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January 1, 2009, 12:16 am
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Gundam 30th Aniversary web site pre-open!

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30the anniversary is a long way back and it should be celebrated with something well-made instead of sub-par failures like 00 and Seed.

2009 is not going to be an easy as the world has yet to recover from last year’s economy downturns caused by the US credit crunch crisis that leads to thousands of laid-offs across the world.

Therefore, if Bandai really want to boost sales this year on its gunplas and toys, Bandai would have to prove skeptics wrong and attract older generations of Gundam fans back into their circle together with the youngs. As a trendsetter in the toys-game industry, Bandai should quit from the ongoing yaoi homolust faggotries since Gundam isn’t meant to be gay but the fags made that happen with their Gundam yaoi faggotries.

Comment by codename:v

For one codeV I agree with you, although i have nothing against 00S2 we definitely need something old school. Unicorn will be an excellent way to get things started.

Comment by Daizengar

cv, completely agree with you. Although I’m not against 00 and SEED, I wanna see something about the UC. Anime based on Unicorn or Hathaway’s Flash, maybe. Or something else, but not new alternative universe. SEED movie also would be ok, but I believe, that they’ve prepared something greater for their aniversary.

Comment by Rune

Does anyone know what they did for the 20th anniversary? >

Comment by lxs

Turn-A. It also marked Tomino’s return to Gundam. Not much hullabaloo, really.

“Bandai would have to prove skeptics wrong”

What skeptics?

“and attract older generations of Gundam fans back into their circle together with the youngs. ”

I’m not so sure about this. I’m not against it – it’s good and all… But really, can we be more realistic here? If ever they do make a new UC series that would aim to do that, I am almost certain that there’ll be UC elitists that will go “OMG, they made it too kiddie!!!”

You can never please everyone at the same time.

And besides, we’re only seeing this divide amongst fans (at this level) OUTSIDE JAPAN. Be reminded: Gundam is by the Japanese, FOR THE JAPANESE.

Comment by Auriga

As long as it makes money , Bandai doesn’t give a fuck about skeptics lol. Time to wake up and smell the roses, boys. It’s all about keeping the accounts in the black.

Comment by Anonymous

“โ€œOMG, they made it too kiddie!!!โ€”

Well, I believe, that if Tomino will be the director, it won’t be too kiddie. Even though he was the director of Overman King Gainer, that was quite cheerful and funny for Tomino’s works, I hope he will be able to return to the times of Z or Victory and make something equally dark and epic.

Comment by Rune

Happy birthday Gundam! ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by MazinKaesar

@Auriga 1
almost every anime is for Japanese. I like anime showing Japanese everyday life and culture, but I don’t like too much anime showing non-Japanese characters think and act as samurai… ๐Ÿ˜

Comment by MazinKaesar

Yeah we want some new UC Gundam anime. But CV already said that we won’t get that whatever happen. And fags really don’t read his own hand writing eh.

Comment by amuro0093

Now that you mentioned it, the elitists would accept a show made by Tomino. Forgot that.

…But with Tomino repeatedly saying stuff about “passing the torch to the new generation,” that is but a dream. We’ll see once October rolls in – after all, it still is too early to really judge anything.

Not “almost” – EVERY.

What I meant was people can whine all they want, but in the end it’s going to be futile. As long as Japanese companies like Bandai are pleasing the Japanese audience and they’re raking in profit from the Japanese audience, they won’t be swayed. Don’t like 00? Sorry, the Japanese do. Like Gundam X? Sorry, the Japanese don’t.

Don’t misunderstand me – I agree with what all of you are saying. It’s just that we have to be a bit more realistic so that we don’t get our hopes up.

Don’t worry, that’s his problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Auriga

That’s arguable question. For example, F91 wasn’t very succesful even in Japan, though it’s Tomino’s work. And, as far, as I remember, even elitists don’t like it very much. Maybe, it’s just exeption… Hmm, I don’t know elitists opinion about Turn A, but among common wathcers it’s not very popular.
Well, you are right, let’s wait until October.

Comment by Rune

Being Honest, i would actually like some sort of Crossover of Gundams, even if it’s only an OVA production, since i don’t thinkt that UC alone would really be much of a celebration, except it were something 100% brand new of UC without being just “This Novel/Manga” animated.

I don’t think that something like Unicorn is really worth of the “30ths Anniversary’s Series” title.

It has to be something very special and not just “Let’s pick up one of our older works and animate it”, i rather see something specially made for the Anniversary.

