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September 24, 2008, 7:12 pm
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Upcoming next MG from Gundam Unicorn.

MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka 1/100

Release date: December



New mobile suit from Gundam Unicorn.


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Comment by beamknight87

o yeah^^, at last the one, it’s comi’n for its tandem the unicorn. XD

Comment by m4jin

WOOOOOO Finally ! This is HOT gunpla kit !

Comment by sbhboi

How much is it?

Comment by Epsilon_013

Fucking finally! Dammit Bandai, you had me sweating for nearly a year in anger! This year may not be so bad for Master Grade’s after all! Sure, we had twenty repainted kits, but this is salvation!

Comment by Amon

Finally sinanju!!!i don’t know what to say about this model,it’s like sazabi’s another version wow!red is my favorite,cool…

Comment by Mike

The first mono-eye/ZEON unit for Ver.KA, definitely a must buy and perfect match for the Unicorn. Hope to see more UC merchandises like the DeltaPlus, ReZel, GearaZulus etc.

Comment by codename:v

Hail Mary and the man Jesus. One year later, they bit the bullet at last. Now they really have a decent novelty MG kit for this year. Most MG’s this year were basically recoloured versions. Piss weak. Now they need to add the Delta and we’ll have a Bar Mitzvah for Bandai, symbolizing the end of V2.0 Zaku’s and S/SD kits at long last. Huzzah!

Comment by Amon

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WTF! MS-06J Zaku v2.0~Kawaguchi produce version
has weaponry from Kampfer. And the price only 4000 yen. Zaku II full armed ver.

Comment by fighters

And about symbolizing the end of ver2.0 Zaku’s, maybe right. But how about after Zaku II ver2.0, Bandai will make dom and rick dom ver2.0 with all its variant. :p
I know Bandai will not lose opportuniy like this. Recycle all old kit and give them whole new joint.

Comment by Epsilon_013

it is my next mg!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing basic V2.0 of a few kits that need them. Hyaku Shiki, Rick Dias, maybe the Rick Dom… It can’t nearly as bad as the Strike, there are seven of them, each crappier than the next and it’s supposed to be a Gundam. Of course, I’d be crying tears of bloody joy if the X and XX Gundam’s somehow got MG kits this next year… A man can dream, can’t he?

Comment by Amon

48 All Japan Game Show ??

Comment by Debris

Goddamn Italians…
The O is a fine suit and also on my wish list but the Sinanju is simply better in terms of looks and more likely to sell better, if the Unicorn is anything to go by.

Comment by Amon

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is good news!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

[…] hotnews ha confermato l’annuncio del MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka 1/100 che Ngeekhiong,citando alcune fonti nipponiche […]

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X Amon

Absolutely is clear to here

Comment by Debris

The Galluss-K. It’s a shame that Unicorn’s never going to be animated nor that it’ll be translated to the States.

Comment by Anonymous

Usually thay put “C” for Cannon type MS because i see this Galluss ver is cannon type. But never mind that.
How big The O when Bandai put it in MG list 🙂
I see the The O HGUC its quite big for HGUC class

Comment by Epsilon_013

Nothing too exciting for me with these announcements. Only reason I’m happy with the Sinanju announcement is that it will keep the Unicorn fans quiet for the time being. The Unicorn stuff just doesn’t interest me that much. As far as Katoki’s stuff I would much rather have as MG:

Tallgeese (I, II or III…doesn’t matter)
Nobell Gundam (yes…I am a fan of it)
GP-01 Full Vernian vers 2.0
Victory Gundam (with Overhang Pack)
Victory 2 Gundam (with Assault and Buster equipment)
Katoki versions of the 4 other Gundam Wing Gundams (Deathscythe, Heavyarms, Sandrock and Shenlong)

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Epsilon: Zeon put “K” for MS with cannons according to German language code. Like the MS-06K Zaku-Cannon for example before the MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon. I think there is a slight inconsistency within Okawara’s work then.

AMX-101K Gallus-K, obviously a reproduction of the Gallus-J from the Axis warfare UC0088 (ZZ era)It looks like they removed the machine-gun fingers to cut down weights of the mounted cannon. The last time I remember Neo Zeon officer Mashymre Cello, the Haman Khan loyalist piloted the J model against Judau Ashta’s Zeta and other limited Gallus model must have ended up with the Zeon remnants.

Wow, another old UC0079 OYW MS, MS-09F/trop Dom Troppen seen in battle on UC novel. These things just never go out of style but it’s better than the old MS-09G Dowadge.

By the desert colour scheme, it’s probably the same Old Zeon Remnants which help Banarji and the Garencias Captain to erect the Garencias from being buried in the desert and maybe from the very same family that own the Shamblo MA. It doesn’t look new from straight point of view but it does make senses being these are units of old Zeon Remnant forces from Africa. Especially for some Axis units like the Gallus model from 0088 which are not so talk-about these days. Hell, when would we get to see more refined 0088 MSs’ in future?

