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More pics from Gundam ACE February issue
December 28, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Bazooka for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka that come with Unicorn novel Vol 8.


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Hmm… Where can I get those Sinanju and Unicorn posters on the top left of the first image?

Epic posters are epic.

Comment by Knolly

If you think you can get it for free online, in your dreams. Buy the book and you will get the bazooka and poster

Comment by codename:v

^ what make you think that Knolly thought that he can get the poster for free online?
he even has Unicorn Gattling guns with the novel
as I thought, fags like you codename:vagina don’t think when you are posting

Comment by Anonymous

Gentlemen, control yourselves. This isn’t a competition for the place of world’s biggest douchebag.

Comment by Amon

That MS is pretty cool. Who knew Sazabi had a slimmed down brother?

Comment by injuredpelican

Another dumber comment from V. you just got another delusion about all people in the Earth are doing piracy like you do and just find free things. Oh i forgot you don’t has any money , do you? wkkkk..
fag don’t read properly actually fit to you v than anyone don’t know about some info but still try ask to another person. the words are clearly ‘get the poster’, not to ‘get the poster free’, hikikomori fag V.

Comment by Fighters

hey! it’s char’s the pilote of sinanju in the image

Comment by ikki28

posters so cool.

Comment by superrobotwar

Fighters 31

Hey clean up your mouth with a bar of soap, and keep your dumb comments outside srw hotnews! Who cares if codename:v made stupid comment, just answer the person who was asking the question about the posters? Noob!

Comment by SUPERX2000

CV strikes again!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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