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This month’s Hobby Japan magazine
September 22, 2008, 11:35 am
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Kotobukiya – HBV-502-H8 Raiden [DNA SIDE] 1/100 – December, 8,190 yen


Soul of Chogokin Daitarn 3



 VF-25S Ozma Lee Version – November, 4,725 yen


BB Senshi Shusou Doven Wolf – November, 630 yen

BB Senshi Emperor Ryuubi  – December, 2,100 yen


MG Infinite Justice Gundam – October, 5,250 yen


MG MS-06R1 Matsunaga’s Zaku II Ver. 2.0  – November, 4,720 yen

HGUC Geara Doga 1/144 – November, 1,890 yen


Gundam 00 1/100 – November, 2,490 yen

SD Gundam 00  – October, 630 yen


HG Cherudim Gundam – October, 1,260 yen


HG GN-XIII  – October, 1,260 yen

HG Ahead  – November, 1,260 yen


Gundam 00V

GN-004/te-A02 Gundam Nadleeh Akwos


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2nd:

GNX-704T Ahead Variation

AEU-09 AEU Enact Space Type

MSJ-06II-E Tieren Space Type



Linebarrel Of Iron

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Now let’s just hope that GONZO doesn’t ruin Linebarrel with the sub par cg that they’ve been using for the last year or two….
Maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll actually pull it off.

Comment by Ed

As awesome as the MG Infinite Justice Gundam looks, I’m still a bit disappointed that they didn’t include the beam blades for the nose and the reverse sides of the beam cannons on the subflight lifter. I mean, yeah, Athrun only used them once in the show (to take out Minerva’s engines), but they still would’ve been nice to have on this kit. I will be getting it regardless though.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Heh, a Gundam Head Sword.

Comment by glemtvapen


Comment by Debris

[…] SRW hotnews potete trovare delle foto a maggiore risoluzione,Da SRW hotnews provengono le immagini sulle Action […]

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nadleeh akwos is one of the weirdestvariations i’ve seen so far. come on, what’s with the head sword? the design reminds me of some of the designs from gundam g. those are the weirdest.

Comment by flamerounin

Come heeeaaaaah…. Daitan shreeeee 3..

Comment by ottoto

kakatte koi!!!

Comment by ubr

Cool, Ozma’s valkyrie will release soon.
What is the purpose added gundam’s face at sword?
and, any sign for …mode for infinite justice just like destiny and strike freedom?

Comment by Epsilon_013

I do prefer Ozma Lee’s VF-25S than Alto’s F, the colour scheme are more close to today’s modern fighter. What more, the head design is closer to a Knight helmet of a Valkyrie’s. Macross Frontier is definitely next year’s best buy.

This Nadleeh AKWOS reminds me of the warriors with shields of a lion’s head and gorgon’s face. Where the Gundam face is just a mere decoration with no purpose at all. Really, if the designer merely state that the face is just for scare tactics, then I guess this Nadleeh AKWOS is no different than the earlier TTT Gundam Hazel which is nothing more but a GM Quel with a Gundam head. How strong can the 00 brandname live up to be if they just keep showing all these mediocre designs? What a rip-off and waste of press print.

Comment by codename:v

I think Hazel not only just for scare tactics. Hazel is enhantment and upgrade from GM Quel. Or rather, Hazel is customize GM Quel for testing purpose, TTT (Titan Test Team). It can equip different external support parts that Quel can’t.

I hope Bandai will release brea’s valkyrie too.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Talk about gundam head, what about Seravee back. It also got something resembling gundam head. Is it a sign that 4 new cb gundam will gattai? oh no…

Comment by ubr

You know, this is really stupid of 00 by portraying the Gundam face as a parasitic attachment on a Gundam body like the piggy-back Gundam head and now sword-shield thingy, the last time I remember Gundam faces as assecories would be the Devil Gundam Island from the most spammed Gundam anime-G Gundam. That also explains all the V-fins on the Nadleeh AKWOS, the bugger is a “Gundam Head” and it lives up to Setsuna’s delusional quote “I am Gundam”. Come on, is this MSV supposed to be a joke?

Unless all 4 CB Gundams can really combine, or else the Seravee would join this Nadleeh AKWOS for having a talking tumour.

Comment by codename:v

In G Gundam case, All MS in G Gundam series are GUNDAM (although those name are weird) except death army. I guess Seravee can’t combine with other. Don’t try imagine the 00’s combine like Grand Master Gundam (master-grand-Heaven’s Sword-Walter) it’s somekind a forcing in merge :p

And I got some info (don’t know its true or not, don’t ask me)that V-antenna at giant gundam head is somekind of device to generate jammer when it is fold forward, just like Testament’s virus speader.

Comment by Epsilon_013

[…] saw this scan in SRW Hotnews. It’s an MSV of the Nadleeh and it’s called the Nadleeh Akwos. It appears to have […]

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CV, you are plain stupid and blind about one thing. Nadleeh Akwos’s gundam face on the shield is not just used for scare tactics. It can be used as a GN sword too. Too blind to even see the picture? Not that I like the idea but you just got it wrong.

Comment by AdamJ

AdamJ: I think the blind fool is actually YOU. If you read my comments carefully, I did say “sword-shield thingy”
(this is really stupid of 00 by portraying the Gundam face as a parasitic attachment on a Gundam body like the piggy-back Gundam head and now sword-shield thingy,)
So next time read the comments carefully before reacting like the fags here.

Comment by codename:v

are you mad
for [F]sake
you have A sick imagination
did you see the pic
it’s so clear adam boy
why this site[or post shit site] doesn’t have A [F] registration

Comment by Orwah

Is… that a SEGA™ Dreamcast on Raiden’s back…?

Comment by mecharchitect

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