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Perfect Change Cybaster special display stand complete set
August 24, 2008, 1:08 am
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Perfect Change Cybaster special display stand complete set (only display stand)

From Dengeki Hobby Shop Online

Price: 86,100 yen!!!!


Dis Cutter


Display stand built-in LED light

Clear parts flame effects of Akashic Baster

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What a rip-off indeed! The last time, flames were not included and now Studio Halfeye has made all the FAGS who purchased the previous one cry a river and banging their heads stupid.
I told ya so

Comment by codename:v

Not worth it at all! the price is tooooooo expensive
Jeeezzz….why they don’t just make at the first time OMG.

Comment by kadej_R

Studio “Half-ass” indeed D:<

Comment by Daigelmir

the price is enough to buy 3 psp slim sets!

Super EX!

Comment by RJ

If i say this shit is over price, you bet dame straight it is….800 dollar plus….shitty… i can buy the hold freaking collection of MasterGrade gundams from G to Char’s Counter.

Comment by ottoto

CV is right on this one. This IS a rip.

Comment by thepyro

Ppl that have that mush free money are usually not into this kind of things.. sadly but true 😦

Comment by realgundam

Price: 86,100 yen!!!! WTF..!! The price is non-sense. Far more expensive than any gundam model in PG scale and HGUC GP-03S+Dendrobium.

Comment by Epsilon_013

At the price of USD 791, even FAGS has to rethink this before making a purchase they will soon regret on this white elephant.

I have mentioned before, you don’t need this crystal ball to make your Psybusterin’ paper tiger to be awesome. All you need is a digital camera, Photoshop software and printer. Cheaper and cost effective for your money.

Comment by codename:v

What about those that lack a printer and photoshop, uh? What about those!!!!!!

Also the stand is lacking the support, and I would rather have the support than the effect part (as it was originally), how am I supposed to display Cybird?

But oh feces… I want 2, one for Cybuster and other for Cybird… But damn so expensive…

Comment by Anonymous

How dumb you can get, anon? If you can’t afford a digicam and photoshop, it’s obvious that you can’t even afford this crappy standee.

So why invest that kind of money on this piece of rip-off shit?

Comment by codename:v

anon not dumb, just a little slow!

I never said I was going to buy it, I just said that I want it, like one can wish for a Ferrari but never have one? But my post was rather ambiguous on that.

me have cookie now

Comment by Anonymous

That studio needs to burn in hell. Anyone dumb enough to fork over 800 dollars (plus additional charges like shipping and proxy fees) should burn in hell.

I mean, how the hell can they charge THAT much JUST for the display? It’s even more expensive than the damn figure itself? (and the figure is already expensive enough). Biggest ripoff EVER. For once, I actually agree with code (what a miracle). I hope studio halfeye run out of business and never make figures AGAIN.

Comment by shady123

For the same price I’d rather get a PS3 and MGS4, MUCH rather.

Comment by realgundam

Most of you should know better:

Indie garage kit makers always charge higher for their crafts. So if you want it so badly, you pay excessively for it too.

Comment by codename:v

I just got the idea. Just make your own stand display. For the light effect use LED lamp. Maybe this hard enough for who don’t understand about electricity stuff, better find someone understand this to make one. I still try to find out how to make firery-kind effect.

Comment by Epsilon_013

sorry to burst your bubble, but 86100 yen for a special edition sh kit isn’t expensive at all.
for all those who commented and cannot read japanese – please think twice before you tell people they are “fags” and that they should “burn in hell”. the 86100 yen price is for the SET including the cybaster.

The dengeki hobbyweb page says very clearly that this is for the SET. THe display stand is ALSO available as a standalone item for sale.

i suggest people who are relying on translators or who are not japanese to check their translations before posting


NOTE HERE ==> すでに「完全変形サイバスター」を入手済みの人には、専用ディスプレイスタンドのみの単品 * も * 販売!!



Comment by rpt011r

How isn’t it expensive? It’s a tiny kit. I could understand something like a Daizengar being priced like that if it was scaled, like the new 1/100 one, but this is a tiny kit that is not even scaled or correctly proportioned. No matter however, it’s still expensive. The only way it wouldn’t be expensive is if it was made of solid gold.

