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Kotobukiya – Grungust Type-3
October 25, 2008, 12:06 am
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* scan from Model Graphix magazine.

* scan from Hobby Japan magazine.


Upcoming next SRW OG model kit from Kotobukiya.

SRG-03-1 Grungust Type-3 (non-scale)

Release date: March 2009

Hight 160mm

Price: 5,775 yen

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first comment!! looks awesome i would buy that 😛
5775 looks reasonable but what the height of it?

Comment by Ereos

Holy crap, it doesn’t look like plastic crapped out of a cow’s asshole! It actually looks pretty good.

Comment by Amon

I might be interested in it if it was the size of an 1/100 scale Gundam rather than a 1/144 one. And if it was more complicated in its assembly, say by introducing an inner frame assembly. And if Kotobukiya stopped using polycaps that get weak extremely quickly.
…Yeah, as much as I like the mech itself, I think I’ll pass.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

I think it’s interesting that they did this one before the Type-1 and Type-2 Grungusts. It’s kinda lame that it can’t separate into the G-Bison and G-Raptor, but it still looks pretty cool. If it happens to come with a Shishioh Blade (I’ve always been more of a Bullet fan than Sanger/Zengar), then I may consider picking this one up. I’ve always liked the Grungust Type-2 the most out of the Grungust series, so I’m hoping that that’s in the works.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

nice sword 😀

Comment by realgundam

Looks interesting, but again, doubt it’ll be worth getting, the quality of the srw kits is so low.

Comment by Ekove

Actually TBH, I think these OG kits from Kotabukiya is pretty nice, probably matching the quality of Bandai HG 1/100s (I do have both). If you consider that Kotabukiya isn’t a big company as Bandai does, they have a pretty good job done already.

As for the kit……If it’s Sanshiki Zankantou only I think I’ll pass as I already got the DyGenguar. Hope that it’ll come with a Shishio Blade as well……

Comment by BrianGeneral

Banpresto really grow veggies out of Grungusts, don’t they? Last time they grew mushrooms on the Grungust Zero and now pineapples on a Grungust Type-3?

Whatever, the Grungust Type-3 is a 2 machines gattai unit and it can be separated into the Wing Gust and Drill Lander. Can this Koto plamo does that?

Comment by codename:v

Last time I checked, a pineapple was a fruit, not a vegetable…

You also got the names of the separate parts of the Type-3 incorrect as well. Wing Gust is the name of the flying mode of the Type-1 and I’m guessing you just replaced “Gust” with “Drill” to come up with the other name, which is also from the Type-1.

As far is being able to separate, it probably won’t, but in this robot’s case, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, for me anyway. I barely used the Type-3 in it’s separate forms when I played SRW OGG. As long as the kit can:

1. Do the simple pose for firing the Omega Blaster


2. Put drils on the hands to recreate the Drill Boost Knuckle

…then the kit is good enough in my eyes and really doesn’t need to separte into 2 parts. Like I said earlier, I probably won’t buy it unless it comes with a Shishioh Blade, but I still think it’s a good looking kit.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

It doesn’t NEED to seperate, but it would be a nice touch, improve accuracy to the games and make construction a little less onedimensional, in my opinion.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

lol, I bet CV will never reply, cause whenever someone contradicts him he’ll never reply…or just reply to someone entirely different
what a lamer

Comment by lxs

If you looked at the third picture at the bottom right, it can do the Drill Boost Knuckle pose (as the drills are attached to its hands).

@Terry von Feledae
I got the weak polycap nightmare with my Dyzengar. The upper torso polycap that joints the lower torso got cracked, still able to pose albeit loose… 😦

Comment by BD

Too bad it’s not 1/100. That would make it humongous. XD

Comment by Anonymous

Being “Zengar’s” Grungust Type-3 the Combination system between the G Raptor (Flying Unit) and the G Bison (Tank Unit) was deactivated to make it 1 pilot friendly, so this model will remain loyal to that aspect. If it were Bullet’s and Kusuha’s from OG2 then that would be another story.

Comment by Metzen

Deactivated yes, but I don’t think that they actually rebuilt the mech to remove the transformation mechanisms. Plus, the two units are so similar that I don’t think it’d be so much to ask to let the same kit be useable for both versions of the unit(all you’d have to do would be adding the transformation and the a bit more normal sword).

Comment by Terry von Feledae


Comment by W@t3v@

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