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Perpect Change Dangaioh
October 10, 2008, 3:31 am
Filed under: Hobby

Dangaioh will be next action figure from Studio Halfeye.

Check more pics at Studio Halfeye.

Release date: December

Price: 79,800 yen

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As i expected from Studio Halfeye, expensive…

Comment by Epsilon_013

Not bad…but who the hell buys these for that much money? well, at that price I bet they make profit with only 20 sells or something, though still…

Comment by Ekove

i wouldn’t buy one even i have the money.
these things they come out with is BS ripoff.
But, from a collector stand point, these will, it will really goes up in value….

Comment by ottoto

The Dangaioh is a pretty good design and this one is combinable of 4 planes but way too pricey being this is a garage kit from a small time garage kit maker StudioHalfeye. Even a Chogokin GodMars isn’t as pricey as this one…

Comment by codename:v

79,800 YEN!!??!

Comment by Ereos

i never liked dangaioh when i first saw it as a kid. but i’m sure there are people out there that have been waiting their whole life for something like this… put it this way, if not for my job, i’d rather spend the money on this than on a frickin blackberry

Comment by rpt011r

Oh my gosh….

It’s the only word I could say after seing the price… O.O”

Comment by sbhboi

i’d rather buy a PS3.. but then again, there are always ppl that make over 30$/hr and like these stuff

Comment by realgundam

wish revoltech or someone more affordable would make SRW’s, I know they already made one of this robot but yeah..

Comment by Ekove

Now thats what i call Dangaioh

Comment by yasser Al-Saffar

SH should consider changing the name of the line from Perfect Change to Perfect Rape.

Comment by AceWhatever

At least the people at SHE have more skills than what c:v claims to have.

Comment by Anonymous

lol at above comment.

Comment by shady123

If they say that 4chan is the anus of the net, then anonymous should change her name to ANUSYMOUS-because SHe just love to look for trouble when no one is talking behind HEr

Comment by codename:v

Is that the best you could come up with c:v? I’d like to see you insult people face to face like you do on the Internet and not walk away without injuries. Prime reason why c:v is so vitriolic online is because he’s a weak kneed pussy IRL and needs to take it online because he’ll just be beaten into a bloody pulp.

Comment by Anonymous

Where can i buy that dangaioh and other studio half eye like perfect change Dancouga Nova? thank you


Emmanuel E. Graak of PHCR, BHS-IV-Initiative [Joel B. Vizcayno] in the Philippines?

Comment by Michelle

Incase you were still looking for a Studio Halfeye Dangaioh. Be warned though it is separated in two expensive sets.

Comment by John

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