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Endless Frontier first day sale
May 30, 2008, 5:35 am
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Edit: Akibablog and Akibaos has posted Endless Frontier first day sale.


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Damn i want the poster 😦

Comment by srw4ever

Yeah, so that you can masturbate in front of it.

Comment by codename:v

This game promotes the SRW franchise in the worst way imaginable.


Comment by Anonymous

oooh sorry CV ur gay i forget that don’t worry they will release one for

Comment by srw4ever

any idea when the OST will be release?

Comment by Juste


sigh… you see, thats why I don’t argue with CV. Although he use unnecessary insult, he does have a point.
“Hey collection of big breasts! This is the New srw! Allies and enemies both shack and move”
Ok i know not eveyone play this game because of this shit, but no offense the way the shop is marketing the game is really faggy.

Comment by realgundam

Well, did you expect any less from a videogame shop in AKIHABARA, the otaku district?

Comment by Shin

The only difference between the marketing made from Banpresto and Akihabara shops is “scale”, since they’re both marketing the game from the same point-of-view, as a game with cute and big breasted girls.

On another note, having a point doesn’t equal to the right to call names, besides the fact that with code acting as he does around here it becomes harder to be taken seriously when sharing the same opinion as him.

Comment by Anonymous

Exactly. No one ever disputed his right to dislike Banpresto products. In fact, no one actually cares if he dislike them. That’s his choice. But the insults are what start the flames.

Comment by thepyro

I can understand. Though some would argue that he makes no sense at all. So I normally tries to make ppl see pass his insult or just don’t argue with CV, since this will only become unending cycle of trolling. But then these ppl said I am acting “higher than everyone”…

Comment by realgundam

no one cares abtyr views, man
cos u simply agree with CV’s point which means u are one of his kind ,lol

Comment by RJ

so you are saying that if you agree with someone else you then are the same kind of people… what logic is that?

Comment by realgundam

I’d say that there are plenty of people out there who don’t like the way this game is being marketed or the direction that it is going- I for one completly lost interest the second Xenosaga characters were included.

The fact of the matter is that it’s not the views being presented, but they way these views are presented that matters. It’s one thing to voice displeasure with a game- “I wish they’d branch SRW into new directions”, or “I’d like to see newer franchises introduced, with less focus on the older shows that have been played out”. It’s quite another to go on the attack and essentially troll your opinions on everybody- “SRW needs to change or it’s going to die because it sucks as it is and nobody will buy this garbage!” and “They need to get rid of those old boring robots because only old people like them and only new shows are worth including!”.

One of them can make logical sense, and the other is just asking for people to call you an idiot. But since it seems that some people come to this website only to insite anger and bitch about how they hate everything, logic will be falling on dead ears.

IMO, it’s okay to share similar opinions with a Troll- you just have to be carefull with your wording to avoid being an offensive asshole.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Right, I totally agree with you. But what I am saying, is that just because I understand/shared a view with CV, and that they don’t agree, these ppl have to troll me too. That is the point of well thats totally illogical

-You know who you are-

Comment by realgundam

I understand and share some of his views too. I just don’t like the trolling.

Comment by thepyro

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