ass comments.
Also you can’t act all so mighty over the Anonymous because you pretty much act like them and even use their slangs like the whole “FAG” or AIDS.
You know? People are dying of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome so instead of using it’s Acronysm for your stupid insults, you should show some respect stop using it at all.

Comment by Metzen

shin show recpect here dude


>>shin show recpect here dude

Sorry, spewing vitriolic comments will not earn my respect.

Comment by Shin

Shin, you said so yourselve that socializing iwth CV is best avoided, then why are you keep countering his statement? Just let it go man.

Comment by realgundam

>>Shin, you said so yourselve that socializing iwth CV is best avoided, then why are you keep countering his statement? Just let it go man.

Sometimes it’s fun putting a troll in its place, but I got carried away. My bad.

Comment by Shin

Yeah, it’s fun to rattle the bars, but it gets old sometimes too. He’s a raving lunatic, it’s not like anything we say will change anything.

Comment by Milkman Dan

soooooooo there s no hope


Why do people still think emulation is perfect? It isn’t. It’s not going to work 100%. The people making emulators aren’t even working from the specs as far as I can tell, they are reverse engineering. Just wait until there’s a new version of your favorite emulator and try that instead.

Comment by Milkman Dan

start thinking

Comment by nds

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