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Endless Frontier comics
September 19, 2008, 4:24 pm
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Endless Frontier comics version will be release on October 25th.

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is this one different than the previous one that has been posted here before?

Comment by H_R

It’s probably the full deal, as the one previous was a teaser.

Comment by Nerem

….How to buy? Lolz..
Hoping YesAsia/PlayAsia got them…

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Do you guys actually follow Japanese manga and understand how the publishing process for them work?

Individual chapters are usually serialized in various magazines with varying publication times, be it weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Once there are enough chapters, they are compiled into volumes or tankubons. For example, Mugen Frontier is serialized IIRC in Shounen Ace, a A4 sized monthly magazine with a lot of manga series. Then once there are enough chapters to fill up the pages in a volume, Kadokawa will then publish the volume in B6 format.

But then again, most people here just download scans and expect it to be fed to them, instead of going out and buying them. The joys of being able to understand Chinese.

Comment by Anonymous

Is there even any sites selling?
Play-Asia..YesAsia and CDJapan-> NO luck -.-…

Eeek…JP Yahoo Auctions I guess then…-.-

Comment by Larxene_XIII

FUCK. Read the bloody release date.

Comment by Anonymous

Read the bloody release date. Please.

Comment by Anonymous

– -…Wan Pre-Order 1st la..zz

Comment by Larxene_XIII

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