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August 22, 2008, 11:18 am
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Kotobukiya – Linebarrels Of Iron series plastic kit

Line Barrel 1/144 – October, 3,990 yen


Macross Frontier VF-25 Messiah 1/72 plastic kit – September, 4725 yen


GFF Metal Composite Zeta Plus


Soul Of Chogokin GX-45 Daizengar with Aussenseiter (Dengeki Hobby 10)

Soul Of Chogokin SPEC Yatenkou/Falgen (Dengeki Hobby 10)

Kotobukiya – HBV-502-H8 Raiden 1/100

Revoltech Black King Gainer (Dengeki Hobby 10)



MG Infinite Justice Gundam


HG 00 Gundam

HG Arios Gundam

HG Cherudim Gundam

HG Seravee Gundam

HG Ahead



HG GN Arms Type D with Gundam Dynames

Gundam Exia 1/100 Trans-Am Mode



MG MS-06R2 Johnny Ridden’s Zaku Ver. 2.0


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2nd mecha lineart

GN-0000 00 Gundam

GN-006 Cherudim Gundam

GN-008 Seravee Gundam

WTF on Seravee Gundam’s backpack…….?

Ptolemaios 2

GN-007 Arios Gundam

GNX 704T Ahead


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V 

GNX-604T Advanced GN-X


BB Senshi Sangokuden Chouryou Gelgoog

BB Senshi Shuuyu Hyaku-Shiki

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Ok… these 00 season 2 designs are getting uglier and uglier.

And now Seravee has a big Gundam face on its back?

Comment by thepyro

Well, I remember that there were rumors that they can combine…

Comment by CoffeeAddict

At least I am not the only one that thinks the gundams are getting more Fuglier the before.
Man, the 00 side story, the Red Exia looks so dame good, it makes these look poops combine with pee….

Comment by ottoto

well, i don’t they r half that bad. yeh i agree the designs look kinda weird, but at the same time its okay.i still prefer Kunio Okawara’s SEED designs.

Comment by katsu

I think they look pretty cool. Just wait til you see them in action. I hope they do combine, it’ll give me more reason to get the Gundam 00 Action Figures.

Comment by Nakobass

Enough Zaku variations please >_>

Comment by Ed


Comment by CVPhased

How about that? A Gundam which has a face on the back of its head. What are they gonna do? Combine all 4 Gundams into one like that Keroro Gunso Gattai mech? I see, Sunrise is trying to ditch the she-males negative vibes and replace it with a Power Ranger theme, which pretty make senses by looking at their designs and colour schemes.
But somehow I don’t think they can shake off the WING archtypes with their grunts like this AHEAD (A head?) but I hope the grunts designs can be more outstanding than these she-males power rangers’ as GN-X is by far the best looking mech in 00.

So may I ask, when will there be scans?

Comment by codename:v

@ Nakobass

i hope gundam not like super sentai (power rangers, maskman, flashman) if wanna combine robot.. i hate that.. logically, if i were their enemy, i will shoot they before they completely combined..

Comment by your highness

Maybe, OO gundam series will be the first serie that have combination gundam like SRX. How dare you think it’s impossible 555.

Comment by ginkoh

SOC Falguen? Do want.

Comment by CoffeeAddict

If true that 4 gundam can ‘gattai’, maybe the creators want something new from transformable like zz (Core base, Core Top, G-Fortress), combination not with parts but with MS. Although in the end, it looks weird… concept? Gundam sentai?
I prefer design old GN-X than GN-XIII.

Comment by Epsilon_013

wait, i’m trying to look at the other three gundams closely. but i can’t find any hint of any gattai parts on them. what do you guys think, they have add-on parts to do this one?

Comment by flamerounin

if the can really do combine it will be with add-on parts since the gundams in 00 makes use of the HPS with all of there equipments…

Comment by zengar

Sounds alot like SRX…. with the add on parts. But no doubt, they might merge to form a new form of psycho gundam type mech

Comment by Anonymous

if they can combine then it is truthly a new low.

My guess is Seravee Gundam can form the head of a giant mech instead of these Gundams combining…
Phyco Gundam for 00?

Comment by realgundam

seriously whats wrong if they can really combine? they’ve mostly about tried everything for a gundam design from transforming (z gundam), merging (zz gundam & victory), changing (unicorn gundam), power up type (g gundam, f91)…etc. so they’ll likely to try something never done before.

Comment by zengar

oh forgot about gundams with HPS (F90, Seed) which can change equips

Comment by zengar

How i wish Gundam 00 was produced earlier than the other series, always reading stuffs like “that is similar to *blah blah* from seed, from wing, from G, from CG, as if those series doesn’t have similarities to other series. Jesus Christ!

Comment by zato

@zengar: so you are saying they can change equipment set.. you are not saying they can combine. All those are irrelevant to if 00 could combine or not.

Why is it bad? Gundam is not a super robot mech animation.

Comment by realgundam

may be there is a “: ) smile face” on the back of Seravee gundam lol

or . . . Joker face!!!! O_o

“Why so serious?”

Comment by kadej_R

To be frank, I was disappointed when Konami refused to fully release their ZOE Orbital Frames for toy manufacturing and the only one we got is the Jehuty from Kaiyodo.

Now with this ZOE ala Evangelion copycat-Linebarrel, one couldn’t help thinking about Anubis and Jehuty at the looks of them. How about that? Something that was borrowed got toy releases and it’s quite surprising that Konami didn’t sue the Linebarrel author for infringements.

