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This month’s Hobby Japan magazine
November 21, 2008, 9:44 am
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New characters from Gundam 00V

Amy Zimbaist


Kyoshiro Maniax Mini Fig


Robot Spirits


MG MSN-06S Sinanju 1/100


GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raizer

GNR-010 0 Raizer

GNR-101A GN Archer

Celestial Being VTOL Craft


GNW-20000 Arche Gundam

GNMA-04B11 Trilobite

A-LAWS MS Carrier

A-LAW Ground Battle Ship


GNZ-003 Gadessa




MG G-Fighter – Jan 2009, 5,880 yen


0 Raizer 1/100 – Dec, 1,680 yen

00 Gundam + 0 Riser Special Set 1/100 – Dec, 5,250 yen


HG 0 Raizer 1/144 – Jan 2009, 840 yen

HG Arios Gundam 1/144 – Dec, 1,575 yen

HG GN Archer 1/144 – Jan 2009, 840 yen


HG GNZ-003 Gadessa 1/144 – Jan 2009, 1,575 yen

HG Ahead for Bushido 1/144  – Dec, 1,260 yen

Cherudim Gundam 1/100  – Jan 2009, 2,730 yen

U.C. Hard Graph  EF Type-61 Tank 1/35 – Jan 2009, 9,450 yen


HCM-Pro Arios Gundam + GN Archer


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V

MSJ-06II-ED Tieren Zhizhu

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Wow, that Gadessa looks very Zone of the Endersish. And this is the first that I’ve heard that Ali’s new suit is named the Arche. Weird name for a Gundam.

Comment by Bolinoak

oh cool! now i got a reason to buy a 1/144 00 Gundam, cuz they’re going to release the Oraiser, with the shield thingy that goes on the shoulders of the gundam… i’m hoping it won’t be an Ex-Model as most non-MS kits are Ex-Models

Comment by berNERD

thank you very much for the pics 😀

Comment by justpassingby

MG G Fighter For RX-78 Gundam V.2.0 Only?
For Others Its Work?

Comment by Chaos

I Mean For Others RX-78 Gundam
Like Ver.O.Y.W Etc….

Comment by Chaos

For RX-78 Gundam Ver. 2.0 Only.

Comment by superrobotwar

Whoa… G-Fighter is quite expensive for support vehicle. But looking the detail, that amount price is equal.

Comment by Epsilon_013

For the Sinanjuu, the E2046 state that pre-painted MG Sinanjuu cost 479 USD, dont know what you guys think but i say this is the most obvious rip-off i ever see,link

Comment by yasulong

MG Sinanju – Not really a fan of the stickers. Hope it won’t look too bad without them.

MG G-Fighter – Nice for the OYW fans, but I hope we get an MG Skygrasper some day.

0 Raizer 1/100 – I’m getting this, but I’ll wait and see if OO Gundam gets upgraded. I think 0 Raizer looks better displayed as a support fighter. Perhaps the same for GN Archer and any others.

U.C. Hard Graph EF Type-61 Tank – Very nice, really going to cost though.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Tieren Zhizhu… now I see. Can’t run without the ropes.

Comment by thehangerbay


It is listed as a HG 1/144, if the O-Raizer was an EX model it’d have been mentioned as one already.

Comment by LG

[…] nostra versione della presentazione di Hobby Japan Magazine 12 utilizzando materiale proveniente da SRW Hotnews ed il sito Ngee Khiong  che ha fonti […]

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that 00 gundam looks pretty cool. Its some serious upgrades over the original exia…

Comment by injuredpelican

I think I would rather paint the Sinanju’s insignias yellow to make it more striking than using those stickers as they would come off after a long time. What more, the monoeye isn’t visible and this might take some extra modifications on the head.

The EFSF type-61 battle tank is pretty cool and would be a good match for the Hovertank in dioramas. After watching the first episode of MS IGLOO 2, I can’t wait for the second episode which would be on the tank.

The MG G fighter looks like a good buy and it would match with MG RX-78-2 ver.2.0 perfectly, but I don’t think it’s new since GFF has came up with 3 G-armor sets before and there is a great different in terms of style and design features.

Speaking of docking stunts, 0 Raizer could have been better instead of repeating the same old Super Gundam gig from Zeta and Double-X. There are so many similiarities between 00 and 0083-Zeta, where armbases(0083) were popular 4 years ago and now they scale it down to a fighter capable of docking with Gundams(0087) Should Gundam 00 will have a 3rd season, what could be next? Another ZZ copycat? Well, it’s not going to happen anyway since Banrise already announce an all-new Gundam series by next 2009 and it would be of like G.

Comment by codename:v

I feel SO sorry his name is Amy….poor guy…maybe it will be like Kamille and his “I HATE MY GIRLY NAME” thing…

Comment by Lala

Amy’s parents wanted a girl, so they gave him a girl’s name.

Comment by Anon

when the scans of hj will be out? thx

Comment by garren

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