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July 23, 2008, 2:46 pm
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Daizengar 1/144 – December

Soul Of Chogokin Daizengar with Aussenseiter (from Dengeki Hobby mag)

HG 00 Gundam – October, 1,050 yen

HG GN Arms Type D with Gundam Dynames – September, 6,300 yen

HG Enact Demo Color Ver. – August, 1,050 yen

SD Gundam Exia – August, 630 Yen

Tamama Foot Soldier Musha Robo – September, 840 yen.

MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon – August, 4,725 yen

MG MS-06R2 Johnny Ridden’s Zaku Ver. 2.0 – September, 4,725 yen

Gundam 00 2nd mecha line art

GN-0000 00 Gundam

GN-006 Cherudim Gundam

GN-007 Arios Gundam

GN-008 Seravee Gundam

HGUC Kampfer – August, 1,890 yen

HGUC Rick Dom II Colony Color Ver. – August, 1,575 yen

UC Hard Graph Earth Federation Semovente Corps Set

BB Senshi Sangokuden series

Ryomou Dijeh / Kannei Kämpfer Gou Assault Marines Set – August, 1,890 yen

Chouryou Gelgoog – August, 630 yen

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Such a huge Daizengar, Kotobukiya sure is insane. Tha sword is gonna be huge!

Who is that OG Figurine below the SOC Daizengar? Kaguya Nanbu?

Comment by Troll ver. KA

Such a huge Daizengar from Koto still not as awesome as the Chogokin Ikkitousen set. By the look at the Trombe Horsey, it seems that fantasy and practical are still too far from apart. From experiences, Chogokins are prone to loose joints and overweight. As for this Chogokin Trombe, in spite of being fully transformable, my only worry would be stability and how much can this horsey endures with the Daizengar’s weight added onto it. Things are looking shaky with these pair of chippendales…
With the recently launched MS IGLOO 2, UC mechs are booming with the Zaku Cannon, Johnny Ridden’s, Kampfer and the latest UC hardgraph EF Type-61 tank. Hopefully they can release more 0079-80 related MSVs in future.
About the 00-2 designs, I wonder if the mecha designers are of Virtual-ON fans since the designs of these Gundams are pretty much borrowed from the Virtuaroids. What more, they are reverting back to the usual Gundam looks, which still carry GundamW’s flavour. Aiming to lure more GIRLS into idolizing these SheMales? I guess I should stick with MS IGLOO 2 for real combat scenes.

Comment by codename:v


Comment by Debris

I really wouldn’t like it to be transformable. It’ll probably be in the exchange of making aussie less impressive and out of proportion. I don’t believe the looks of one of the coolest SRW robots should be sacrificed so you can transform it to some unbalanced ugly horse.

Come on, the whole horse thing was just a corny joke of banpresto anyway. O well, at least I’m excited for Daizenga even though I don’t like it that much.

Comment by Ekove

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Bandai make GN hand gun for Dynames in GN-Arms typeD. Gimme a break! I just want the GN hand gun that not included in hg 1/144 not with the GN-Arms.

HGUC Kampfer is like smaller size version from MG. With full weapory like MG, Absolutely i’ll buy it. No doubt about it.

For HG 00, I’ll combine with Exia and Astraea convertion kit. It seem the GN Drives can be exchance with Virtue’s GN Canons.
And, What is hole at 00′ booster? It looks Bandai planning to make extention like GN-Arm to slot it there. What do you guys think?

Comment by Epsilon_013

Ugh, I’ll skip both GN Arm for a while, aiming Astraea type F also. =)
But that’s fast releasing 00 kit before even the 2nd season of it’s anime on air.
& that GN Blade, why I feel like some kind of ice cream scoop ? =)

Comment by sbhboi

I believe not all are from Hobby Japan. It’s a mix of it and Dengenki. The SRW:OG section is exclusive to DH.

Comment by dodgethis

Yeah, it’s Kaguya below DGG.

