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Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer 1/144
November 12, 2008, 2:52 am
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Comment by anon

oh it’s from here
and you screen capped the page instead of saving the actual images

Comment by anon

I never bought Dengeki hobby magz before, so i’m a bit confused here, the issue with Rasiel is going to be released at Januray or November?

Comment by Rekkou

It looks alot like Valhawk from SRW W

Comment by K'

Japanese magazines are released 2 months in advance. So what is listed as a “January issue” will be released on November. If you follow Hobby Japan, it’s the same.

…Which means that the Rasiel will be released this month (January issue), and the Sefer on the next (February issue).

Comment by Auriga

Thanks a lot! i must not miss this like i miss Astraea

Comment by Rekkou

sooo ugly that gundam is

Comment by Ereos

K’12, I’m not seeing it. :/

What mystifies me is why they returned to the “more classic” design features of Gundam. Whatever happened to 00 having its own distinct direction in mecha designs(0 Gundam not considered)? This one could appear in Gundam SEED and noone would notice.

It also reminds me a godawful lot of Super Gundam. I mean, a large core booster thing that can seperate its back part to form a backpack for a mech? I’m not insisting that every single Gundam ever should be a whole-new celebration of science and Sunrise’s breathtaking brainstorming powers, but they could at least change some things about the concept here and there…

I don’t think I like it too much in general.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

Congratulations on the blog I have added on my you all right?

Bye andromeda418

Comment by andromeda418


Comment by W@t3v@


Comment by m4jin

Terry von Feledae:

(This one could appear in Gundam SEED and noone would notice.)

You got a point there, this one could also appear in Zeta New Translation and no one would notice too.

Comment by codename:v

The Rasiel is a direct reference to the Zeta Gundam, easily. Look at the chest piece alone.

Comment by Amon

Hmmm, is just me or people lately had being using too much the whole “Booh, Super Gundam copy” complain in many of the late desings from 00 from previous updates?

I do see a very very small resemblance, but it’s just concept, aka flying unit that attachs as a power up back pack, but is that so bad? I didn’t read people complaining about the Seed Gundpods and Dragoons or the 00 Fangs when they are obviously Funnel/Bit based, it’s just a basic idea retooled with new desings and new ideas (after all that Back Pack mode could have something the Super Gundam’s didn’t)

I feel like that complaining about that is pretty much like complaining about newer Gundam Series using “Energy Rifles” because it’s core concept reminds people of the Beam Rifles in the past.

Comment by Metzen

@Metzen – I couldn’t say it better myself bud. I think lately people put too much effort into seeing how newer things “copy” or “rip off” concepts from earlier designs instead of trying to see what makes the newer stuff unique.

Let’s take the whole idea of a weapons platform added to a Gundam to add firepower, maneuverability, etc., as seen in 0083 (Dendrobium), SEED/SEED Destiny (METEOR) and most recently in 00’s first season (GN Arms). Sure, the general idea is the same…a large weapons platform that adds firepower to a Gundam, but there are also several differences in each one. Here’s one from each:

*The Dendrobium has several weapon pods in which some (the bazookas for example) require the Stamen to use special manipulators to remove the weapons from the pods.

*The METEOR’s can act, not only as added firepower to a Gundam/MS, but can double as weapon turrets for the Eternal.

*The GN Arms can be fitted with different equipment suitable for the Gundam it attaches to (Type-E and Type-D for instance).

I’m sure I could come up with plenty more, but those are just some examples of how each differ from the others. The same can be said about so many other things that people claim “copy” or “rip off” from older designs.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Well excuse me for preferring entirely new content over slightly overhauled old content then.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

Of course new content is always welcome. That’s the only way to progress, after all. That is, if there’s even such a thing as “100% new.”

… It’s just that you guys are concluding stuff left and right based on mere pictures. You’re basically jumping the gun.

And I for one don’t see how the Rasiel can even fit in the Cosmic Era design-wise – even if Okawara himself would be the one to draw it.

Comment by Auriga

I don’t quite understand where you got the “jumping the gun” thing from, really. The pictures are pretty much enough to go by to conclude how Rasiel and Sefer combine, and I don’t see what more there is to “conclude”.
I just don’t like it if Sunrise, or any anime/video game company for that matter, re-uses concepts(particulary if they do it more than once or generally as often as Sunrise does) and was a bit snarky about it. I really see no gunjumping there.

But oh well. We both made our point(or rather, me and you three did), so it’s pointless to reiterate them further.

Comment by Terry von Feledae

[…] e del Gn Sefer .Foto che stanno facendo il giro della rete – le potete trovare anche sul sito di  SRW hotnews […]

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Sorry for interrupt, but another update for Gundam Musou 2:

Comment by judo0054

Old gundam fans are already got fanatic by UC concept and can’t accept new based design from same concept. Just because old days there is no new time line other than UC. All concept technology idea had been used for UC. Unfortunely for cretors new timeline gundam story, they got “title” as copy and rip-off every mech design and weaponry. What a pity…
What will happen if METEOR had got released in animation first before Dendrobium? or Fang before Funnel? Will they still whine Fang copy from Funnel? or will it the opposite: the Funnel is copy from Fang and Dendrobium copy from METEOR?
Sefer+Raisel only used same concept with Super Gundam. But there’s slight different. Sefer can dock at raisel’s GN-Drive and at feet which G-Defensor can only dock at MkII booster
It’s harder make pure new concept than re-design from avaiable concept.

Comment by Fighters

Personally, I like the look of Gundam Rasiel itself. Sefer is just an add-on. I’d get them if they came out in 1/100 scale.

I find it disappointing that Dendrobium, Meteor and GN-Arms didn’t come out in a bigger scale than 1/144. Come on Bandai – something for the 1/100 collectors, please.

At the very least let us have a giant gun for Cherudim.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Essentially all we know about the Rasiel and the Sefer is that they COMBINE. That’s it. Sure, it may share some old concepts, but all you really have to go by is the fact that they combine (unless of course I haven’t heard something else; I have been out of the loop for about a year).

I don’t see how the concept of “gattai” can even be considered a “rip-off.” I’m not well-versed about robot anime history, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there existed something similar to the G-Defensor way before ’85.

Comment by Auriga

to Hanzkaz:
have you relalised how big (massive) 144 scale of dendrobium is? It needs lots of space to display it. That’s why i still hold to buy it to get some free space. it become waste if you buy something but not display it, isn’t it? If Bandai will released 100 scale for massive unit like you were mentioned, i believed you should get some space in your house first before buy it. 🙂

Comment by Epsilon_013

Wait, now. When did I ever use the word “copy” or “rip-off”, anyway, now that I think about it? I merely said that it reminds me of it and that I don’t like Sunrise re-using concepts.

Sheesh, is criticism always noted this agressively in this place? :/

Comment by Terry von Feledae

Err… I never said you said it, either. At least, directly. Chalk it up to a lack of a better term or something.

Comment by Auriga

To Epsilon_013,

I’ll agree that Dendrobium takes up an impressive amount of space, even in 1/144 scale, but I like to think something around a third the size of GN-Arms would be more feasible as a 1/100 kit.

As it is I think of Sefer and O Riser as being little more than novelty add-ons.

(To be honest, I was hoping we’d get an MG based on the GFF GP03 Dendrobium – too much to ask for, maybe, but Bandai tend to come up with surpises, every now and then)

Comment by Hanzkaz

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