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Gundam ACE magazine 11
October 5, 2008, 2:11 am
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Clear scan of Gundam Unicorn MS line art, from Gundam ACE magazine 11.

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The ghosts from the past has return to haunt in this November issue, with so many old MSs from 0079-0088. This is probrably the 3rd time Torrington Base is underattack (0079-thwarted by White Dingos, 0083-lost the GP02A) I guess the purpose is still usual-Zeon wants nukes.

GM II and Nemo to guard Torrington base? Wow, EFSF can be such a stingy-poker at such time, at least upgrade them to GM IIIs. As the MSA-005K Guncannon Detector, there was only a prototype deployed during the Grysp war in Africa and talks on mass-production seem to never materialize.

Among all these motley band of Zeon MSs, the Galluss-K should be the most updated around here and that includes the Zaku Mariner. Back in 0083, there was a Xamel until it was took out by SouthBurning in a GM kai.

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