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September 8, 2008, 9:11 pm
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Is that a new Valkyrie for Alto?

Comment by ottoto

VF-171Ex from Macross Frontier Ep22.

Comment by superrobotwar

Alto is the new Shinn. Sappy asshole.
Even I can’t predict what will happen in Macross Geass now. Guess the Geass is corrupting more than what we knew. Damn, what happened to the Macross formula where only the extras or crappy side characters (bar one or two guys who are important to the story) die ?

Comment by Amon

@ Superrobotwar. kool…
I see,
I need to catch up then….

Comment by ottoto

I need to catch up on Geass and Macross. I’m barely on episode 13 of the first season of Geass and I’m at episode 8 of Macross Frontier.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I need to go catch up on Macross…heard it’s starting to suck now though…

Comment by lxs

Things are getting intensified now with both GeassR2 and MacrossF.

Lelouch should be thanked for preventing Ragnarok by erasing both his whiny parents and now Scheiznel is using Nunnally as his triumph card to threaten Lelouch’s throne. In my opinion, I think Nunnally should stay DEAD after the FLEIA incident near Ashford since she’s nothing more but a EMO baggage and kryptonite for Lelouch, it’s not so fun to watch EMO boys throwing tantrums at each other.

I don’t see the similiarity Alto shared with Shinn Asuka as Frontier story is sort of borrowed from the Hikaru-MinMei-Misa love triangle while Shinn’s EMO paths are borrowed from KamilleBidan’s EMO paths as well. You can say that the conspiracy part is similiar to DESTINY but the conspiracy actually revolves around Ranka’s past and the Vajra connection she has. Alto might reverted back on the SMS side after the conspiracy comes to light while Shinn played his part in Dulindal’s charade till getting his butt kicked by Athrun at the end. So how can you just slapped a Shinn label on Alto for being sappy? Male protagonists these days are like that.

Comment by codename:v

VF-171Ex? wow, another variant from VF-17

Comment by Epsilon_013

Again, a masked guy? I hate masked guys in Gundam anime!!! 😛

Comment by Mazinkaesar

to Mazinkaesar,

Masked guy mean Graham Aker from Gundam 00? Cannot be helped since Gundam traditions. Don’t get angry ok? Relax and enjoy the show later. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

We’ve got a female lead in Gundam comics Ecole du Ciel, so when are we going to see the first female lead in Gundam anime?

Comment by codename:v


I know, it was just a joke ^__^

Comment by Mazinkaesar

“when are we going to see the first female lead in Gundam anime?”

When Sunrise feel like doing so and isn’t making another season of a Male leaded Gundam show? After all, it would be stupid for a 2nd season like 00 S2 to do a radical change of Main Characters, if it were a Sequel maybe, but you can’t expect that on a 2nd season.

Comment by Metzen

[…] anche più recente occasione ed infine SRW hotnews nel suo This Month Newtype Magazine le ha pubblicate in altissima […]

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First female lead in a Gundam series was Christina in 0080. Too bad it was a terrible ova…

There’ll probably never be another female lead as Bandai now gears its products at the fangirls, and only gears the plamos and mech at the men. Really sad that we’ll probably never see a non-emo/prettyboy like Domon or Shiro in the main seat again….

Comment by Ed

I think the main character in 0080 is the little boy name al (if i don’t wrong).

Comment by Epsilon_013

to Mazinkaesar,
to say that is almost like saying you hate seeing Super Sayains in Dragonball Z.
Ok, not a good metaphore, but, still, A masked guy is pretty much a standard in any gundam series

Comment by Kenpei

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