Comment by Tsukushi Asuka

ice cream scoop?
It’s more like weapon from brain powerd when the blade turn into gun. But i never mind it. since i don’t have that kind of weapon

Comment by Epsilon_013

“wonder if the mecha designers are of Virtual-ON fans since the designs of these Gundams are pretty much borrowed from the Virtuaroids. What more, they are reverting back to the usual Gundam looks, which still carry GundamW’s flavour. Aiming to lure more GIRLS into idolizing these SheMales? I guess I should stick with MS IGLOO 2 for real combat scenes.”

SheMales? Borrowed from Virtual On? Usual Gundam looks? Says the guy who makes Unicorn paintings and SRW fanart.

Comment by Anonymous

hey, when will the torrent for this month’s hobby japan mag be out?

Comment by Ken Ho

00’s Shoulders Bucklers being able to move backwards and foward reminds me a little of Dynames’s Armored Coat, but i bet this will define when those GN emmiters things will work as “extra propulsion” or “GN Field” generators.

And CV, i don’t see any similarities between the “Block based” Gundams with the “plate armor based” Virtuaroids, i think your making excuses to dish them for your stupid and childish bias, and besides you don’t have that much right to complain about such a thing when your OGs Fixes in your DA account are technically Gundamfied versions of the Banpresto OGs featured as “how the OGs should be like because you have the only, absolute and best way for the modern Mecha Genre when that’s a childish claim from some angry fan

Comment by Anonymous

About Kampfer, CV is wrong because kampfer is from HGUC, that’s means High Grade plastic model scale that ONLY produce Gundam and MS from Universal Century. So it isn’t get influence because the upcoming MS Igloo 2. For MG and other scale maybe your assumption are right.

Comment by Epsilon_013

CV thinks his a childish bigshot who thinks his mecha designs are th best and wants people to think his the best.

Comment by RobodudeDX

Oh hellya, I can do a better job if given the chance. Unlike FAGS who always suck up at mediocre works and show no supports for original works from underdogs. Let’s face it, you FAGS are in for the she-males, not the mechs.

Comment by codename:v

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Just tell me that you not messed with me. because i’m mecha freaks not the character

Comment by Epsilon_013

CV what would be “Underdog” for you? i hope you aren’t talking about Code Geass that time ago proven to have stop being something original and good and became a pastiche of anime ideas and gundam + votoms derivations, you probably won’t agree with it but that’s the impression that CG R1 and R2 gave me, and it became blatlantly obvious at the beginning of R2 that only confirmed what many started to see on R1.

Now for other Underdog series,aka not Gundam and Macross Series, like Eureka 7, Jinki Extend, Gasaraki and similar animes, then you’re still wrong, i had seen countless of people supporting and welcoming Mecha animes outside of the “Main Sagas” and enjoying them a lot or putting them aside if they weren’t good enough.

And let’s be realistic CV, you are barely good at drawing, but creativity wise, story development wise and group work wise you suck badly, i can’t see you doing any official work since you lack of the attitude to start from 0 and be humble about it.

You brag about your art skills and about your so called Ideas that are nothing more than you acting like a child going “I’m right you’re wrong, let me fix your mistake and claim how awesome, better and original my fix is compared to your original stuff” even though at the end it’s only an opinion and opinions aren’t absolute facts, something you hardly seem to understand and accept. You keep thinking your ideals, opinions and ideas are absolutely right and true when they aren’t.

And the ironic fact is, you aren’t that much better than the Franken Gundams you hate so much, like them, you grab something already done and reshape it and remake it with your own ideas, the only real difference is that you can properly draw it as a new pic and make it look different in a way while the frankens swipe parts, but at the end, it’s the same basic idea. It isn’t really wrong for me, but i find it ironic that you who hate the Frankens and Customizations would do the same kind of work but just drawing this “Non Original” Customizations.

Comment by Anonymous

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