Whether can all the Gundams combine still questionable but from my point of view, it can be possible with a 5th unit, I suppose. But I doubt that is gonna be epic in Gundam anime history as Keroro Gunso has already done that. So they got that gattai idea from alien frogs?

Comment by codename:v

@zato – Me being a SEED/Destiny fan, you’re pretty much preaching to the choir dood. I’ve had to deal with all the “rip-off” and “copy-cat” comments for a good 5-6 years now. Some people just can’t get past general similarities and group everything together. When something new comes out, instead of paying attention to how it’s the same as or “rips”/”copies” past stuff why not spend more time looking at how it’s different from the past stuff or puts a new spin on an old idea?

For example, I’ll use Akatsuki from Destiny. Right off the bat everyone was like…ooh gold MS, it HAS to be a rip-off of Hyaku Shiki right? Wrong…Hyaku Shiki, though cool in its own right, can’t change equipment, and its supposed “anti-beam armor” doesn’t work as advertised (proven with the fight against the Quebely). Those two differences, alone make Akatsuki plenty unique from Hyaku Shiki.

It’s a losing battle trying to convince people to see the otherside of the “rip-off”/”copycat” arguement, so I gave up long time ago. It just gives you unecessary headaches. I’ve just learned to take it in stride and respect their opinions even if they don’t respect yours. I mean what matters most is that you like it, right?

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I’m not saying you should not like seed or something, but have you even seen any of the older Gundams? it is not just the suits, BUT THE ENTIRE STORY LINE AND SCENES are all pieces of UC universe.
WE have all see some Gundams are similar, ok, I’ll say “possibly just because there are too many gundams” but what I just said above made it very determent factor. Also look at the new FA Gundam copy strike in Astray.. gesss

Comment by realgundam


What about ZAKUs and GOUF Igniteds? Are they ‘just similar’? And Destiny’s Wings of Light & Shining Finger? Or, Freedom’s design even(Double X)?

And you missed the Akatsuki’s ‘fin funnel barrier’…

Yeah… real original.

Comment by thepyro

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Face the fact, SEED/Destiny is a complete rip off, especially in terms of MS.

Comment by Exia

The truth is, the day when Gundam FAILED starts with SEED till 00 now. And FAGS who have never watch older Gundam animes think they are cool.

Comment by codename:v

Excuse me.. Could you help me…?
I would lke to know where to download the complete Hobby Japan Magazine, Could you answer me to my mail! I really want to check the complete magazne

Comment by Klax

You can’t help but to wait
No you just have to wait
Cause scans don’t come easy
It’s just a matter of when and where

Comment by codename:v

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As a matter of fact I have seen every Gundam anime sans the SD series, and I still don’t think SEED/Destiny stuff is complete rip-off. Thepyro brings up the ZAKUs and GOUFs from Destiny…the addition of the changeable equipment (Wizard packs), the fact that the ZAKU Phantom commander units have 2 shields instead of one, and inclusion of beam weaponry (beam tomohawks, beam rifles, etc.) make the CE versions plenty different from the UC versions in my book, and even if they share the same general appearance, the CE versions still look different enough to me (the ZAKUs are slimmer and a bit more squarish). Also, other than the over-shoulder cannons, how the hell is Freedom the same as Double X? Freedom’s wings are actual wings, while Double X’s are arrays for the Twin Satellite Cannon. Freedom has guns on it’s hips while Double X doesn’t. Freedom and Double X’s heads look nothing alike. Sure, Destiny has Wings of light, but they aren’t used remotely the same as Victory’s were used and as far as the “shining finger”…different techniques as far as I remember. Shining Gundam’s “Shining Finger” involved using extreme heat generated throughout the hand to destroy opposing Gundam fighter’s heads, while Destiny’s palm beam cannon is a cannon used at close range. As far as Akatsuki’s fin funnel shield…yeah, it works just like Nu’s except Nu Gundam never used it to protect ships like Akatsuki did. I understand in all these cases how they seem similar, but to me, I don’t see how they’re complete rip-offs.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Also as many similarities between SEED/Destiny and earlier Gundam series, storyline and character-wise there are, there are as many differences. Amuro didn’t have a best friend he was forced to fight. Shinn’s Gundam doesn’t transform and doesn’t run on dead people. ZAFT isn’t run by a family who killed off Rau’s father to take over. Rau doesn’t have a sister who’s on the other side. Kira’s dad wasn’t involved in the Strike’s devlopment. Shinn’s mom wasn’t killed in a capsule in space. I can go on forever.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Good argument, but please don’t mention G Gundam. I can’t stop laughing at someone trying to compare it to any other Gundam series…

Comment by HathawayNoa

I agree with you completely i might add that do you stupid mobile suit gundam lovers not realize that gundam seed was probably made to replace mobile suit gundam because it was so awful. I mean why do you even like it? it had practically no plot, 0 character development,and above all it lacked even a trace of morals or greater ideology. So, looking at it from a writing perspective mobile suit gundam was completely and utterly god awful. Where as seed had a great plot, great character development, and awesome moral implications with massive amounts of great logical ideology. So, in short gundam seed was nothing short of an artistic writing master piece, where as mobile suit gundam was filled with garbage, horrible, god awful writing.

Comment by Anonymous

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