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Sledgermir (non-scale)
December 15, 2008, 5:44 pm
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Upcoming next SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya.

Sledgermir (non-scale)

Release date: April

Price: 5,040 yen








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One word that I could only utter: AWESOME~!
Guess how long is the sword? (the whole lenght)

Comment by BD

According to

>>Also included is the Zankantou sword, fully 15 inches long!
Or, like 380mm like on the anouncement pamphlet 😉

Comment by Troll ver. KA


Comment by zengar

į§ãŊ。。。あãŪåĪŠåˆ€ãĻいう存åœĻãŦ åŋƒã‚’åĨŠã‚ã‚ŒãŸį”·ã ïž

Comment by Raven Revolution

I just came. Thanks, Kotobukiya!

Comment by Shima

This looks great

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

a note: some times we write in arabic no bady like it but when somebody write in ather langueg no body talk shit ………….

i wounder how many cooksukers in this wibsite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

Wow. FINALLY they make an antagonist unit. XD

Comment by Nameless

I don’t really care what language people write in, do what’s comfortable I guess. However, I don’t think many ppl have a problem with someone commenting in Japanese since…well…the bulk of the subject matter posted is in Japanese. SRW (Super Robot Wars) is a Japanese product marketed in Japan; same with Gundam.

In all fairness, it’d be nice to have babelfish available to read all the comments.

Yay for Sledgmir, nay for cooksuckers.

Comment by BlueAleseides

After a lot of personal trooper models, now Kotobukiya is giving us a lot of grungust mode. Maybe next wave will be about the Shurajin (Ialdabaoth, I’m waiting for you)!!!

Comment by Folka

This after all are japanese products, thats the different.. even the game is in Japanese… If only they could make a model kit that is actually strong enough to hold that sword…

Comment by realgundam

Realgundam: You are asking for mech based on the cave trolls from LOTR, wow I like to see you design that.

I must say, the Sledgelmir is a lot more fun to use than the Daizengar in OGS, faster movement, rechargeable EN and HP and less EN consumption. Daizengar? Hah! Only an idiot would suck up to that.
But I still hate the roundish Rockman-esque design which is too childish and the super smooth surfaces make this raccoon pinhead looked like a chocolate hot fudge with double cream shots. What an embarrassment…

Comment by codename:v


I think that your comment was more embarassing than Sledgermir/Thrugelmir’s desing.

I sometimes wonder if you DO think your comments before saying that kind of stupid things, i mean, it’s ok to be metaphorical from time to time, but going over the top while being metaphorical? seriously man, if you can come out with something with more substanced and less fancy words with stupid meaning, then just don’t use metaphors and state directly your point, we already know you’re a troll anyway, so i think we are prepared for your stupid rants, but at least don’t sound stupid while trolling.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

Well, they could always make the gianormous sword out of a lighter weight plastic and the joints with screws. I’m not too worried about it; besides, it’s gotta be better than than the MG GP02A Physalis & it’s shield.

I digg the sword, but a boxy display shelf won’t be tall enough for this, unless I cut a hole in the roof 🙂

Comment by BlueAleseides


Maybe the Sword will come in parts that can be attached easily, i could easily see the edge being apart from the hild and handler making the right sockets in them.

Comment by Metzen

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