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June 24, 2008, 1:37 am
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New Mobile Suit from Gundam Unicorn.


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There has been a lot of intermediate units between Jegans and Gustav-Carls. The RGM-96X Jesta is no exception.
From the looks of the Jesta, it’s pretty heavily armed and tougher than the Stark Jegan. Something like a Powered GM from 0083, haven’t seen that one for a long time. As the story started to shift to Earthsphere, this is going to be another “Jaburo”?

Comment by codename:v

It’s a shame that the American Gundam (or anywhere else that speaks English) fans can never read or enjoy this novel.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Here’s a thing: With so many Japanophiles and Weeabos among yanks who are just as racist like the Japs, in addition with the English speaking Bananas who doesn’t even know Chinese characters and Mandarin, of course these 2 are losing more advantages than the Chineses in China, Taiwan, HongKong and SE Asia.

Comment by codename:v

[…] HOTNEWS ha mostrato una primissima immagine di una nuova unita del Romanzo Illustrato Gundam Unicorn, opera […]

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