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New kit review: Grungust Type-0 #1
July 29, 2008, 11:25 pm
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Kotobukiya – Grungust Type-0 non scale plastic kit.

Full review at Blog-like yard review. (ブログっぽいレビュー置き場)

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Damn… that thing looks ugly out of SD.

Comment by thepyro

Dunno i think it looks quite sexy, but once again it made me wonder why does the Zankantou of the Type-0 have a Zig Zagging Red Line on it’s edge, i don’t find it that attractive there, if they thought the edge would look plain without it, they could had worked it out a little more and make it have that “long mark” the craft men give to the Katanas as their Sign.

Either way the model looks quite good and seems to be loyal to the original machine.

Comment by Anonymous

IIRC the red lines does have some uses, but I forgot.

I also bought this kit, doesn’t too movable as Daizengar, but is more solid than Riese in the ankles. Still, building those thrusters are just a pain……

Comment by BrianGeneral

This mushroom-infested freakshow is already old news and hell, it’s slower than the MG MushaGundam. So who will be Banpresto’s next upcoming non-scale freakshow? That bald-Inspector’s Galgau?

Comment by codename:v

Not bad. Anyway, an update on SRW Z site (character and system)

character (on Aquarion):

System(from Famitsu):

Comment by judo0054

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