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October 22, 2008, 4:01 pm
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Update more scans.


G.F.F #0040 Kyoushirou Maniax Red Warrior


MG Sinanju




New mobile suit from Gundam 00F.



 New mobile suit from Gundam Unicorn.

Unicorn Gundam “Banshee”


RAS-96 Ankusha




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nice nice nice

Comment by Shakes

looks great…is that Master Grade or else? But i hope so…hehe

Comment by onngun

Looks like the Ankusha is based on the Asshimar.

Comment by T.V.

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So the name of the “Black” Unicorn Gundam is Banshee, uh? (i’m not reading the Novel so i don’t know if it’s name was already mentioned on it, i blame my lack of knowledge in the japanese language)

I wonder if the “Psycho-Flame” is just a engrish for Psycho Frame or a pun based in the fact that the Destroy mode have this flame like bright red glow.

Comment by Metzen

“Banshee”.. I ever heard that codename in somekind character in film too, but i forgot what film.

Comment by Epsilon_013

If Bandai’s gonna make a kit out of Banshee, it’ll be a mere color swap and a minor head change.

If that ever happens, I hope they put in more armaments into the kit to differentiate it from the original Unicorn. Like those elusive twin beam Gatling guns…

Comment by mechaarchitect

A question: Gundam Ms Igloo Manga for Meimu? In Gundam Ace.

Comment by Debris

halo vehicle XD
well seems cool made an opposite between dark and light. he3

Comment by m4jin

Talk about more remodifications after the DeltaPlus. Apparently more Grysp and NeoZeon suits are getting pimped for this UC novel stage and soon which MS will be pimped next? A pimped Dovenwolf? Hi-Zack? R-Jarja?

Comment by codename:v

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That MA had the same color, emblem as Sinanju though…

Maybe it had something to do with Sinanju itself, like gattai perhaps ? ^^”


Comment by sbhboi

[…] Dall’ultimo numero della rivista Gundam ACE, ecco confermata l’apparizione nel romanzo Gundam Unicorn di una nuova unità. Si tratta dell’RX-0 Unicorn Gundam “Banshee”, una sorta di versione alternativa del MS protagonista, ma completamente nero. La differenza sostanziale del MS risiede nel corno, che una volta convertito in V-Fin nella modalità Destroy, appare completamente diverso da quello del classico Unicorn. Di minore importanza, le immagini del Mobile Suit “RAS-96 Ankusha“. Alcune scansioni di qualità media sono disponibili su SRW Hotnews. […]

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To Debris: Yes, Ms Igloo Manga is in Gundam Ace this issue.

Comment by superrobotwar

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“A question: Gundam Ms Igloo Manga for Meimu? In Gundam Ace”

Yes, it’s the 2nd part of the first episode, basically.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Very very thanks!!

Comment by Debris

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Hey, that youshirou Maniax Red Warrior looks bad ass. What’s up wit the blue mobile suit in that same ad?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

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