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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 0096 reference book
July 16, 2008, 7:15 am
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Scan Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 0079 reference book.


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damn those gundam so good when it strat to reales this movies guy cant wait

Comment by huutincao

[…] SRW Hotnews ha pubblicato  on line le scansioni del Reference Book di Gundam […]

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Hi…Reference book

Comment by Debris

so thats how the Hyakushiki looks like when it transform….
i remember in Zgundam mentioned that it couldnt transform because they ran out of time to complete it or is it something else….

Comment by ottoto

Ottoto: You must have just woke up from hibernation… The Delta Gundam’s transformation was scrapped because of its weak frames and got simplified to become the Hyakkushiki as we know today. Instead, it served as a testbed for the Zeta and now it’s back as the Delta Plus after it’s weak frame problems are solved.

See? This is what I’ve said earlier:

Comment by codename:v

You need to learn to be a bit nicer to people. Obviously, Ottoto doesn’t look for you when he needs information on Gundam. So, pull out whatever crawled up your ass and died, and enjoy all the media we get from this site.

Comment by Kenpei

[…] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 0096 reference book [image] […] […]

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This site ROCKS!!!

Thanks for the ‘share’.

Good man!!!

Meannie!!! Giving geeks a bad name.

Comment by wewylyn

huah, I do not know what will happen if my e-girlfriend see a forum war.

Comment by judo0054

ex-girlfriend, not e-girlfriend. Sorry. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

A (hope not too) stupid question: there is any relationship between this new Gundam and the stylized unicorn on the left shoulder of the Gundam RX93 (really, I never understood if this is an unicorn or simply the A of “Amuro”).

Comment by Mazinkaesar

What are you mean by “A” on unicorn’s left shoulder?
If you see letter from picture of MG unicorn, it’s AE. It mean Anaheim Electronics.

Comment by epsilon_013

No, I mean tha “A” in shoulder of the RX93 (The Nu Gundam in Char’s Counterattack): some people told me this is not an “A” but a styilized unicorn… so I’m asking myself if there is a relationship with this new series.

Comment by Mazinkaesar

it seems to be just the “A” for Amuro, anyway…

Comment by Mazinkaesar

More sleepy heads woke up from their hibernations and daze at the all “NEW” Unicorn… Or should I say it again “FAGS DON’T READ”

There are such things called wikipedia and Google, look it up on Gundam Unicorn and read about it.

Comment by codename:v

No one ask your opinion CV boy!
It’s very peacefull when you’re gone. Just gone with the hurricane, because wind can blow your stupidity

Comment by Epsilon_013

Mazinkaesar matbe some new gundam mania so don’t try teach him with your fuzzy explanation, smart-ass

Comment by Epsilon_013

Thank you for this post.

Comment by Gunius

I already looked around, and as I did not find anything about, I’m asking here. Maybe some Gundam fan can have the answer. 😛

Comment by Mazinkaesar

For me it’s “A” for Amuro. My assumption, the A emblem that look like unicorn is to show that he is used to be white base crew. White base is called trojan horse by Zeon (if i’m not wrong by char himself)

Comment by Epsilon_013

I see, thank you for your theory. Interesting …

Comment by Mazinkaesar

You’re welcome

Comment by Epsilon_013

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