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This month’s Dengeki Hobby magazine
November 22, 2008, 10:52 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00F (from Gundam ACE magazine)

GNX-607T/BW GN-X II Cannon

GNX-607T/AC GN-X II Sword



Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer 1/144



Mobile Suit Gundam 00P

Tieren Kyitwo


New characters from Gundam 00P

Delphine Bedelia

Leonard Fiennes


Bandai Soul Spec – XS-11 Falgen

Kotobukiya – White Glint


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That Tieren looks like it should be in Gaogaigar…

Comment by Ed

Too shinny heh

Comment by Epsilon_013

Too many mech variation in Gundam 00 makes me dizzy. Does every Gundam like this when broadcast?

Comment by amuro0093

Tieren looks stupid… whats with this artist with the fuel tank/ engine way out in the open for shoting…

Comment by realgundam

not to mention this generation of Gundam artist (with seed too) where the legs don’t have prospective… bad artist or schooling? or are they missing a part of their brian

Comment by realgundam

That Tieren reminds me of the Zeonic and ZAFT “Ceremony” Custom Units, but gone totally wrong.

Comment by Metzen

Real Gundam: its not fuel tank, its a water tank. And do you actually meant to say perspective instead of prospective? Anyway why do people like you always think you have the right to complain and even mock mecha designer? designing mecha is not as easy as you think, geez why do i bothered with a person who is actually don’t have a “brian”

Comment by Rekkou

Rekkou: It not as easy as YOU think, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but any person with good art skills can design better then that. Also whats makes you think I don’t have the right to make my own opinion about the designer? that’s pretty “brain”ly of you. Oh wait, I guess you wont understand my point of view anyway, why am I wasting my time?

Comment by realgundam

people have their right after they did something to achieve their right, so what did you do?believe me, skills and art alone is not enough to design a mech, talent is even out from the equation, there’s a difference between drawing and designing, that’s why mecha designer are called mecha designer, not mecha artist.

Comment by Rekkou

Again I didn’t say it is easy, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something is wrong. Everyone is entitle to their opinion, and rather you agree with the freedom of speech is your own little problem. These designers are suppose to be “professionals”, and they are grtting paid to do it.In these day and age you can’t get by with incorrect perspective, especially if you are drawing a “real-type” mech/anime. I’m sad for you that you need to insult ppl that are in disagreement or just say few bad things about things you like, even if it is so true a blind person can see it.

Comment by realgundam

okay, i’m sorry for insulting you earlier, i just hate it when a person insulting a mecha designer, its fine when you said the legs don’t have perspective or prospective, but you’re certainly went overboard when you said mecha designer is a bad artist and missing a part of their brain. And it seems you got deviantart too, so why don’t we share our artworks? here’s mine you mentioned most of your works are 12 years old, mind to upload the newest one?

Comment by Rekkou

Hey I know where you are coming from, but when something as great as gundam getting some shitting “professional” drawing like this,
the artist deserve the insult… One time I even caught a poster missing a finger on it’s right hand… think the rifle wont have hid that little detail… But yea anyway…

lately I don’t have anytime to draw anymore.. works and shits tires me out… the Roll Casket pic is new, but I’ve only begun to draw charactor about a year ago… the closest machine type pic would be this ship I drawn for an online game.. about 3 years back…

I’ll sure to check your deviantart

Comment by realgundam

Rekkou is win 😀

Comment by Anonymous

So what does Kyitwo means? :/

Comment by thehangerbay

it means ‘to bloom’ in chinese.

Comment by choology

now why would you stur things up like that? you just another troll?
Please don’t jump into conversation you clearly don’t contribute…

Comment by realgundam

As always, I ask for the Super Robot Super station section. Thanks in advance 🙂

Comment by Folka

YO does anyone know the name of that blue overman?
in the last pic on the bottom left side?

Comment by Anonymous

Black Overman

Comment by superrobotwar

where can you find the black overman?

Comment by Anonymous

Try this if you understand Japanese

Comment by amuro0093

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