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scans Macross Chronicle 01
July 13, 2008, 8:01 pm
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Here are some scans from Macross Chronicle mag and Newtype mag.

Download (Upload by Debris)


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finally macross is popular enough for its own issue πŸ˜›

Comment by realgundam

From this pic to last

I think it’s not from this book may be it come from Newtype magazine.

Comment by Kohta

Sorry Kohta.

Comment by superrobotwar

I don’t think these are genuine, most likely some stashes gathered from various source. What a rip-off

Comment by codename:v

u are a rip off also. Dun understand jap then dun say anything…

Thanks for the source! πŸ™‚

Comment by RJ

[…] questi giorni SRW Hotnews ha pubblicato le scansioni di Macross  Chronicle 01 una delle riviste annunciate nelle scorse settimane in […]

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What do I expect from a retarded Singaporean FAG by the name of RJ? The last time he failed at being a gangster now he’ve got fooled by a fake magazine. You should come down to Malaysia’s Zoo Negara where you can meet the rest of your orang-utan family. Macam-macam aje, Si Beruk RJ tu masih berangan-angan nak jadi Samseng. Nak berlagak tapi otak pun tak setanding otak udang.

Comment by codename:v

lol, i gladed u still know mi, Malaysia guy… i would not insult yr country and where u are born but i am ashamed of u insulting the whole world even though u are a samell piece of trash lying in the beautiful land of Malaysia.

I am proud of my name (RJ), not like you… Dun even dare to sound out yrs.

If u dun know Jap, that’s fine but Dun act smart here. i also dun understand Jap well enough after going for the basic course.

Dun using malay to scold me if u are scared to confront me. Tell me in English, VirginBoy.

Comment by RJ

“I don’t think these are genuine, most likely some stashes gathered from various source. What a rip-off”
At least, it’s better because the picture had been clearing with photoshop. So i don’t need to do that anymore and not complaining SUCKER!!

HEY CV! why don’t you go (or better moved) to Indonesia. I watched NGC that there are BEKATAN at east Indonesia. it’s more suit for you than OrangUtan.
(Nice job RJ)

Comment by Epsilon_013

huah more forum war. Anyway, maybe you guys already know about this, but there was a news from the blog. Here we go:

Comment by judo0054

RJ: Of course you’re proud of your name since you enjoy being RETARDED as well, here’s the translation: RJ the monkey still thinks he’s a gangster and likes to show-off while his brain is smaller than a shrimp’s. By behaving like a hooligan, your brain is INDEED smaller than the shrimp’s in your prawn noodle. So what you want to be in future? A low-life SIU DI working for an AH LONG? Carry on FAGGOT

Epsilon: Let me guess, are YOU and RJ both lovers? No wonder you both grope each other butts. Carry on, FAGGOTS

Comment by codename:v

no, it isn’t. not like you muscular-man lover dude.
I knew you like character such as Dozle Zabi since you said “If you have read Gundam Ace magazines, you would have saw Amuro and Char as GIRLS.”

Comment by Epsilon_013

i guess codename v is regarded as a virginboy without any gals in his life… I totally dun understand wat he is trying to say or should i say that he is unable to express himself in words….i guess yr level of education is worse than primary school, VIRGIN boy.

If i’m a Ah Long, i will not have time to argue with u here and go collect the debt lol.

Use some brains before u say something.. No need to use so GOOD English to prove tat u are so smart lol..

Comment by RJ

Alright! A Babelfish fight!

Comment by Gaofrygar

Hey u fuc*** magot, r u idiot or what orang utans is from Indonesia so is the other things that u and your country (malingsia -> just like its name its really a ‘maling’ country) stole from.

Comment by MrX

these are genuine. whoever doubted oughta be shot. a subber(me) should know. besides, doubters – please go learn some real Nihongo.

Comment by tonbo


the uploader did mention the scans are both of Macross Chronicle & NewType. personally, i would encourage everyone to get your own copy of ‘ – Chronicle’. thx for the upload. the timeline bit sure makes it a good buy.

Comment by tonbo

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