Besides, Gundam is doing quite well thanks 00, unlike what CV says, yet we know that CV’s opinion are low tier and contradictory, so it’s worth is null.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

“Bandai should quit from the ongoing yaoi homolust faggotries since Gundam isnโ€™t meant to be gay but the fags made that happen with their Gundam yaoi faggotries.”
is there any BL scene in 00-seed-seed destiny and other. just the character like girl and thats only bit (except tieria) because its japanese todays fashion and nowadays anime character style (see code geass).
Man, just open the eyes and except global exchange, you can’t stop or block it. and V, you need brainwash because you got lock in his room for long days only with CPU. only can talk about topic with faggot.

Comment by Jiiiii

whatever, I’m just happy that Gundam exist at all. 00s2 isn’t too bad, at lease is still one of the watchable show out there everyweek. But like CV said , why aint they making UC animes. That will even bring new fans to our old UC universe, which will also drive sales if bandai so desire.

Comment by realgundam

I hopped that Go Nagi keeps up his work as Tomino did.

Gundam is going better and better. Gundam 00 is a new bigging and a verry good one!!

Most of the gundam animes took a better place in srw games such as wing-gundam in alpha and Destiny-gundam, z-gundam in Z.

Gundam unverse has many work to be done, many comics did show up as animation.

some animetions did not take thier full endings, where is apisod 51 from gundam seed destiny ???? What happend to Ammora in chars counter attack ??? z-gundam has two endings one in the movies and one in the sieres which one the right one, one of them canceled ZZ, and what about task force alpha (gundam sentinel graphaic novel) amoro was there in a red z plus where is his story ????????

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

correction : many comics did not show up as animation !!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

Gundam 0079 is the best gundam story.

It is a revolutionary anime that touched the hearts of millions of people.

THANK YOU TOMINO for such a wonderfull anime.

Comment by yasser-al saffar

“Gundam 0079 is the best gundam story.”

BTW, 0079 remake is good for anniversary…

Comment by Rune

Like Gundam X? Sorry, the Japanese donโ€™t.
Actually….there were enough fans of the side story that they had to continue the manga past the original finish date, plus they also had to reproduce more of the remastered Gundam X boxset >

Comment by lxs

I want it to be something that doesn’t take place in any existing Gundam universe. The UC had its chance, so did the CE, AC, CC, AW and every other Gundam universe that’s been made so far. I think 00 took a step in the right direction, so far anyway, having nothing to do with any established Gundam universe. Sure, the main characters are a feminine looking, but there’s a reason they are so. Just like there’s a reason that there are hot chicks in 00 as well, to appeal to a certain demographic.

To me, bringing Tomino back to Gundam would be akin to George Lucas coming back and making the prequel Trilogy. Sure it had it’s good moments, but there’s no way it was better than the original 3 Star Wars movies. We just live in a different time where what worked in the older shows just wouldn’t sell today…unless of course they bring Amuro and Char back to life, but I for one am totally against that. If the new series HAS to be something UC, I really hope it stays away from the OYW completely. I would prefer it to take place either post-Victory, or somewhere in the timeline between Crossbone and Victory.

Personally, I’m enjoying the direction Gundam has taken the past 10 years. I enjoyed SEED to no end, without it I probably would’ve given up on Gundam completely (started with Wing, loved 08th, found MSG charming, but 0083 and 0080 left a sour taste in my mouth). Destiny wasn’t perfect, but since I did love the previous cast, I didn’t have a huge problem with it and liked it quite a bit. Those two series actually got me interested in the older Gundam series, some I ended up digging quite a bit (G Gundam, ZZ, Victory), while some I was a bit disappointed in but still liked parts(Zeta, 0080, Turn-A). 00’s first season left me with mixed feelings, but season two is turning out to be a lot better.

tl:dr Please, just no more OYW, Char or Amuro…

Comment by CyberSynaptic

A cross over TV series just like Kamen Rider DECADE would be great (at least for me…)

Comment by amuro0093

Yes I agree with CyberSynaptic 3 about OYW.
OYW/0079 is good but is geting old, boring and overated. So almost anying have to do with UC is always OYW. If its going to be UC I would like to see more of ZZ Gundam, Advance Of Z and Sentinel Gundam.
It will even better if there is a Crossover Gundam anime or meybe just a crossover focus on alternate universe series and UC characters as guest.

Comment by RobodudeDX

gundam unicorn – advance of z – gundam the origin

Comment by ikki28

UC fanboys?? geez 0079 was written like old combiners, geez you’ll have more fun watching ideon.

Comment by Frito

Ignore frito, he’s a faggot.

Comment by Blue

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