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C3×HOBBY 2008 photo reports
August 30, 2008, 2:11 pm
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Kotobukiya booth

SRW OG Wildwurger 1/100 – January 2009

*Can swap Jecket Armor!


R-1 1/100



HBV-502-H8 Raiden 1/100


SRW OG Daizengar 1/144


Armor Core plastic kit

White-Glint 1/72


Bandai booth

Soul Of Chogokin Daiturn 3



Soul Of Chogokin GX-45 Daizengar with Aussenseiter (prototype)

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helo i have a picture of super robot taisen Z from

Comment by abdellmoutalib

damn,damn and damn again for AC plamo. Gulllpppp oOo

Comment by m4jin

Nice Kotobukiya for release main AC from Armored Core 4A. No price info for this one?

Comment by Epsilon_013

The Daizengar 1/144 is huge…. More massive than a 1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom. @_@

Comment by BD

i just observe more on the picture of R-1 & Wild Wurger, they have already painting by koto. in this case is the raw plamo have a nice color same as the one which had painted??????

Comment by m4jin

old og mechas, but new info. Nice view. Anyway, another new info for Gundam Musou 2:

1. Part of Gundam Seed Destiny will include on Gundam Musou 2 (on extra mission (do not know for stages))

2. Gundam 00 officially will not include on Gundam Musou 2 because (only guess from website) ROM size. I’ll post the website later

Comment by judo0054

continuation from previous post,

link –>

Comment by judo0054

source 1 –>

Comment by judo0054

continuation again. On Seed Destiny part, I do not know if I read right or wrong, but another ms will include beside Strike Freedom (under development). Sorry if I send a mistaken information. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Another update for SRW Z

1. Story, mission, explanation for the map system (I guess. Need to read through)


2. the incomplete bgm

Sorry. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

I would say this is the lamest show Kotobukiya ever put up with at C3, basically nothing more but remakes and resales of old toys like the Wildwurger and R-1, which of no show and not able to compete with Tamashii’s SOC Ikkitousen set. Even their 1/144 remake of Daizengar isn’t as awesome like the SOC and it’s better the plamo commits harakiri with that its humungous blade.

I don’t see other stuffs like Robot Spirit lines and VF100 lines, does everything here has got to be limited to SRW OG line? Time to look out of the box now, you can’t just hog onto OGS materials you know.

Comment by codename:v

@ judo0054:
There must be Destiny or Legend, right? Just like Wing Zero-Epyon, God-Master.

Comment by Epsilon_013

to epsilon,

your answer is posibility correct. Come to think about it, now GSD series is on SRW Z right now, Destiny Gundam scan on another blog, which means posibility Legend Gundam include. Point is, Destiny Gundam and Legend Gundam are on this game. Regarding enemy or ally, I do not know for sure (well Destiny will join as ally later after GSD series in SRW Z (maybe nearly end of the stage)). I hope Legend can recruit too. Sorry. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

does anyone know how tall is the Chogokin Daizengar? I want to get it if it’s bigger than koto’s non-scale but not as big as the 1/144

Comment by XYZbuster

They’re not hoggin OGs stuff, they are mainly doing ACs, and offshoot projects, like the Selena, the new Platlabor mechs and the other new kits like from GITS.

And that AC kit there is actually somewhat old. The proto of it was in june’s dengeki.

Comment by Ed

codename:v = Whining B**ch

Comment by srwog

[…] dello HGUC Geara Doga per Novembre,il secondo,più ricco di foto,è un vero e proprio report fotografico con diverse sorprese. Altre immagini su Tokyo Hunter Alcune immagini come Archivio […]

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