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Super Robot Wars Z official site update
July 22, 2008, 3:21 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z official site has been updated TVCM in movie section.


Here is sample screens from Z TVCM 15 sec Ver. (nothing new in TVCM)

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lol Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by kadej_R

No delay this time lol Cant wait to play this game!

Comment by RJ

Can’t wait to see how strong new mecha are.

Comment by Epsilon_013

My money is on Baldios for the uber
awesome tank mecha of doom for this game.

Comment by Gaofrygar

This game really is not catching my interest….and i never feel this way for any other SRW games.
But, still i buy it and play.
*sign**face palm*

Comment by ottoto

Ok so we get it with all the slightly improved graphics Banpresto. But I care more about how the game play has improved. There are so many older SRW series that has much better game play then recent series, I really hope they remake LOE from SNES…

Comment by realgundam

LOE? what’s that?

Comment by Epsilon_013

I still won’t judge until I see the originals in action.

I heard that there will be a real robot and a super robot, each with its own pilot and sub pilots.

Comment by Daigelmir

…. darn… still no updates on the Banpresto Originals yet?

Comment by Poyayan

[…] Super Robot Wars Z official site update [image] […] […]

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LOE is Lord of the Elementals i’m guessing.

Comment by final fantasy fanatic

Yup, LOE is Lord of Elemental. I’d like to see some more remakes. A Portable was great, though fighting the Gespenst just made me want a PSP ver of OGs…. If anything, a remake of the original 3 would be awesome!

Comment by TKD_Kurisu

Never heard about it 😦

Comment by Epsilon_013

I still won’t judge until I see the originals in action

Comment by Noclegi Ustka

At last I will play as Shin Aska in Destiny, that is great. Gundam seed destiny ended when Shin, Kira and Asran become a team. In super robot wars Z……………………… let us keep on.

Comment by Mo'nes Ali

Lets not forget Garrod. Good to see Gundam X and Seed Destiny teaming up.

Comment by RobodudeDX

LOE is one of the last SRW title on SNES. It was a great game and the strategy game play is way better than other SRW. It is also the first srw game then introduced height and directional system.

Comment by realgundam

Robodude, you are right!!!!!, I’m with you, Garrod teaming up with with destiny team is great, and what make me like this game, that there is some good changes like Giravion pilot system!!!!!
We’ve been always expecting g-gundam or wing gundam in super robot wars but now it’s destiny, x, and turn A, thats geat. and because there is no Mazenkizer(my heroe) i rather puting Koji in double-spazer joining forces with Duke Flead than keaping him in Mazinger Z.

Comment by Mo'nes Ali

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