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Release date for SRW Z PV2
August 28, 2008, 9:34 pm
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3rd September, Super Robot Wars Z official PV2 will be release at SRW PMC.

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So next wendesday….sweet

Comment by Gaofrygar

wonder if the going to announce another NEW SRW title?
Or, other new srw things….

Comment by ottoto

maybe a new og title but probly nothing

Comment by Gaofrygar

what’s SRW PMC?

Comment by Anonymous

PMC = Premium Member Club

Don’t worry… someone will just leak it anyway.

Comment by Milkman Dan

PMC=Private Military Corporation…
someone didn’t play MGS4….

Comment by Gaofrygar

Well, maybe it’s too soon for OG3 .
A new Srw for DS would be cool, IMHO

Comment by VAL

bleh…W just didn’t do it for me…
I like my SRW titles to have voice and
non-crappy graphics.

Comment by Gaofrygar

And you have Portable A to satisfy your vocal fetish. So respects those who does not have a psp.
We also deserve a little bit of happiness (=*_*=)

Comment by VAL

maybe a little….

Comment by Gaofrygar

however, this just a Release date for pv2.
I presume that we will not have new game announced by Banpresto before 2009.

Comment by VAL

To the dude that said W had Crappy GFX, **** You, seriously, whats with all the GFX whores nowadays ?

Comment by Nova MK X

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