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This month’s Gundam Ace magazine
June 29, 2008, 2:21 am
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3 pics from this month’s Gundam Ace magazine.

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Can’t we have some clearer scans of the Jesta?

Comment by codename:v

I hope after 00 is over Unicorn gets animated or something.

Comment by thepyro

yes…Unicorn going anime after 00 finish…so we juz have to wait till next year…=D

Comment by Anonymous

Gundam Unicorn anime next year? In your dreams
The Gundam Unicorn is staying as serial novels and so say goodbye to manga or anime adaptations.

Comment by codename:v

Well, it still would be nice to have a new animated Universal Century story.

Comment by thepyro

Its is going for anime next year.

Comment by Anonymous


It sure as hell won’t be SEED. Given the popularity and the hype over this, it probably will be animated…

Comment by Anonymous

NOOOO! no more Kiraaaa!

Comment by ubr

… Solid proof that its going to be animated, or stop your nonsense.

Comment by Aramatsu

[…] Le immettiamo dividendole in due gruppi. Gruppo A […]

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