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December 23, 2008, 10:43 pm
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Last update: 27/12/08


Mobile Suit Gundam 00F

CRC-68 Buclides – new space craft for Celestial Being


New Mobile Suit from Gundam Unicorn?


MG RGM-79 GM Ver. 2.0 – February, 3,675 yen


Robot Soul <Side MS>  Arios Gundam +GN Archer DX Set – February, 5,250 yen

Robot Soul <Side MS>  GN Archer – February, 2,625 yen

Robot Soul <Side MS>  Gadessa – March, 2,940 yen

Robot Soul <Side MS>  Garazzo – March, 2,940 yen

Robot Soul <Side MS>  Seravee Gundam – January, 4,980 yen


HG GN Archer – January, 1,260 yen

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A little bit confusing about GM’s skirt….. really differnt between previous image and this image…

Comment by extra

Most likely the skirt is just an optional peice for the two versions. Either that, or it’s just a pic of the prototype.
Either way it’s not accurate to the original GM :p

Comment by Ed

Obviously, the MG GM ver 2.0 would set a whole new standard for future EFSF MSs and hopefully some MSVs like GM sniper custom and Flying Gouf for MG line.

Speaking of GM, the GN Archer should change its name to GM Archer since this is the first time I saw a GM that can transforms and even the colour scheme is pretty close to that too. Yanase should really should goes back to school since none of his designs are inspiring and all his 00 designs looked weak to me. Probrably because of the gay direction set for the anime, what a retarded year of 2008 Gundam franchise.

This new UC novel NeoZeon MS reminds me of this particular MS-AMX-103 Hamma Hamma from ZZ anime and this looked more like a Geara Zulu with Z-Gok claws. Judging by the colour scheme, I suppose the pilot would be Angelo Sauper?

Comment by codename:v

“..GM sniper custom and Flying Gouf for MG line.”

V, like you will buy those?

Comment by Epsilon_013

codename:v, do you only like the U.C. Gundam series?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

[…] pic from Gundam ACE  2月. Bazooka for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka that […]

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Let’s just leave c:v alone if it’s not concerning UC, since he apparently can’t enjoy anything else.

Comment by HathawayNoa

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