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MG Sinanju
October 1, 2008, 7:54 pm
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MG Sinanju Ver.Ka – December, 7,000 yen

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Comment by Debris

Not exactly cheap, is it. Hope it’s worth the price.

Comment by Amon

7000 yen, quite close to the Sazabi if you ask me, this guy is really that big?
Being the first monoeye MS for Ver.KA, it should worth the buy.

Comment by codename:v

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0,99 MB from Ngee Khiong Chiang.

Comment by Debris

The price is same as Hi-Nu. Its expensive maybe because the complexity more than Unicorn?

Comment by Epsilon_013

I hope Bandai make different plastic for Neo Zeon emblem at body parts. So we don’t has difficulty to paint it.

Comment by Epsilon_013

I think is big.From the info of Gundam Unicorn seri the Unicorn RX-0 is 21.7 meters(Destroy Mode) and MSN-06S Sinanju is 22.6 meters.

Sinanju,Kshatriya,Black Unicorn….Seem like i will save some place from my collection for this seri….

Comment by GhostVN

[…] Saw the image above in SRW Hotnews. […]

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it looks like some sort of cybuster in a way

Comment by Ereos

Ereos: You know that you’ve played too much SRWs when you keep seeing Pysbuster in every mechas you came across. Is your knowledge on mecha that narrow?

Comment by codename:v

@ Ereos:
it’s totally different. Sinanju has slim body. when cybuster more fat. Maybe you look at whe wings so it look like cybuster.
(relax, i won’t have mean comment like cv do)

Comment by Epsilon_013

It looks nothing like Cybuster. At all.

Comment by Amon

I think that what Ereos means about the “Cybuster look” is how the plates are shaped like and the Thrusters on it’s back reminds him of Cybuster’s style of plating and armor.

It does reminded me a little to Cybuster as in how some plates look like, it isn’t something drastic or anything.

But it isn’t either such a great deal like to get on Ereos’s case, i mean, it isn’t like Ereos did what CV always do with non UC Mecha or SRW OGs calling Sinanju a “Cybuster Rip Off” and start mocking the “lazy” desing without any real justification and just based on a slightly resemblance based on minor aspects.

Ereos just said that “it looks like some sort of Cybuster” which doesn’t necessarily imply somekind of accusation of rip off or of lazy desing, just something Sinanju reminded Ereos about.

Comment by Metzen

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