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OGs enter PS2 the Best
July 4, 2008, 2:53 am
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Super Robot Wars OGs PLAYSTATION2 the Best version

Released date: 7th August 2008

Price: 2,940 yen

Source: Gpara

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what is it?OGs plus OGG?

Comment by geeno

I don’t really get with all these the best version of the game. it’s not like they sold out the copies in the market.

Comment by realgundam

hey guy is this really OG the firts part came last year why the hell they put it in and said the best

Comment by huutincao

all of these best of games are probably leftovers and now sell it out for halve the price.

Comment by ottoto

I’m assuming games that had good ratings get “the best” to sell them out later when they get out-dated

Comment by Ekove

so do guy tell me this game just the same with the OG when it first cam out no thing new so hell how this it release on Ausgust

Comment by huutincao

This game is only a re-release with lowest price because it has sold well, that´s all,so don´t start flaming

Comment by mazinkaiser

For those who don’t get it… this is basically a “Greatest Hits” thing. There is no new contents and everything is EXACTLY the same in-game.OGS got this title because the original sold a large number of copies in a certain amount of time. Now that its debut time “ran out”, they slap “the best” title, botch the cover art, and lower the price so those who still wants to pick it up can do so.

Comment by Z

so u say they just the same story hell make me thought there some new mech in there

Comment by huutincao

Its amazing that people dont know what a game has to do to get to “the best”

Comment by Big-O

huutincao are you talking about the OGs from GBA or on PS2? if PS2 its the same game. they did add a little from GBA version, and new graphics, but nothing to write home about.

And Big-O it’s amazing that you assume what ppl don’t know… juezz…

Comment by realgundam

really that good they put some new in that not best i try to get it when it come out yeah im talk about PS2 not gba i dont like gba anyway

Comment by huutincao

huutincao, this is exactly the same game that was sold as “Super Robot Wars OGs” on the PS2. There was nothing added. They changed the cover and lowered the price, that’s all. This has been going on for years. They have done this to many, many games that initially sold well.

Comment by Milkman Dan

what you said just the same jezz man i thought there some thing new in there too these directer let me down

Comment by huutincao

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