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Super Robot Wars Z PV
June 28, 2008, 9:48 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z PV

Download PV format FLV, size 85Mb.

Here is sample screens of PV.

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When we can have the video?

Comment by KOF


Comment by superrobotwar

the Real Robots legs look really small…

Comment by zengar

Its past midnight in japan , so I guess the PV as already aired in there

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Big-O

Direct download:

Thanks to CrunchyBeverage for this!

Comment by greato_boosta

man, my eyes….! Will there be a HQ ver….
everything just seem so flashy.
nothing really jump out to be exited about.
but, still it looks pretty good.
cant wait for it.

Comment by ottoto

Mediafire link:

Youtube link:

Comment by greato_boosta

I can’t really decide if I should be excited on this one
the good and bad stuff seem to be pretty balanced (well in my opinion)

-great animation sequences in battle
-some of my favorite series are mixed in (Gundam, Getta Robo
-squad system seems to have better use than Alpha series
-I’ve seen some good attacks on the trailer like Getta Robo G (Liger attacking then suddenly doing an Open Gate attack) and Impulse Gundam (switching packs during an attack is much better than being stuck with one pack for the whole battle)

-letting a cheap looking rip-off like Orguss in the roster (seriously, Macross could have been a whole lot better)
-no Mazinkaiser (in favor of Grendaizer? Mazinkaiser would fit much better with Z’s visuals; but hey, the developers may surprise us by having both Grendaizer and Mazinakiser in the same game)
-no Shin Getter (same reason why I want Maznkaiser in the game, I want a badass looking mech in a badass looking game goddammit)
-ugly looking robots and pilots got in the list (King Gainer looks like a braided homo, Xabungle’s cast is a bunch of hobos, and again, Orguss is an effin’ rip-off, need I say more?)

Comment by WOWOWEE

oh yeah, Daitarn 3 is a dumbass *uck as well
that stupid BGM should be left out of the game

Comment by WOWOWEE

Still no Hi-Res?

Comment by Big-O

i want Super Robot Wars Z PV AVI

Comment by mazinkaiser

I´m hopping that superrobo’s version is a hi-res one

Comment by Big-O

To me it’s fairly obvious that they’ll make Z the main series (ala alpha), so the exclusion of Kaiser and Shin Getter is just for them to be added in a later date.

Comment by Anonymous

The link ‘s dead so fast .

Comment by Ixion

It can’t download

Comment by ziron

Huh? I just checked and the link is just fine

Comment by greato_boosta

Looking for a hi-res version, preferably AVI. Is there any news on the originals in this game?

Comment by Daizengar

It Ok I can Download to this time Thank you

Comment by ziron


Orguss a Macross rip off? Get it together jeez.

Orguss was out before Macross by a year.

Comment by EddaRoboE

Macross > Orguss

Sorry, you’ve just lust the game

Comment by Big-O

=/ I was not arguing whether Macross was better than Orguss. Thats pretty obvious. Im just saying Orguss didnt rip off Macross.

Comment by EddaRoboE

Orguss wasn’t really a ripoff of macross, it as the second part of the Super Dimentional trilogy. In terms of production (NOT storyline), it’s the sequal to Macross. It’s only natural that two shows produced by the same company in part of the same production series are going to look similar. Or would you call Zeta Gundam a ripoff?

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Here’s a high quality link for anyone interested:

Comment by Anonymous

wowwee….i love the part whr impulse pawned freedom..=D

Comment by Anonymous

watched the HQ pv…..
opinion didnt change much….
but one thing i am really enjoyed this time is the Gundams are more,… i mean….how do i say it….
what about the Originals…?
this games has them right?

Comment by ottoto

No Grendizer in this video, right?

Comment by Maximilian

Grendizer’s in the video

Comment by greato_boosta

Grendizer Rulez!!!!

I hope Stellar from Gundam Seed Destiny will be a playable secret character, with her beautiful Destroy ^^

The Big O is stunning too! I love this anime, and I ever hope in a 3rd season ^^

Comment by MazinKaesar

[…] on line sulle pagine di SRW Hotnews il nuovo trailer ufficiale di SRW […]

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yeah right Zeta gundam must be ripoff man that suck but they still keep that unit in and Double Zeta either got no idea Daiten 3 more stupid i hate the Suond it so funny don know if in this game still have God Gundam that my favious gundam and strike gundam

Comment by huutincao

anyone know when the sound track containing SRWAP opening is coming out?

Comment by zengar

lol @ the people hatin on Orguss.

Orguss is the glue holding all these series together in this ridiculous roster, without it this game wouldn’t be possible.

Comment by wings of words

Have you guys ever heard of the army’s plan to have a fully robot army and air force by 2035? If you haven’t you might want to take a look at this article I wrote. I know you might not agree with everything I say, but you know, take what resonates and leave the rest, I say..

Comment by Stefan Fobes

>Grendizer’s in the video
>Comment by greato_boosta

Sorry, I mean “no Grendizer in the FMV”.

Comment by Maximilian

Why don’t you tag posts related to specific games with the titles of said games? As it is, the tags are practically worthless.

Comment by Kouban

And without orguss, perhaps we would have had a better roster…
BTW EddaRoboE
Macross Original run 1982 – 1983
Orguss Original run 1983 – 1984

Comment by Big-O

From the looks of the PV..
seems like the enemies are getting alot of cut-ins too.(Especially Gundam ones)..
From there we’ve seen Rozamia’s and Bran’s – -..

Nice indeed. Movement and attacks seems more dynamic.
Some of those enemies even twitch and wiggle before exploding

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Orguss is the glue holding all these series together in this ridiculous roster, without it this game wouldn’t be possible.

is it because that it not only looks, but it’s also sticky like shit? ;D

if this is a multi game series like some people say, then I hope that Orguss, Daitarn and KingGainer gets permanently destroyed at the end of this game.

Comment by WOWOWEE

You need to do your research before
you start talking out your other hole.
Orguss is part of the super dimensional
series like macross. It deals with a
dimension bomb that screws up a bunch
of timelines. That is why it is featured
in SRW Z. Learn to appreciate good
mecha like Daitarn and King Gainer.
The cast list has plenty of good
generic mecha like GSD and Gravion.
Also it’s been confirmed that
Mazinkaiser will not be appearing in

Comment by Gaofrygar

The only mecha I don’t like so much is King Gainer because it looks… wierd with these strange “hair”. But it’s powerful… I think it can be something like Dunbine (small, fast, difficult to hit and with good attacks when morale is high).

Comment by Mazinkaesar

King Gainer is a cool show it’s just
not your average mech design.

Comment by Gaofrygar

I agree… I just say it looks wierd. But it’s really a strong mecha, thank you to overskills 😉

Comment by Mazinkaesar

I understand where you’re coming from
I was really shooting back at wowee…
Some younger robot fans can be so short
sighted and caught up in aesthetics.
They need to learn to appreciate the
classics and stop whining about things
they know nothing about.

Comment by Gaofrygar

big o anime…

How do you come up with so much material to blog with?…

Trackback by big o anime

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