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More pics of Super Robot Wars Z
July 25, 2008, 2:19 pm
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Pics from Famitsu magazine.

Aquarion’s pilot system
– 7 members
– Aquarion will have 3 pilots
– The members are changeable (Apollo will always be one of the pilots)
– Depending on which character you choose as the main pilot and in which Aquarion you choose to use, some of Aquarion’s weapons will change
– There are 5 patterns for pilot placement:
Apollo, Sirius, Silvia
Apollo, Pierre, Silvia
Apollo, Sirius, Reika
Apollo, Pierre, Reika
Apollo, Jun, Tsugumi

Aquarion’s Elemental system
– When the main pilot’s will reaches above 130, the Elemental System activates
– The pilots of the Aquarion will gain the stats for each stat category based on the highest one in the team. So for example, if Apollo has the highest melee stat, the other two will copy that stat, and Apollo will copy shooting stat from whoever has the highest number in the team, etc.. Kind of works like souped up Synchronization Seishin in OGs.

Gravion’s Gasshin system
– When Touga’s will reaches 130, you may change Grankaiser into God Gravion
– However, you can only use God Gravion for 3 turns, and it is only usable once per map

The Satellite Cannon
– This weapon can only be used in maps where the moon is visible
– You must wait for 4 turns for it to charge each time you want to use it
– When it is done charging, you will be notified with a cut-in animation
– Two variations; an ALL Attack Satellite Cannon, or a MAP Attack Satellite Cannon


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nice, they actually implemented Aquarion’s Element System
it would be awesome if you could get 1 or 2 Mass Produced Aquarions to accommodate all the Elements

Comment by WOWOWEE

Wow, Sandman-sama!!!

Comment by Alex

The only major bogus detail I find is related to the Gasshin system. 3 turns is seriously no time, unless they make attacks for of 7000 or more

Comment by Big-O

Those are some tough restrictions on the Satellite Cannon, it better be destructive as fuck!

Comment by Anonymous

As I thought. Since the theme of SRW Z is animation face(I guess), the moral system is same like Alpha 3 with few improvements. Result –> IIIII eaaaaannnnnnttttt iiiitttttt. I bet my ex-girlfriend will want this. Anyway, III waaaaaaaaannnnnnnnttt iiiitttttttttt. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Translate by Rasmiel@gamefags

Comment by lxs

dont really mind about the gasshin system since as in the anime gravion cant maintain its form that long anyway so no biggy and just like SRX in shin SRW

Comment by zengar

Is there a difference between Gravion
and God Gravion? I only watched the
first season.

Comment by Gaofrygar

hmm…. I’m glad to see these new features in SRWZ. Its not a rehash with a few new robots (Don’t get me wrong, I love all the SRW games, rehashed or not). But SRW has alwasy been about spamming your most powerful attacks on bosses, you had to. I hope the difficulty is adjusted seeing as God Gravion is only usuable 3 rounds, once per map, and the Satelite Cannon only when the moon is visible. Otherwise, I like the features, more strategy in your fights! I only hope they have an animation for your transformation and combinations in this, then SRWZ is perfect

Comment by Kenpei

This time Satellite Cannon has some changes. I can still live with that.

Comment by RobodudeDX

@Gaofrygar: There is no mecha literally called ‘Gravion.’ That’s only the shortened name of the show. Gran Kaiser and several other units combine into God Gravion. You should already know this from the first season.

Comment by Milkman Dan

so we’ll only be able to use the combined
form for three turns? Well that kinda
sucks but I guess it never really was
combined for long periods of time.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Gundam X Satellite Cannon system sticks back to PS SRW Alpha Gaiden series . i guess this is beter and realistic in the TV show comparing to the GBA SRW R which u can use the Satellite Cannon after even 4th turn even without the moon appearing.

Comment by RJ

this game starts to disappoint me more and more….
just hopes the originals characters going to be more enjoyable….
But, one thing i do like is that Cut-in for maps and specials power ups is back….

Comment by ottoto

As far as units go, folks who only watched Gravion are getting less than half of the story concerning units. There’s a lot more in Gravion Zwei.

Comment by Milkman Dan

[…] More pics of Super Robot Wars Z [image] Pics from Famitsu magazine. Aquarion’s pilot system – 7 members – Aquarion will have 3 pilots – The […] […]

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tendency of God Gravion getting to stay combined longer when we reach into further stage I hope,especially when they stepped into Gravion Zwei story.

Comment by PandamanZ

The thing that bugs me is that none of these are actually “new systems”. They are all just rework of some other systems SRW have used before….

Comment by realgundam

I’m sure Gravion’s not gonna be like
that for the whole game…but if it is
that means that it might have a
tendency to be super overpowered.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Does anyone have pics of the other versions of Gravion? >
Like God Gravion and the like?

Comment by lxs

I kinda dig how Gravion works. It reminds me of the show.

Comment by Super Joe

Yeah when Gravion first came out
all the ppl I knew were saying how
Gravion seemed like it was written
expressly for SRW games.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Realgundam got a point there, none of these are NEW at all.
Aquarion is actually based on the Grendizer where different weapons attached mean different SPs

Gravion’s gasshin is nothing more like those 1 shot type super weapons like the Goldion Crusher. Hell, even the Idion’s Idion Gun is better than this one.

Satelite cannon is just another one of those term-based weapons like combination attacks where certain requirements are needed to be fulfill only then it can be usable.

The only thing changes is the difficulty but that can be cracked once you get the math done and work out a 100k one shot kill.

SRW is solely based on fanboys habits of comparing this and that mech on whether who is stronger, faster, cooler etc. But identity wise, can SRW continues to stand on its own without ‘borrowing’ and exploiting mechs? Honestly, I don’t think SRW can lives up to names like Gundam, FinalFantasy and FrontMission who can stand on its own without ‘borrowing’ from others. Crossovers are fun but too many repetitions can make things bland and boring, I can draw a million fan arts but I do understand how boring it is to keep playing the same old crap alone with same imaginary characters.

Whether does Namco-Bandai got the balls to turn SRW into something else other than ‘borrowing’ mechs, only time will tell. If that happens and everything are totally original, then I might consider playing the game again.

Comment by codename:v

you claim that you dislike crossover but why you always compare UC Gundams to other non UC Gundam. Each Gundam Shows have its ups and downs. For me I enjoy all gundams and I don’t usally compare them if I am watching the shows.

Comment by RobodudeDX

Namco-Bandai already turned SRW into something else other than ‘borrowing’ mechs, it’s called ‘Original Generations.’ Heck, there was even OG Saga a little while back, which was very different from the usual SRW… but you bitched about that too, so I guess you don’t know what you want.

Comment by Milkman Dan

i wonder if CV know why Namco-Bandai wants to buy over Banpresto gaming and owns it? It’s bcos of SRW’s popularity in Japan. And he still dun get the point why SRW is doing so good.

Comment by RJ

CV just “not reading” and not hearing about that

Comment by Epsilon_013

i bet that already a “fact” lol

Comment by RJ

The reason why God Gravion can be combined just only three turn per scenario is to draw player’s attention to other units like Grankaizer, Diva and others. Anyway, it should be combined for longer time in the latter part like God Mask in SRWD, I hope.

Comment by Jark_kaizer

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