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Kotobukiya – Wildwurger 1/100 [EO-Tech]
October 12, 2008, 9:16 pm
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kawaaaaaaaaai =/

Comment by Zachalmighty

WOW, this looks like a quality one. I might reconsider buying their shitty model kits.

Comment by Ekove

Glad this one has light-up eyes. Quite disappointed that the R-1 didn’t have it.

Comment by Mark

Woah, this one isn’t just a “Full Jacket” or “Jacket Off” only, but can take off or put on the Jacket parts, uh?

I’m not sure if there was any other Model of the Wildwurger that did it in the past, but for me, it’s the first one i see being faithful to the Wild’s special gimmick.

Comment by Metzen

WOW whats the price?

Comment by Ereos

More than 5000 Yen. I forget the exact price

Comment by Epsilon_013

concentration + 100% hit? what a waste of sp.. :0

Comment by realgundam

metzen: as with the 1/100 huckebein mk-ii, this is based off of an equivalent kotobukiya resin kit released a few years ago. (same proportions etc…) just don’t know what took them so long to release it. now that the huckebeins are no longer allowed to be released, we’ll never see the mk-iii plastic kit either.
price is 7800 or 8190 incl. 5% tax

Here’s the link to the old garage kit version:

Comment by rpt011r

This is probrably the 4th time Koto make suckers out of SRW fags with this spammed Wildwurger and the only extra bonuses this time are detachable armors and a hammer from 0079. Like the 0079 Gundam which was spammed year after year, this Wildwurger isn’t spared from that kind of cash-milking racket. But the only thing that makes Bandai a top dog at mecha-spamming is the quality they produced and the expertise they got, which Koto don’t have.
So be prepared to get bankrupt for over-spending on unwanted plamos this year end and next year, after this wild turkey and next the Ikkitousen chippendales. Tiada duit makan nasi, makan roti lah!

Comment by codename:v

“So be prepared to get bankrupt for over-spending on unwanted plamos this year end and next year!”
One person won’t get bankrupt, Dalong ( He’s got almost every released plamos, infinite money.

Comment by Epsiloln_013

So what if get bankrupt for over-spending plamos. Like hell someone will spending money for plamos they don’t wanted. They , at least for custom-modellers, will buy it because some parts to recycle it for other plamos. CV, You just jealous that you can’t buy it. Lack of money even to cost for your daily life Huh?

Comment by Fighters

T.T bad attitude to judge someone thought….
Anyway good to see it^^ Wew money leecher for this stuff especially for koto stuff, lame and lack of stupid parts with a stupid price. Blah3

Comment by m4jin

It is really good.. still can’t decide to buy it or not…\
How tall is it ?

(sorry my english)

Comment by Angelo

Folks, just something to ponder when your complaining about this release:

Finally an affordable WW release. Get ready to dust off the old modeling supplies. Putty, sand paper, airbrush, paint, decals and clearcoat!

Comment by Anonymous

I think this kit looks awesome, and the Boosted Hammer is a nice addition since, afterall, it is Arado you have to use to obtain the weapon in OG2. Who cares if it’s exactly like the hammer weapon that the RX-78-2 uses in Mobile Suit Gundam, and/or Turn-A’s Gundam Hammer? I still think it’s cool. Why are you a sucker if you buy this kit anyway? If you’re a fan of the mech, you’re a fan…regardless if you have previous kits of it or not. To use myself as an example, I’m a huge Strike Freedom and Freedom fan, and I pretty much buy every figure/kit that comes out of either. Call me a sucker if you want, but I just consider it as me being a huge fan of a particular mech.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

CV is just bitter he gets ripped off by “Hobby shops” in Malaysia whenever he needs to get a plamo kit. To which I say…

Cry Moar….

Kesian CV tiada duit… orang lain ada duit beli Plamo dengan sukahati dia pun mahu “complain”

Comment by Kniteowl

thats too much
i cant afford it!!! lol

Comment by Ereos

Put me down for two.

I’ve always liked the look of Koto’s SRW 1/144 kits but I’m glad I waited till the 1/100 ones came out. OK, they’re pricey, but I really like them. They’ll go nicely with my 1/100 Gundam collection.

Next on my wish list: 1/100 Weissritter, 1/100 Gespenst Mk. II, 1/100 Wildfalken, 1/100 Alteisen Riese, 1/100 R-2 Powered, 1/100 R3-Powered and 1/100 R-Gun Powered.

Incidentally, there seem to be a few comments claiming various SRW kits to be Gundam rip-offs. That may be true in a sense but I’ve always considered them to be classics in their own right.

Comment by Hanzkaz

This is one hell of a kit! m going to get it when it’s released! nice!

Comment by hitsugaya

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