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SRW OG Daizengar 1/144
August 5, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Kotobukiya SRW OG DGG-XAM1 Daizengar scale 1/144 plastic kit.

Release date: December

Price: 31,290 yen

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Knowing that the Chogokin Ikkitousen set will beat Kotobukiya at sales, Koto has decided to take things to a scale like the 1/100 MG Perfect Zeong-Realism, of course. As they are more spearheaded in the OGverse line than Bandai, there’s no way that Chogokin line can overtakes them in the OGverse. So desperate situation calls for desperate measures and now those who have already bleed their wallets for every OGverse plamos can finally have a 1/144 Daizengar overlook over the OG mechs they bought, for the 3rd time.
To maintains top spot in the OGverse plamo toyline, Koto must do more than just spamming the Daizengar/Ikkitousen fame and that means what Bandai hasn’t do yet. If Koto would want my opinion, I would say “Let’s make a 1/144 Fully Combinable SRX”. Or else when Bandai really make a Full Action SRX on 1/100 scale, that’s when Koto will lose their OGverse topspot to Bandai, again.

Comment by codename:v

Seems weird that they’d put up a relatively incomplete one it the test stages at Wonfes, and yet have this ad out so soon after…

Comment by Ed

Wow, price tag on this one is pretty extravagant. I was generally fine with the prices of Kotobukiya’s kits up to this point, but this is a bit much, regardless of how large the kit is. If it doesn’t include a Daisharin Zankantou, a General Sword, and some kind of Dynamic Knuckle gimmick, this kit will be pretty disappointing to me.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

There’re already combinable SRX, but it isn’t plastic kit (more likely chogokin) and i forget the scale and manufaturer. I saw it in dvd from hobby magz that i watched in my local hobby store. If i didn’t wrong that SRX is limited edition.

“Koto must do more than just spamming the Daizengar/Ikkitousen fame and that means what Bandai hasn’t do yet.” If you’re mean same model to produce, i think Bandai do the same thing with RX-78-2 from first version, ver. 1.5, ver. Ka, ver. OYW, and the latest ver.2.0. And Bandai even make little different kit between mass produce ver ms with customize ace pilot ms. Sometimes the different just only the color and emblem/mark, just like F-91.

I admit Daizengar 1/144 have good and nice detail. In that pic, it look like figure from revolt-tech. not model kit.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Who is their target audience? I might spend 150 at most on a plastic model but 300 bucks? I would rather buy some hi-tech stuff with 300 bucks.

Comment by XYZbuster

Wow, finally something made by Kotobukiya that doesn’t look like cheap plastic.

Just out of curiosity code (and take no offense), what makes you think that SRX would sell better than Daizengar or by making it they would become the top dog of the OG line?

Comment by Anonymous

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You might remember about the so-called limited Full Action SRX set produced by Volks where they only limit sales to those live in Japan and not saleable to gaijins out of the country. That’s how Banpresto tell gaijins overseas to go to hell and why should they sell their beloved SRX to you gaijins?
See? The fanaticism over the SRX is still overwhelming even after Daizengar is born. Being its KATOKI and the official icon for Banpresto, sales will definitely soar thru the roofs with the Full Action SRX becoming saleable to gaijins everywhere. Even in the game, the SRX fares better than the Daizengar as it’s weapons (HTB cannon) packs more damages than the Ikkitousen blender and it has more SPs compared to the lonesome Zengar. Aside from SRW fans, it will also appeals other groups like the Transformers fans who likes combinable toys like Aerialbots and Combaticons. Therefore, the SRX sells better than the Daizengar Ikkitousen set and since Bandai still hasn’t touch on the SRX yet, this is Koto’s best chance. Only thing is whether they got the balls or not.

(Who is their target audience?)
Who else? FAGS of course.

Comment by codename:v

They release Daizengar because it’s a sure bet that it will sell. The robot is stylish and the pilot is one of those characters that most fans like. SRX and its pilot on the other hand…

Also your reasoning doesn’t make sense, how does them not selling outside Japan has to do with anything? Or the fact that SRX packs more damage? Besides the fact that SRX being elevated to godly status is a given since Ryusei is Terada’s “OG persona”.

Yet I do agree that it would sell, but that would be more because of the current lack of SRX models and not because of any kind of superiority to Daizengar.

Comment by Anonymous

didn’t they already make dizengar twice? I mean sure this one seems to have higher quality, but tha doesn’t sound like a good enough excuse considering they have skipped so many major originals.

What are the fans gonna do with 3 daizengars anyway?

Comment by Ekove

I personally prefer its design to the
SRX. Daizengar is badass whereas the
SRX is kinda boxy…powerful but boxy.

Comment by Gaofrygar

haaaa….. Here come CV’s fav word: “FAQS”, over and over again….

Same Gaofrygar, i prefer SRX. Although first time i shocked when i saw SRX combine sequence,R-1’s shield become SRX’s head?! 🙂

Comment by Epsion_013

There was a fully transformable and combineable SRW from Volks a year or two back, but because of that, it was around 500$ new and now it could go for upwards of 1000$ to someone with too much money. Volks could make alot more cash if they re-release the old figures like the Cerberus and Dis-Astragnant as a more productin line model.

Quite dissapointing that they’re actually using different types of hands on such a large kit. Even the Zankantou hand looks pretty square…

Comment by Ed

i more curious about his mouth, is it openable itself or it actually two different pieces ?

Comment by yasulong

Epsion_013: Learn to read, Gaofrygar said the opposite.

Comment by Anonymous

Epsion_013: You must be hibernating. How long you’ve sleeping? 10 years? I bet you’ve never play OGS and OGG as well.

Ekove: You mean 4 Daizengars and that’s consist of 2 Ikkitousens sets. Yup, they sure like to your wallet bleed a river.

Yasulong: If the Daizengar’s mouth can open like a nutcracker, it’s freaky. Of course it’s 2 piece, silly!

Comment by codename:v

I just think that ths sword is not where big enough… just doesn’t have the same “cruiser cutter” feeling as in alpha gaiden… even GP-03’s mega beam saber feels more like a cruiser cutter

Comment by realgundam

CV: At lest i’m not blind like you are.
you had said wrong answer to Yasulong. it has 2 different face to change the face expression. Just look at daizengar face closely. the upper lips in shuted mouth is different with the opened one. So, there’s no way the face is 2 pieces.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Epsilon_013: That’s why I said “2 piece”, you should really learn to read.

Comment by codename:v

I forgot that CV has a bad english and problem reading japanese lol, stop calling ppl silly as u are one silly fool.

I still go for the Bandai SOC Daizengar Ikkitousen set as it is a complete model and much detail for a complete kit comparing to a plastic kit( not worth for a high price plastic kit!)

Comment by RJ

CV: Man, it is you said it not clear, between 2 piece lower jaws or 2 pieces different face.

Comment by Epsilon_013

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