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Super Robot Wars Z box art (353×500)
July 3, 2008, 4:49 am
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Comment by Anonymous

here xD

According to terada, big-o wasnt worked to 110%, like the other series, so it didnt have the “fanboyish” of the other ones, therefore, no view on the boxart

Comment by Big-O

I guess Big-O wasn’t as much of a game
seller. Personally I’m gonna bench
Big-O and turn Baldios into my tank.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Yes, let us over-speculate on the game based on its box art…

Comment by Shin

Dude, who the hell is doing that?

Comment by Big-O

no OG character on the cover -3-

Comment by realgundam

OG = Original Generation

Just say original, or Banpresto Original, or something like that. OG is another series entirely.

I don’t even remember any of the non-OG games having an original character or mecha on the cover.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Only two words: R,D

Comment by Astranagan

Big O had not so success in Japan, maybe because the main character is too “western”. Amirican people loved this anime and if there is a second season, we had to regret them. But we still need a 3rd season!!!

Comment by Mazinkaesar

errrm 2 seasons where enough to complete the series, perhaps a OVA would be nice

Comment by Big-O

Ah ah ah!!!! Well, I will prefer a 3rd season, but I will enjoy some OAV too ^^

Comment by Mazinkaesar

I liked Big O’s first season but the
second season was like the existential
dilemna of roger smith. Season 2 needed
more beatdowns and less psychological

Comment by Gaofrygar

I know this is off-topic but does 2ch has a “Mecha” section like 4ch does? if it does, anyone knows the link? =)

Comment by jechz

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