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Gundam Vs. Gundam promo poster
September 24, 2008, 6:18 am
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so does this mean we might have the possibility of piloting the devil colony.

Comment by Anonymous

Want to pilot the devil colony? In your dreams, faggot

Comment by codename:v

Someone just got destroyed by V.

Comment by Ed

Freedom should be in the poster… But Justice should be in the acutal game. But you can’t fit em all, so at least they got most of the coolest suits. Maybe if they release this for ps2/ps3 than they’ll add even more suits.

Comment by InjuredPelican

Freedom not in poster because there is strike that represent for SEED series.
The poster graph like somekind old pic from gundam 0079 artwork

Comment by Epsilon_013

Dude V lighten up, it was just a simple question they were asking.

Comment by Anonymous

I hope their using the same engine that they’ve used for the Gundam Battle Universe game.

Comment by Anonymous

Yea CV, the person’s just asking a simple question. You’re the one who’s a fag, for responding in a rude manner.

Comment by Anti-CV

What is the Gundam Between Alex and V2?

Comment by drjones

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