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New kit preview: MG Sinanaju
October 17, 2008, 9:50 am
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Moeyo has preview MG Sinanju.

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Man…. I want it animed nowwww!….
Forget 00 crap…
UC or any side story animed.

Comment by ottoto

Personally, I would’ve preferred a MG Sazabi vers 2.0 over this. The stuff from Gundam Unicorn just doesn’t excite me that much. This looks like a nice kit, and I’m sure fans of the Sinanju and/or Gundam Unicorn in general will be excited, but it doesn’t do much for me.

As long as it isn’t anymore One Year War stuff, I wouldn’t mind another UC series. Especially one set in the period between Char’s Counterattack and F91 (that isn’t Gundam Unicorn), or maybe something set after Victory Gundam.

I don’t think 00 is crap though. Some of the MS designs are kinda questionable (Seravee for the most part), but the first two episodes of the second season have been really enjoyable for me, and the 00 Gundam itself is turning out to be pretty cool afterall, especially with the addition of the O Riser (my first impression of the design wasn’t very good).

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I don’t think they would go as far to V Gundam for now, especially with the current ongoing 00 feverish hype. At next fall, an all new Gundam anime will be announce and it will not be any we know of like UC, AC, SEED or AD. By that time, another all new Gundam franchise and toyline ready for 2010. I can see it as it would be as lame like 00 does by the way how Sunrise has declined in quality since SEED.

As for the Unicorn, there is little hope that it would be animated even as an OVA since the author Fukui wants it to be in novel form like S Gundam and the book series may likely extends to book 10. Just like Eragon and Harry Potter, books are more enjoyable than the movie.

Comment by codename:v

Actually Sinanju has excellence design. But i don’t like the pattern in gold (it’s not matter the color, but pattern)at body and waist. I would be nice if just plain like sazabi. If only MG Sazabi made after Hi-Nu, i’m bet bandai will give neon zeon emblem standbase with funnel effect.

If sazabi will be remake to ver 2.0, what parts do you thinks gonna be ‘upgrade’ by Bandai?

Comment by Epsilon_013

There’s no real MG technology to actually upgrade something the size of the Sazabi and actually improve it. It’s too cumbersome and massive. It’s not even the internal frame that’s the issue, it’s the gigantic armour plating that is a trademark of the Sazabi itself. There’s no way they’re getting around this issue in a long time. Scale wise and proportionally, the Sazabi has very few issues. It’s aesthetically very close to the original design in most ways.
Besides, Bandai needed a big hitter for this year. This year has been very weak for MG Gunpla save for a few gems. Too many special coatings and recolours. Bandai needs the Sinanju to rake in a decent profit for Christmas now.

Comment by Amon

IS the gold stuff, stickers?

Comment by Anonymous

The Sinanju to me is a hybrid of Gerbera Tetra and Sazabi, which Katoki applies from the 0083 part where Anaheim sold the GP04 to Cima Garahau like they sold the NT-D prototype to Neo Zeon.

What should be paired with the Hi-Nu should be a Nightingale. It would be years down the line for any MS to be upgraded to ver 2.0 for now, since Bandai would tend to focus more on the current hits like 00 and Macross Frontier.

Comment by codename:v

[…] Master Grade Sinanju Very Ka da segnalare  -riprendendolo  da SRW hotnews – questo bel servizio sul sito di Moeyo inoltre trovate delle immagini ben interessanti sul Master […]

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Better Sazabi. Nightingale’s waist, feet, and funnel container are too bulky. It’s more like MA than MS

Comment by Epsilon_013

The Gundam Unicorn designs are probably my favourites from all Gundam series – I’m a sucker for delicate line decorations as seen on Sinanju and Kshatriya. It’s a pity most people prefer the more classic designs. I liked Sazabi, but Sinanju is just so much better looking in my eyes with the more streamlined design.
Now, I really do hope that the gold lines aren’t stickers, because that would really ruin the entire kit for me. Thankfully, they don’t look like stickers on those pictures. At all, now that I look more closely.

I wish I could read the book. But sadly, I don’t think it’s going to be translated into English, ever.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

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