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New kit preview: VF-25F 1/72
September 8, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Figure Soul has preview VF-25F 1/72.

Here is VF-25F box art.

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at last, never imagine that it’s released with a detail and propotional like this ^^

Comment by m4jin

nice model kit, it is a model kit? if so its pretty good with the transformation

Comment by realgundam

Although it’s an injection kit, but says it requires cement and paint works, which of a level 3 skilled modeler.
Well, I’m not sure about that since Bandai’s injection kits are always top-notch and usually no cements are required. If it’s a Hasegawa then it should ‘coz their injection kits are freakin’ loose. Anyway, things would be more clear after we get ourselves this upcoming HobbyJapan Nov 2008 issue.

Comment by codename:v

HLJ sometimes also mentions that “cement and/or glue” may be required on Gundam kits. Better way for a review to see if its true or not and the quality it will have

Comment by beamknight87

Cement and paint is level 3? Those are basic modeling skills! Unless of course, all you do is snap fit Gundam kits together all your life. And judging from your Hasegawa comment, that has to be the case.

Comment by Anonymous

Bandai’s kits haven’t required glue for a long time, it’s true. It’s possible that this one might, for tiny intricate assemblies that are too small for snap pins, or maybe joints that might need a stronger bond. It could also be a mistake in the article, that’s happened before.
Whichever it is, I’m looking forward to this kit– and I don’t even like the VF-25!

Comment by Deep Eye 21

Bandai kits don’t require cement? The UC Hardgraph and EX lines say otherwise.

Comment by Anonymous

It has lots of runner-parts

Comment by Epsilon_013

If it require cement, the tips are do it carefully and don’t added to much with this kind of glue. It all because It MELTING your plastic kits (many modellers must knew about this already). Otherwise you’ll be regret it when made some mistake. I experienced it enough with 1:144 military jet plane before i changed into gunpla
What i hate, the sticker is water decall. Which can’t stick it well.

Comment by Epsilon_013

lol it looks like the legs can’t band forward XD

Comment by realgundam

It might not be water decals but stickers instead as water decals are not scratch-proof.

Comment by codename:v

Water slide decals not adhering well and not scratch proof? You lot must not be using the right techniques to work with them. Waterslide decals are great and way better compared to stickers and dry transfers anytime.

Or it’s just that you guys lack the skill or know how. Go look up a proper modeling site find out how to do it.

Comment by Anonymous

I had been tried with water decall when i still collected military jet plane. I always mess up when using water decall. Somehow the glue isn’t stick it well. When it dry it come off. Only few stick it well. That’s why i little bit suck with it. -_-‘

Comment by Epsilon_013

So many modelers never have problems with them, yet I see you’re the only one I’ve ever seen complain that they don’t stick well.

As I said, you are not using the PROPER technique. The proper technique is to use decal softener and gloss and matte varnish to not only make them look painted on but to protect them.

Comment by Anonymous

So that’s why it won’t work to me. I should buy those one. Thanks very much for the info and tips!

Comment by Epsilon_013

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