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Daizengar 1/144 Released!
December 20, 2008, 10:15 am
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SRW OG plastic kit Daizengar 1/144 now on sale.

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Woah, I assume the box is within the 24inch range.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

Dekai ne…

Comment by amuro0093

Its either that guy or lady is small. {No offense}

Or that is ONE Huge MaadaaFukingA55 SRW model I ever seen.

Comment by ottoto

No,it’s really big from my opinion…O_o
You can check the link to compare the 1/144 Daizengar next to 1/144 Alteisen Reise….

Comment by GhostVN

Man, that is one overpriced piece of plastic. Would’ve been worth the price if the body proportion and flexibility weren’t crap.

Comment by glemtvapen

What a lucky Son of a bith he is.
Damn! wish i have that box!
he’s even working in kotobukiya

Comment by kojin

woah that box is as big as a 1/60 HG-EX
or even bigger
omg that ****ing EXPENSIVE

Comment by Ereos

Bloody expensive and catches even more dust, yet another white elephant piece of junk from
Call-to-fool-kill-ya. Let’s see is the hole-in-your-pocket bigger than the last time after purchasing the Studio Halfeye’s Pysbuster.

Comment by codename:v

Is CNV’s rants always this lame? >_>

Comment by Nameless


That’s pretty much the case my friend, 99% they don’t make sense at all and 1% on which they could had a valid point, it get negated by his pathetic and offensive attitude, aside of the hypocresy of course.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

Anyone notice the blue lightning next to Daizengar’s sword and the red lightning in the background, perhaps foretelling a future 1/144 Aussenseiter (it might be clearer on the close up of the art)?

Comment by MagnaWingX

@MagnaWingX 21

IF they make a 1/144 model of the Aussenseiter, it better have a better cape. >=(

Comment by Nameless

the lease they can do with that price is to make a strong joins so it can actually whole up the sword… not worth it.

Comment by realgundam

The material they use is kinda crappy anyways >

Comment by lxs

Yes, look at all the reviews on the kit by people who have not built it, much less held in their hands.

Comment by Anonymous

@Anonymous: sounds like you don’t know buch about models.. have you ever seen any picture or rview with this kit holding the sowrd up right by itself? no. infact review also complained about it. . why don’t you do some research first.

Comment by realgundam

And you if you knew anything about modeling, sir. There are so many ways to make the kit hold up the sword properly if it is unable to do so.

This shows that all you are is nothing but a snapper and not a modeler who just put together his kits. I bet you’re the kind who bitches and whines about kits not being molded in the correct colour. Like, learn to paint?

Comment by Anonymous

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