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January 7, 2009, 9:22 am
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Bandai Namco announce Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield Portable.

It’s 4 Vs 4 Gundam team battle port from arcade. Release date March 2009.


New Super Robot Wars on Famitsu next week …?


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Isn’t this the one year war arcade game released a couple years ago?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

it is truly the one year war maybe but not like the ps2 version. it is the POD like arcade. however how can bandai simulate the 360 look or maybe not. When will it be released.

Comment by Shakes

*sigh* I want it for PS3…… so i can play online

Comment by jerry

Finally NEW SRW game announce maybe????

Prabably just some new info on Z Special Disc…

Man, I was hopping for OG3, or something for the PS3 for crying out loud.

Comment by ottoto

Everyone knows that the PS3 has hit rockbottom in console wars and the winner is Wii, NamcoBandai has decided to focus more on the PSP market which is more vast than home consoles.

Time to change to PSP and Wii

Comment by codename:v

God, please, let it be new SRT, but not SRTZ Special Disc. Amen.

Comment by Rune

SRW ps3 maybe? Scramble Commander style?

Comment by amuro0093

Didn’t expect that coming. Despite being a POD arcade, Gundam Kizuna isn’t a 360 view game, so it’s possible. I wonder how it will fare on PSP though.

Comment by Q

[…] Japanese arcade title Gundam Senjou no Kizuna will be available for Sony PSP. Instead of the 8 player vs. 8 player arcade set-up, the Sony PSP version will be 4-on-4. The video game will be released on March 26 in Japan. [SRW] […]

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Ok, I like a new SRW, but I hope it will not be for Wii…

Comment by Mazinkaesar

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From the wording I would bet on Special Disc, but still keeping in mind that it could either way.

Comment by Anonymous

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…going by that logic, the PS2 shouldn’t be as successful as it is now, seeing as it too also was the least popular at the beginning

Comment by lxs

CV there aren’t much good games on Wii… and there are NO good games on Wii in 2008… I played PS2, MGG4, GT5P, all superb games compared to any of the Wii games… and can’t wait for Demon’s soul, KZ2 and FF13&verse.. I’m just wandering when will Kojima finally make ZOE3.. or what ever new action game he is secretly developing…

Comment by realgundam

PS2> meant to say Resistance2…
sales doesn’t mean how good quality games u going to get…

Comment by realgundam

[…] This week’s Famitsu magazine Bandai Namco announce Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield Portable. It’s 4 Vs 4 Gundam team battle […] […]

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Wow, that’s the shortest amount of bull I’ve ever seen CV write.

Comment by Anonymous

Hey CV ur forgetting about the xbox360, the last time I check is doing great on the console wars, oh yea I forgot, you only play rated E games and your a Wii fanboi.

Comment by Anonymous

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I agree; there aren’t that many good games for the Wii. I mean, there’s something wrong when most game play involves just wiggling the remote. Any good game idea the Wii gets, it gets destroyed and corrupted by trying to input the use of the Wii mote.

The next gen system I would consider getting (which won’t be for another five years XD ) would be PS3.

Comment by Nameless

Oh and about the SRW news…. I was hoping it was OG3 as well, but NOT for the PS3. That’s just franchise suicide at this moment in time. Hopefully if it is OG3, it should be on the PS2. XD

Comment by Nameless

Honestly, I wish they’d re-release OG 1 and 2 for PSP the way they did A and MX. The PSP ports have been very nice so far. Honestly I haven’t been able to put them down. I’ve replayed both MX Portable and A Portable at least 3 times each. And come on, OG was great. I’ve even resorted to playing the GBA ver of OG 1 and 2 on a GBA emulator on my PSP. I’m desperate!

Comment by TKDKurisu

i`m hoping for srw og 3 or the remake of srw d on PSP ^_^.
I have a great Intuition in this…

Sorry for my english, i`m very bad in practice >_<

Comment by Lucas

D or J would be nice. Alpha remakes would be great. Though I’d love to see W on PSP. The DS version was great, but imagine how much greater it could have been.

Comment by TKDKurisu

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ohhh great one more damn game for psp, what the hell happen to ps3?

Comment by Anonymous

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