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October 1, 2008, 7:48 pm
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Gundam Musou 2 (XB360, PS3, PS2)

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[…] questa scansione della rivista diffusa da SRW Hotnews viene annunciata la presenza di due nuove serie tra le novità del gioco: Victory Gundam e Gundam […]

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I’m going to buy the PS3 version, anyone think they release a PS3+G musou 2 game + extras like the 1st gundam musou game.
thanks 4 the pic

Comment by Kira-sama

wooohhoooo. v2 and f91 are in. That’s what I also hoped for. niiiiccceeeee. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Needs Crossbone and X.

Comment by Amon

Now that shows that Turn A isn’t the only one with wings that slice. Pretty much anticipated for the V2 and F91 to appear in Musou 2 since both appeared in GundamVSGundam. I wonder if they would include 0083 and maybe the Unicorn? Too much for that but that would be a good for variety.
With the F91 included, I suppose his rival would be the Rafflessia since MAs are included. Would the V2 faces the Dogorla?
Whatever, I will be happy going back slashing MSs to bits in the Shin Musha Gundam.

Comment by codename:v

No news about new gundam from musya character?! Or did i miss about it?

Comment by Epsilon_013

Cool, V Gundam is in it. I was never interested in playing the first game, but now I’ll give this game a try.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

LOL, I can see a V2 vs Turn A vs Destiny battle in Original mode.

Comment by thepyro

(Cool, V Gundam is in it) !!!!!!!!!!!
cool V gundam !
are u sick or somthing ?
didnt you know that v gundam is a failure

Comment by spoiler


F-91 and V is what I really want. Now just hoping for X

Comment by amuro0093

With the advent of Shin Musha Gundam’s appearance in the first game, the trend of reinventing SD-only characters has become popular.

There’s a good reason a Shin Knight Gundam toy is slated for release…

God-willing, that’s a sign Shin Knight Gundam will be the new boss character for Gundam Musou 2 as Shin Musha Gundam was for the first (discount Musha MkII from the special edition, he was more of a bonus).

Comment by mechaarchitect

These trolls are actually just getting pointless now….
Let’s hope that they shove Exia in there, bandai is so ready to get that over stateside, they’ll translate this game just to promote it. But, this’ll probably be like the last one, where it was only UC stuff for the Official Mode and the alternate universe for anything 0093 and up.

oooohhh….Let’s pray for Sazabi with Char…

Comment by Ed

NamcoBandai said it will be 3 times the MSs from the first Musou, I won’t be surprise even if they shove those she-male 00 Gundams inside Musou. But that would clash with GundamVSGundam if you ask me. What makes you think they would translate it for you gaijins over the states there? SRWZ didn’t even get translated and gaijins are still staring at characters yelling in moonspeak languages, so forget about it, play the Japanese version or you have to wait for another year.

Comment by codename:v

Hey CV had you heard of this game called “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam”?
If you knew about it, you wouldn’t be ditching the possibility of having a “Gundam Musou 2” Translated so easily.

Comment by Anonymous

That’s why you gaijins have to wait another year, since gaijins find Japanese moonspeaks too “foreign” for you to understand. No wonder fansubbing is so rampant these days

Comment by codename:v

Although i understand japanese just litttle bit. But i prefer japanese original character voice than dubbed in english. For alternate,i prefer the character speak japanese when the text in english. Just only few game do this one. Like Ace Combat 5

Comment by Epsilon_013

lol so you are saying that foreign people should adapt and learn japanese to play games that could be ported and translated to english (or other languages) when they are made for the international market?

Seriously CV, use your brain for once, it’s a logical step to translate a game that is sold outside of the country it was made, so other costumers from other nations can get it, enjoy it and pay for it, raising the money the creators of that game gain.

I don’t understand why you complain or do your stupid “Gaijin this Gaijin that” speeches when people that don’t understand japanese comment about the possibility of translating something, what’s the “big deal” of not knowing japanese and enjoying the original japanese version with that knowledge?

One last thing, going “Gaijin this and Gaijin that” makes you sound as a weeaboo and ironically you’re calling people something that you technically are too, why? Gaijin is for japanese foreigners, which includes you, a Malaysian. Why a fellow non japanese would be calling other non japanese “Gaijin”? it’s just stupid, man.

Comment by Anonymous

The additions of the 3 main SEED Destiny units and Nu Gundam in the game made it a must-buy for me already. Adding V2 and F91 to the mix is just icing on the cake.

@Ed – I thought Sazabi and Char were already confirmed along with Nu Gundam and Amuro. That brings another thought to me. If they include all the MS from the previous game, then Char’s total goes up to 4 if you add Sazabi to his Zaku II, Gelgoog and Hyaku Shiki.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

The only weeaboo here is the one who post as ANONYMOUS

If you don’t like the word gaijin, how about ang-mo-lang (red hairy people) and gwai-lo (ghost people) both that describe whities?

Let’s face it, most of you whities are racists in real life. Like that WHOREMONEY GOLD which ripped Macross+SouthernCross+Mospeada, dubbed in English and repackage it as ROBOFECH. While you whities are condemning the East for humanrights discrimination, you whities also practice minority marginalization on your own turf.

Comment by codename:v

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