Comment by codename:v

Isn’t Dom Tropen from 0083 after OYW?
For me, Zeon’s MS design in ZZ story most of them weird (uncool), except last developmnet MS at the end of story such as Doben-Wolf, Quin Mantha, and Mass product Qubely.

Comment by Epsilon_013

MS-09F/trop Dom Tropen
Technical and Historical Notes(courtesy of MAHQ)

An advancement on the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type, the Zeon military introduced the MS-09F/trop late in the One Year War, designed to operate exclusively in localized desert and tropical regions on Earth (“tropen” is German for “tropical”). In addition to sand protection filters to protect its equipment and powerful cooling systems to overcome the desert heat, the Dom Tropen featured special sand protection filtered intakes for its leg-mounted thermonuclear jet engines, allowing the mobile suit to retain its high ground hovering speeds without fear of sand ruining the engines. It also sported specialized block-shaped armor designed to help keep sand from getting inside. Though the exact production numbers of the Dom Tropen are unknown, at least a few units did survive the war, with two participating in the theft of the Earth Federation Forces’ RX-78GP02A Gundam “Physalis” mobile suit in October UC 0083 and four units aiding in the defense of Zeon’s underground Kinbareid Base in eastern Africa.

You’ve never did read up on the technical notes everytime you visit MAHQ, do you?

Comment by codename:v

[…] Confermato dall’ultimo numero di Gundam ACE, uscirà il prossimo Dicembre 2008. Si tratta del Mobile Suit pilotato da Full Frontal, l’antagonista della serie di romanzi Gundam Unicorn. In questa scansione diffusa in rete è possibile vedere il prototipo del modello. Fonte: SRW Hotnews […]

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It’s been long time ago my last visit to MAHQ, maybe since 6-8 month ago. I already forget minor detail of technical notes for some ms. I don’t even know the newest ms info and msv design in that website. I should recall it again.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Whoa, the Zeon Remnants sure bring the whole family into the scene. Let’s see, Zaku Sniper, Zaku Cannon and even the Nemo(EFSF) join the crowd too! Well, being this is a UC story, such oddball numbers are pretty much expected for any motley Zeon remnants and Dakar defense forces. That’s what I really like about Unicorn-Variety.

Comment by codename:v

Are those MS capability still can be compare with whole new MS like Jesta, ReZEL, and Geara Zulu?
Such as Zaku Sniper is too old to be used in Unicorn era when new development MS are faster, more powerful, and more though to be shoot down by “old” MS.

And there is rumor, Sinanju’s price is about 7000 Yen.
And I just realise, when i assembling HGUC Kampfer right now, Bandai make line up of Zeon’s MS for UC era as at this moment. From all variation Zaku II ver2.0 for MG, to Sazabi-Zaku FZ-Kampfer-Geara Doga for HGUC.
Sieg Zeon!!!

Comment by Epsilon_013

If my guess is right, the MG Sinanju should be around 4725-5120 yen, 7000 is way too high.

Comment by codename:v

Once Sinanju is out, we need to get a MG Victory Gundam or Gundam X.

Comment by thepyro

While I don’t care much for Victory, I agree. Victory and X fans have been screwed up the ass for years. More so now that crappy special coating reissues have been made disgustingly common and that the proliferation of slight variation kits is increasing.

Comment by Amon

It doesn’t make sense that Bandai is neclecting to make any Master Grades of Victory Gundam and Gundam X. How many RX-78 Gundams are they going to remake?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

MG X which can convertable to Divider-X, just like Sword-Launcher Strike. 🙂
And I still waiting the day when Bandai will make MG Epyon and Heavyarms (Ver.Ka or Kai doesn’t matter), my favourite MS in Wing series.

Talk about more special coating reissues, I saw some Special Edition MG (don’t know if those mass product or limited)
MG RX-78 v.OYW : Movie Image Color (OYW painted with dark metallic color)
MG Zaku II v2.0 Real Type (more green like leaf than previous one)
MG Zaku II v2.0 : Kawaguchi ver.(proshop)(brown desert color “plus” weapon from kamfer: 1 Shotgun + Kampfer’s giant bazooka)
MG RX-78 v1.5 : Kawaguchi ver. (proshop) (ver1.5 with more grey ang black color like RX-78-1)
MG RX-78 v.OYW : G3 (G3 color’s Scheme)
Just check it at 🙂

Comment by Epsilon_013

Sorry for interrupt the fun, but another update of Gundam Musou 2:

1. Game System
2. MS list (Seed Destiny list)

Comment by judo0054

Poor for ball :p

Comment by Epsilon_013

I wonder…

Will Sinanju have an NT-D Mode like Unicorn…?

Comment by mecharchitect

The Sinanju is a NT-D prototype test-bed model for the Unicorn before Anaheim sold it to the Neo-Zeon Remnants. It’s already in NT-D form itself.

I knew it, fags don’t read

Comment by codename:v

[…] Clear scan of Gundam Unicorn MS line art, from Gundam ACE magazine 11. […]

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