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Gundam Vs. Gundam Next
October 15, 2008, 11:10 am
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New scans of arcade action game Gundam Vs. Gundam Next.

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nice scans. looks like the quin mantha and the psycho gundam are coming up next.

Comment by majin

Spiegel, Nobell, Akatsuki, Acguy, GP-01FB, Deathscythe Hell, Tallgeese and Duel Assault Shroud? Hell, even the Hamma Hamma is a very welcome addition to me. Someone at Bamco must be picking my mind when it comes to what MS to add in games lately (This game, SRWZ, Gundam Musou 2). Sucks that I’ll probably have to wait for the home port which won’t be out for quite some time. Thankfully the PSP version of the first game is coming out soon so that will hold me over until this one comes out. Thanks Bamco for another good lineup of MS in a game.

Comment by CyberSynaptic


Comment by Debris

Still, all the good stuffs like GundamVSGundam and Macross Ace are moving to PSP while the shitty stuffs go back to PS2. I can settle in for Musou 2 but I doubt it will be 3 times the amount than the previous one. Can Namco-Bandai really deliver 60+ MS in Musou 2? This I gotta see

Comment by codename:v

Video from TGS 2008

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnes ha immesso on line una serie di scansioni in ottima risoluzione di belle immagini della  nuova […]

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is only for PSP? ><

Comment by Zero

psp? I thought Gundam vs Gundam Next was coming to Arcade, PSP is getting Gundam vs Gundam

Comment by kenpei

@CV Yeah I had to agree with on this, good games always goes to psp, where is the love for ps2 actually…..


Comment by sbhboi

I see Arcade but… i want this for play. gundam vs gundam (the frist game) see on ps2 some day?

Comment by Zero

[…] blog SRW Hotnews ecco alcune novità per il videogame arcade in uscita nelle sale giochi del Giappone nei prossimi […]

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@sbhboi: Because Sony corp wanted us to change from PS2 to PS3

Comment by Epsilon_013

i never liked the shield guard command.. they should have another button for it instead of using movement

Comment by realgundam


1st is Bandai, now it’s Sony also like that..


Comment by sbhboi

With the current poor sales of PS3, I doubt Sony would encourage more games to move over to PS3. I tried a PS3 before, pretty hi-res graphics and fluidity I must say but the gameplay is just the same standards like PS2’s. Banging on hi-res graphics just isn’t what we called innovations. Unlike the PSP, which can link up other players to engage in MMORPGs has more marketable values than the PS3 because you can not just play everywhere, but also listen to MP3s, watch videos and probrably soon surf the net. Therefore, if you ask me to choose between PS3 and PSP, I say PSP. If it’s a Wii, even better.

Comment by codename:v

and probrably soon surf the net.
Your an idiot, do you know that?
It can already do that, obviously you don’t own a PSP, so go live in solitude

If it’s a Wii, even better.
How’s the Wii any better?
It’s just a system that tried to make something old into something new
Plus, majority of the games are crappy party games that get higher sales than the better games

Comment by lxs

Crap = =…so many units debuting in this game…
LOL at Sochie above the Kapool..and So many Acguys @@”
Spiegel Gundam…Nobel+Berserker Mode..
Gedoraf? Mostly is Katejina using it,but Gottrlatan should be better -.-
HyakuShiki vs Akatsuki~!
Huge MA/MS?..Good chance for them to put Neue Ziel,Raflessia and Alpha Aziel as bosses,since the series are there @@

But if Malaysia will have the game..(-.-)

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Yup CV had idiotic comments again.
“PSP…and probrably soon surf the net.”

Like i said he is a hikikomori already, closed his mind and live far away from society

Comment by Fighters

[…] vs Gundam Next (Arcade) Original source for for higher res […]

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glad to see some more love for wing and g gundam. I so wanna use the tallgeese and epyon. kampfer is welcome too, as well as destiny and duel gundam. by why akatsuki? where’s justice gundam? akatsuki was in the series for like, maybe an hour at best, out of 50 episodes? next we need altron and the justice for sure.

Comment by InjuredPelican

What are you talking about, there’s too much love for Wing >>;

we need more Gundam X love…so far all the games I’ve played, Gundam X get’s the short end of the stick.
ACE –> Pretty crappy, only thing good is Divider…which is the only awesome unit from X
SRW –> Have to wait too many turns for Sat-Cannon, the unit is pretty lackluster too
GvsG…never played >>;

Comment by lxs

X and Double X takes to much time to charge its satelite cannon. When in ACE 3, Wing Zero’s twin buster riffle is better because has take lesser time to shot and as powerful enough to wipe out group of enemy in single shoot like satelite cannon.

Comment by Epsilon_013

It’s not just Gundam X that needs more attention…

What about other cool variation-only MSs like the Hi-Nu Gundam? Or Casval’s RX-78 CA? Guest appearance by Shin Musha Gundam?


Comment by mechaarchitect

The lack of Gundam X is because Japan didn’t really love Gundam X. It ended abruptly. So there isn’t much use for them to put it in to games. Which is sad because I like the designs from X

Comment by Lala

i like choose destiny gundam mobile suit gundam seed destiny promise be my friends good idea play gundam vs gundam next arcade and thanks you japan JOEL PEREZ

Comment by JOEL PEREZ

will gundam vs gundam be release in ps 2….??????

Comment by marvin

i hope it will

Comment by marvin

Will this be out on PSP?
i know the first one did “gundamvsgundam”
please let me know if this will be out on PSP too thank you 😀

Comment by Setsuna

I HERD HERE WAS THE STRIKE FREEDOM IN “NEXT” BUT AS A MASTER, BUT I THINK ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME ALSO I HERD!, THE INFINITE JUSTICE WOULD BE IT’S ASSIST, I HOPE THEY BOTH ARE PLayable!. and lets all hope it comes out for all three systems!, Japan cold never turn it’s back on the ps2 or psp.

Well gald to see Gundam Fans out there, and really here in the U.S. there’s like non here….there all big fans of Naruto…so sad.. but anyways…. good seeing so many gundam fans out there keep it real!

Comment by SFL


Comment by Japan cold

I ma fag =D

Comment by SFL

Coming out at psp in 3/28/2010

Comment by Anonymous

is it really for psp??? i hope so i really want to use strike freedom

Comment by XGMF-X20A

I recently moved to Okinawa Japan I have been playing the game at a local Arcade. Its pretty nice. I don’t know all the Gundams and series like some of you but I like Gundam alot. Heres a link to a list of all the Gundams, their supports and there variations/attacks.

Comment by EW Gundam Wing

IF A 3RD Gundam VS Gundam game would come out…
(and hope there will be)
why don’t they put all gundams/gundam-like/mobile suits/ and mobile armors in it and make it for 8 players 😛
(guess that’s too much to ask but they were able to do it in Rengou vs Zaft 2)

Comment by GrafEisen

anyone know the move/ combolist for this game?

Comment by SilvrRegrt

fuck u morron this is awesome fuck shit i like this

Comment by SILEVERshadow

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