Comment by Amon

it isn’t expensive *for a special edition sh (studio halfeye) kit*
it would be very unfair to compare it price-wise with a mass produced injection mold kit. but to put it into perspective, wonder festival kits (event license only) at 1/144 gundam size (mostly non-poseable or even if fully poseable, using kotobukiya joints) usually go anywhere from 3000 to 10000+ yen. these are by people who make kits at home with homemade molds and no official stamp of approval etc… when buying a SH kit, you’re also paying for the licensing fee, the engineering and a better mold. not to mention, the parts are already painted and SH has recently upgraded its painting techniques for longer lasting paint despite transformability. this is all labor cost. of course, you still have to assemble the kit (usually now simplified to screwing the pieces together). but it’s quite different than buying a white resin kit too.

Comment by rpt011r

Still compare to almost all Gundam kits (or any other kits), the price is ridiculous. So what it’s already “painted”. Oh I suppose to you, EVERY figure is commonly around $800 or something? I mean come on, other figure makers have labor cost and licensing fee too, but they don’t charge THAT much.

Oh and my mistake about not knowing how the figure display came with the cybuster, but that doesn’t make any difference since the price still SUCKS. Oh by the way, if you haven’t known by now, MOST people here aren’t Japanese, so before telling them to read properly, know that a majority of them can’t even read the damn website. Think about that.

Comment by shady123

i do agree that the price is high compared to injection molded kits. but i do believe i stated specifically that it was not high *for a studio halfeye kit* – in english! remember people who buy s.h.e. kits are not in the same niche as those who only are used to buying off-the-shelf gundam kits. macross studio halfeye kits cost quite a bit too – of course not as much as this set, but still well over their listed 20000 yen price unless you bought it at WF.

also, seeing as the webmaster did post earlier threads regarding the ongoing status of the kit and the regular s.h.e version of the set, common sense dictates that before people started to conclusively label such consumers as “fags” or that they should “burn in hell” for spending their own hard earned money, they should at least question whether the 86100 price tag was a typo. Not one post said anything about “are you sure that’s the correct price? the original base itself was 26250 yen (yes, it is expensive when compared to your run of the mill 500~1000yen wooden bases – but then again, it wasn’t made to target that audience!)

besides, this type of resin full-action kit is expensive for a reason: if they were too cheap, they’d get too many complaints. i have collected many of the s.h.e. macross kits over the years – seeing as most people here are in the younger age group used to gundam models, they’d blow a fit if they got one of these kits because the joints are not toy-like and it’s really a “model” more than a toy. however, experience shows that if the market is right, yamato or bandai may consider making a toy version based off of the transformation gimmick designed by s.h.e. – at reasonable *toy* prices.

Comment by rpt011r

Take no offense, but you must be new around here if you take those words so seriously. For instance, the one that uses the word fag in every post is known for that, for calling everyone and everything “fag”, as such it doesn’t even has any meaning coming from code anymore.

Anyway, you mentioned how this was a special offer, but the only thing special about it is the “Akashic Buster” effect part being painted in “clear red”. OK, the fact that it has the effect part it already makes it special (since it says in Studio Halfeye page that it is a special offer for those that buy directly from them), but besides that… The price is even the same as if you bought directly from SHE, so I fail to see what makes this offer so special.

It may not be expensive as a “Garage Kit” and to the target market, but for any other common mortal, sure it is expensive.

Which is a shame, since this is the only time I’ve ever wanted to own a model… Or like I said previously, 2 (which obviously won’t happen, unless I get rich).

Comment by Anonymous

Not mean no compare with Gundam plamo.
But, Just like gundam 1/24, it’s true. Perfect Change Cybaster special tooooooo expensive

Comment by Epsilon_013

I know that it isn’t a toy and mostly a model for displaying. Also, why the hell is Gundam considered a “kid’s toy” specifically. I’m not talking about those cheap ass fix figuration, but like a high quality professional models built from kits.

Anyway, don’t try to change the fact that the price is reasonable because it’s not. If the price range was somewhere around 20000 to 30000 Yen then it would be fine, but their asking price is just a BIG ripoff. Oh and there already is a “toy” version of Cybuster from Volks. I think here, you’re the only one who would agree that the price is reasonable considering how money must be falling from the sky for you or something.

Comment by shady123

The site quote that it’s limited edition anyway, if there’s people that think the price is reasonable(and since every person’s view on money and prices are quite different) there will be, it’ll probably be sold out faster than you think, so there’s really no worry. If you do think the price is a ripoff, then just don’t buy it?

Comment by PaperOyster

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Comment by indupiele

Epsilon_013 said:”just got the idea. Just make your own stand display. For the light effect use LED lamp. Maybe this hard enough for who don’t understand about electricity stuff, better find someone understand this to make one. I still try to find out how to make firery-kind effect.”

What are you, an idiot?!

Comment by Gouf

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