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New pics of MG Sinanju
October 4, 2008, 7:38 pm
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Something’s wrong with this picture…. 


They’ve swapped the back and front skirt part wrong way round. lol 


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ahahahaha I can see.

Comment by kadej

so good…
absolutely must buy

Comment by Anonymous

[…] by paliodor on October 4, 2008 SRW Hotnews have new pics of the upcoming MG Sinanju. It’s looking great but from what I see we will have […]

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Damn what the hell is Bandai thinking, it looks to plain and you’ll definitely need to put some ugly decal on the chest and the wrists plus there’s lots of details missing on the “skirts”. Well we’ll have to wait till Hobby Japan transforms this kit so that we can see a good version of it

Comment by Belela-san

The skirt… Otherwise it looks good (as Sazabi’s slimdown twin sans Funnels).

Comment by BD

Copy from my Danny Choo post :

This is definitely a prototype and not the finished version. They were still working on several mechanisms last week when the 3D render was put out and Bandai doesn’t use unfinished works for advertisement. Even if the chest requires decals, the real finished version used for the promos will have them placed. There’s nothing that indicates that this is the finished MG.

Adding to it, bloody wait for the real deal. Hell, the extra finish Strike Freedom only has official pictures for about two weeks ago and it’s going to be on sale soon. December is a long walk from now, kids. Much will change.

Comment by Amon

Wow…this one will require quite a bit of work to look like it does in the lineart and other pics. I’m glad I’m not a fan of this MS. Painting all those yellow accents looks like it’ll be annoying.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Whet kind of idiot expects people to paint/sticker all the yellow bits in this day and age?

Looks like another cheap cash in to me.

Comment by IvanHoeHo

The prototype looks good to me and I can imagine pairing this kit with the Unicorn to reanimate fights off at Palau and Earth.

I wonder if they did the armor skirts on the wrong side by purpose, to make it looked like the Nightingale or Sazabi ‘coz both got really large front armor skirts. Most probably things are so rushed that the modellers set the armor skirts wrongly…

What more, Kadokawa Taiwan has got the publishing rights to publish Unicorn novel in Mandarin. Can’t wait to read all about it.

Comment by codename:v

Nothing VPmodel can’t fix with a conversion kit

Comment by Anonymous

Like Hell. All small gray parts it’s not need to paint but how come the medium size yellow plastic at chest isn’t being mold. It troublesome me to do some masking at that part with bird-like shape ’emblem’.
The finger hand use MG Zaku ver2.0 (although it already apply in MG Rick-Dom and Sazabi), it make look more awesome when it pose. Hope Bandai will use this kind of finger for next MG for now on.

Comment by Epsilon_013

You could just suck it up and buy a gold gundam marker. 3$ to make most of your unpainted kits alot better looking seems like a good deal to me.

Comment by Ed

I rarely used gundam marker. I had 7 colors of them and it end up all waste-dry. :p

Comment by Epsilon_013

[…] di Tokyo – Le immagini,riversate dai canali 2chan, sono apparse  sito di Ngee khiong Chiang, e su SRW hotnews, ( ringrazio anche  Angelo Falconio per le sue  segnalazione  nella nostra Ml,Gundamworld,ed […]

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Looks cool to me

Comment by spoiler

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