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Endless Frontier is coming to U.S. ?
October 18, 2008, 12:15 am
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Article from Siliconera 

Namco Bandai, the parent company of Banpresto, registered Endless Frontier in the US Patent and Trademark database. This trademark comes many months after the game was released in Japan and Namco Bandai wouldn’t register this trademark without a reason. Unless Namco Bandai is working on another game called Endless Frontier this is related to Endless Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga. However, I don’t think Namco Bandai will be responsible for localizing this. If anyone is taking the job it’s going to be Atlus. They have past experience with the Super Robot Taisen franchise. Actually, they own the rights to the Super Robot Taisen trademark. Also, they’re really one of the few publishers in North America who could give this game a proper translation. And this is going to be one interesting translation to see if this hypothesis is true.

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ow, nice but not buy US games. JP Games rules. Sorry. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

This game is almost at 80 dollars where i am….
I would mind it go states side…
On the other hand, CENSORS makes anything pointless.

Comment by ottoto

it’s good news for RPG fans … maybe not so much for SRW fans as the game present only hookups of the OG elements on its presentation… about ATLUS working it.. well I have my doubts, while the plot translation of both GBA OG games was clean and well made, the terminology (Berserk Trooper… Zephir Blade… gee) was poorly worked and some names also (Lune… WTH?) show the rather poor work ATLUS did with the titles, heck, watching the website made to promote them shows the very small interest that ATLUS had… but at least is something, and we can only hope they’ll do their best… *prays*

Comment by RyuseiDate

This news is already a month old, why bring it up now?

Comment by Milkman Dan

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Hmm don’t make fun of Altus’ translation of the OG games. They come directly from the Branpresto (As in Atlus asked them to OK all the names for them) so if you want to complain, blame them.

Anyway, if it comes over, freaking awesome. I’ve never really liked playing the OG games until I played them in English. The story really makes it a lot more interesting and a lot more worth playing.

Comment by Bolinoak

I’m pretty sure Bandai bought the rights for SRW, plus the whole Bandai-Namco owning Banpresto…plus Namco having the rights to Xenosaga…plus some other shenanigans

Comment by lxs

I can see it now.. another game that will be bash by the media about its contents

Comment by realgundam

Old news.

Mugen is everything bad and wrong in SRW crammed into a DS game cartridge, worst game ever to carry the SRW brand name.

Comment by Anonymous

it is a fun and great game, and i would be more than happy to play it again in english

way to go atlus

Comment by Finvortex

ugh, they give us this utter shit and not Original Generations Ps2

Comment by Anonymous

Hohoho nice

Comment by srw4ever

I’m pretty sure if it comes out, it’ll be released by Namco. Just because Atlus currently owns copyright over the Super Robot Taisen name, doesn’t mean that it’ll be called as such. Otherwise, the trademark wouldn’t just be “Endless Frontier”.

Comment by King Radical

Damn, I have the JP version, unfinished, I’ll need to finish it now and if I see it stateside, I’ll probably get it. Its kinda hard playing an RPG when you can’t read the text, but Walkthroughs and translations definatly help. I wonder if they’ll keep the Japanese voice samples from the JP or translate those, if so, then I might skip out on the US version after all :S

Comment by Kenpei

I would love this game translated… and just translated. I don’t want to hear terrible dubbing. o_o;;;

Comment by Anonymous

oh, of course namdai bamco wouldn’t register a name they don’t intend to use

just like all of those tales games they gave us.

Comment by Anonymous

don’t know whether i should be happy or not. I’ve got the feeling they’ll mess up XiaoMu’s voice. Am I the only one that thinks Nanbu Kaguya is fat?

Comment by XYZbuster

The Voice Acting is something that always makes fans worry, hell it’s brought up a lot each time people think of the possibility of OGS and OGG being released in the US, it would be nice that they would just only translate the dialogues, menus and options since i don’t recall that much vocal dialogue beyond the shouts and phrases in the battles in MnF.
About Kaguya, Yes,I think you’re the only one, at least based on my personal experience, everybody i know that had saw her had either not seeing anything special on her or just say she is a lower healthy level, aka just slightly big body but not really being fat. She’s basically a big girl.

Comment by Metzen

This could be one step closer to OGs. And I think OGs should keep Japanese voices, just English text.

Comment by Anonymous

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