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October 24, 2008, 10:35 pm
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Kotobukiya – Ausenseiter non-scale

Kotobukiya – ReinWeibritter 1/144

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where to get the Aussenseiter???

Comment by Ereos

Shouldn’t the upper one be Aubenseiter? :b

Comment by Kouban

@Kouban – The letter between the “u” and the “e” is a German letter called es-zett and is used to replace the “ss” sound in some words. Why SRW Hotnews decided to write it as “ss” in Aussenseiter and “b” Rein Weissritter is beyond me.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

meh, I want the volks version of that wessie, doubt it’ll ever come out 😦 SRW model kits are out of the picture for me, their plastic quality is so low.

Comment by Ekove

Fun fact: “Weib” translates to “shrew” or “hag”.
So, I think people should think twice before replacing the “ß” in “Weißritter” with a b instead of the grammatically correct “ss”. 😛

Comment by Terry von Feledae

How come Rein’s box is that large? o_O

I got Aussenseiter already but I just don’t have time to build it. Hope the Rein’s box will be as nice as those before it.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Man, I could kill to get that Rein Weiss Ritter.

Comment by thehangarbay

@Terry: It’s supposed to be something like “Screw”. I’m living in the Netherlands next to Germany and got 2 years of german (Actually I kinda sucked at it) at school. Most of the SRW mech don’t really have a cool name actually, Alteisen means “Old Iron”.

Comment by Nickienator


Comment by W@t3v@

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