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SRW Z PV2 !!!
August 27, 2008, 11:22 am
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2 pv has out already? I thought it will be 08/30-08/31. Where did you get the pic? Hmmmmm. Nice anyway. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Is that big Shakokidogu-looking mech from Big O?

Comment by lxs


Comment by Sol Gravion


Comment by Ekove

It’s not from Big O, it’s Killer the Butcher’s ship from Zambot-3.

Comment by Benly

Seeing the Gekko and Argama..So Warships sprites seem bigger this time..Yay! tht moustached guy under Tetsuya..Count Blocken/Brocken(Frm Mazinger)?..

Comment by Larxene_XIII

i donoe is the moustached guy…he from getter robot series`s villian…

Comment by Anonymous

Battleships and mechas’ designer are combined from SD Gundam G Generation Spirits I see. Nice. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

That’s General Hidler.

Kouji x Tetsuya x Hidler team-up? They really must be shaking up the old Dynamics this game.

Comment by Shinigami Grahf

It was suggested to me that enemies might also get cut-ins during attack, thus Hidler’s worried face during a presumed synch attack by Kouji and Tetsuya. It’s probably one of the new things they’re trying out for SRWZ battle animations.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Ic..Thanks Shinigami.
Time 2 lookup for info on some characters..

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Kouji x Tetsuya x Hidler team-up?
— It Cut-Scene Event during stage

Comment by Rancrosider

oooooooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeah man!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Ok I want to SEE this movie 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

Anemone and The End!!! Yay~
Anemone+Cynthia combi again ^^v~

Comment by Larxene_XIII

i can’t more than this man !!
i ll go to japan man to get it !!!

my hero !! yaaaaaaaah baby

Comment by Anonymous

I can see that now the Compatible Kaiser is actually a rip-off from the Gravion now with this one SOOO similiar with the OGS version. While the old 90s version is a combinable version of 4 vehicles, the OGS version is nothing more but a hack. Someone should tell Masami Obari that both are too similiar and he’s not doing a good job.
What the heck, Z stays true to its rip-off gags like:
-Gunleon totally ripped from Varuch-Ben
-Schroeger is nothing more but a repainted Psybuster in BLACK
-Aquarion borrowed from Getter Go
-Baldios, a magnified RX-78-2 Gundam
-Orguss’s a cheap remake of Macross
-SEED and DESTINY being recycled Gundam animes
How sad has things in SRW come to be. Pathetic
In conclusion, SRW is WEAK without borrowed mecha animes and I don’t see why not they continue develop their OGS titles, which at least ORIGINAL.
Oh I get it, the FAGS won’t approve it because they want to get more high on pots with their favourite grampamechs together with current ones. So who cares even if FAGS die of over nose-bleeding?

Comment by codename:v

The eyes are open, the mouth moves, but Mr. Brain has long since departed, hasn’t he, Perce?

– Edmund Blackadder

So fitting.

Comment by Amon

Pot dosen’t make your nosebleed jackass..
you are thinking of cocaine or heroin.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Damn you sorry bastards need some sunlight 🙂

Comment by landolph

codename:v = BASTARD

Comment by srwog

Lolz..Here we go again~~Sienz~

1 of the most cut-ins for enemies or allies alike?…

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Well between this one and the previous SRW Z PV post, i’m glad to see that they decided to keep the idea of “Different size regardless of everything being SD” for the units and ships, i really welcomed this on OGS seeing that huge ass Judecca beating the crap of any of the OGs notoriously smaller Reals.

And i also welcome the fact that one can see that the other “Non Gundam” real Robots aren’t Gundam sized or close to the Gundam Size because of this new way to distribute sprite sizes.

Comment by Metzen

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