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Gundam 00 S2 Op2: Namida no Mukou MP3
January 8, 2009, 11:31 pm
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Namida no Mukou (Across from the Tears) by Stereo Pony

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Calling this song “Disappointing” is an Understatement.

Comment by DeltaPlus

great! thanks! although this song is kinda weird as a last opening of gundam 00, make me remember the last op of gsd

Comment by greeneyes

….Just no
The Opening better feature some awesome scenes, or I’m skipping it every time.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

This sound like a very very very stereotypical anime opening…I personally prefer the previous opening rather than this, or possibly something on par with that.

Personally, I think shinmei, you will probably skip through the opening sequence.

I can already imagine the opening animation lol…

Comment by Altaisenimpact

I didn’t mind the ED theme they did for Bleach. BUT, this just doesn’t ‘feel’ like a Gundam song, especially an OP theme. The first three OP songs for 00 were great. *sigh*

There’s still hope for the new ED theme for 00, right? And, sometimes they include an insert song for the climax/final battle.

Comment by BlueAleseides

There was another group, Dakota Star, that was planned for the OP, but somehow Stereopony got it. The song that should have been the Gundam 00 second OP will be playing in another anime soon, so listen to it and think of what could have been.

Comment by HathawayNoa

Hmm, doesn’t to fit as a gundam opening, if 00 s2 in the SRW, i’ll switch back the BGM to the previous one or let’s hope if there are some movie special, there’ll be a new opening and SRW will use that opening like they use Vestige instead of Wings of Words

Comment by Rekkou

L’arc doing the 1st OP was the reason I even bothered to watch it.

Comment by darkvenom

It’s a little typical, but it’s not NEARLY as bad as the people here are making it.

Comment by DarkCode

New insert song for Ayumi Tsunematsu Marina Ismail seyoou

Comment by Debris

Bandai/Sunrise, are you serious? I guess I have to mute the OP for the next 12 episodes. Hope that the ED song will not suck.

I prefer Prototype to be OP than this one.

Comment by Anonymous

The signs of regression are more significant than I thought, from the recent Mizushima’s whining interviews about how bloggers trashed his 00 faggotry has demotivate his production team’s performance and now even the theme song is worse than ever.

Gundam 30the anniversary maybe Gundam’s end since the franchise doesn’t get any better and more towards the yaoi faggotry. Really, you faggots has got yourself to blamed for Gundam’s fall from grace.

Comment by codename:v

Man, I really wish the admins of this site would kick him. All he does is bitch.

Comment by DarkCode

I highly doubt that Gundam is getting worse at all, 00 long ago proved some sort of of recovery from Destiny’s fail, and is doing quite well, trolls from 2chan and nerdrage complaining to Mizushima (since that’s what happened and not the real fans being angry at them) means nothing, the same way your complains of 00’s quality mean nothing when you’re stating the opposite of what is happening in reality, after all you’re the one saying that the “grandpa bots” are old and nobody is interested when the exact opposite is happening even in Japan.

Gundam will go on, specially thanks to 00’s recover, which did happen, no matter how much you will delusionally deny it with your retarded elitism, you sure make older Gundam Fans look bad and the same for Older Mecha Fans.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

Hmmm the song isn’t that bad, it’s weird for sure, but, let’s be honest, Gundam has always being jpop in general, it really lacks of a “defining” kind of music, usually each series have their own set of music style.

Besides, let’s remember the fact that, THE Original Opening of Gundam 0079 was technically a Super Robot Song for Gundam, and that didn’t stop it from being awesome.

So let’s just wait to see the animation, maybe both will mix so well that we could enjoy it.

Comment by Metzen

Though the Original series was great, it was also Canceled back when it first aired.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku


Hmm, i’m talking about the song being Awesome, obviously 0079 is on it’s own.

But my point is, don’t bash a song for a Gundam opening for not being what you would usually expect, since at the end, Gundam songs really don’t have a defined type of songs.

Let’s just wait for the opening animation to be shown, before complaining…

Comment by Metzen

after hearing the song 2 or 3 times and imagine how the opening will look alike, i think the song is actually pretty fit

and without meant to insult, isn’t yaoism in Gundam already started since Amuro and Char? i think its quite inevitable things in Anime world despite the male character being Bishie or not

Comment by Rekkou

Sounds like a good songs for faggots to dance to.

Comment by KrylonBlue

this song is not bad. for 00 op….it’s too bad.

Comment by oops

It’s not bad on its own. It’s just not right for a Gundam 00 opening theme; sounds more like something for a CE series.

Comment by crimson_oath

Yuna Ito, ED Gundam 00 2nd. From Hearth Station et Animesuki.

Eps ??

Comment by Debris

Now that I’ve seen it….Video is good…
Song still shit

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

well dissappointing to use this song for gundam 00….it’s a good song by itself or for gundam seed

Comment by wutupz

heh’ doesn’t matter with it was the best OP song or not… its based on the theme throuhg the anime’ just look in this song’s montage, love n regretness ;(

Comment by midikarma

Don’t get what you guys are complaining about, the OP fits nicely with the images. If you want to rant about something, rant about Marina Ismael trying to turn 00 into Macross, and failing because her song sucks.

Comment by Anonymous

i give it a 7/10

Comment by Anonymous

I believe this should’ve been the ending song not the op <_<

Comment by tarbis

Thx very !!!

Comment by Keldim

I’d pick this song over Wings of Words anytime >.>

So stop bitching about it cuz no matter how much bitching people make it’s never gonna change. Accept it and move on or just spare us all the bullshit and just shut up anyway, because we don’t wanna hear it. Complain to those who chose that song as an OP.

Comment by Thanx

It feels weird having this song as an opening for 00. but what’s weirder is that, i actually find myself not only liking the song, but also liking it better than the openings in first season. & plus, the opening vid fits nicely with the song. seriously, i don’t get why some of you guys trashed the song like it’s the worst song of the century. anyway, 00 rocks!! long live Gundam!!

Comment by Hayabusa

It’s a fine song but… Gundam deserve better, as it will be the last op song.

Comment by betapo

I love this song.

Comment by me

Actually no. It’s a good song. I think it was a nice OP. I liked it. But I liked 3rd season better. Gotta love UVERworld!

Comment by Relena H. Shikuta

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