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Pilot of GN Archer
January 8, 2009, 10:48 am
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Hidden gundam face inside…?




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well at least she does something usefull…Wait WTF isnt Anew the pilot???0_o Im confused now.

Comment by Gunstray

So the pilot is Soma Peries, not Marie Parfacy?
Will Soma come with her hostile personality as well? ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Southburn

I knew it!

Comment by Person

As expected ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by line

they never really anew was the pilot, it was only fan speculation when they introduce anew. actually fan spec of soma piloting gn archer came first. now i think soma will die.

Comment by flamerounin

For me it isn’t surprising at all…

Comment by Rune

anew is a innovator…u noe

Comment by Anonymous

Anew is an innovator…

Comment by Anonymous

it was sooo typical she was gonna pilot it…
but why does it say soma pires

Comment by Ereos

I am not impressed with this GN Archer since it took references from the Stargazer’s Civilian Astray DSSD and Macross Frontier’s Super VF-25F, this is really lame of Yanase and his poor conceptualizing skills. How is Bandai suppose to fare in this year’s global recession with all these faggotries?

Comment by codename:v

@Southburn 8
The Japanese still have Marie as Soma in the credits, Sso it’s still Marie.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

I’m not impress at all at your mahq knowledge

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not impressed at all at your Mahq knowledge

Comment by Anonymous

CV Strikes again!!!

Comment by Anonymous

cv, what’s yer problem? who cares if its a rip off? what isn’t in gundam? all you can do with gundam is put a new spin on ideas that have already come before at this point. I personally like it, cause its not a gundam on the gundam team, something they really needed.

Comment by injuredpelican

Rip off or differently excuted idea? Think about it. One of the alluring parts of Gundam Unicorn is how they resurrect old, sometime forgotten, designs and puts a new spin on them. If you don’t like the designs, then skip it. It’s not like Gundam is the only robot anime out there and will be the only robot anime ever.

On to the GN Archer:

I’m a little surprise that they actually molded the eyes in lime green, rather than clear plastic. Also, even though its just a sensor unit & not a cockpit canopy, I’m a little bummed they molded the whole nose section in red and included a sticker for it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Also, according to ngee khiong’s blog, the binders can be detached and reattached to Arios or 00 Gundam. It leaves GN Archer’s MS a little naked, but it looks kind of cool on 00 Gundam.

Comment by BlueAleseides

Well “visor over face plate” had being done from quite a long time in Armors, even before Stargazer, so if anything it isn’t ripping off DSSD at all, just using a common concept like saying “Visor”, “Mono Eye”, “double eye”, etc.

And truth be told, i don’t see anything that resembles a Super Pack, in fact, it seems that there isn’t anything like a “extra armor with attachable weapons” like Macross, just a typical Transformable MS that has extra cannons that can be used both in MS mode and MA mode.

Once again you fail to really stablish a good and valid point CV, well done. And before critcizing Yanase and other mecha makers, why don’t you see more further in your idolized and shrine worshiped Katoki, since he’s far more famous for grabbing units and redisigning them completely yet remaining the same thing and not something really new besides being highly detailed, than for making something original or new, Katoki is as good as many of the Mecha Designers you critice so much and have the same flaws you over bash.

Now the question would be, “why so zealous, cv?” =w=

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

“How is Bandai suppose to fare in this yearโ€™s global recession with all these faggotries?”
You forgot 00 had been launched before global recession. Where have you been? lock yourself from outside world? Ahhh… i forget you are the hikikomori will all faggotries you have.

Comment by Epsilon_013

oh well, it’s typical of CV, bash everything, that’s what a troll does best guys. oh wait, let me correct: that’s the only thing a troll can do ๐Ÿ˜› for all we know, you’d be picking up every new pla-mo on hobby store shelves the moment it arrives.

well back on topic, yep, the GN Archer looks like a unique, non-uber yet important support unit. i think i read somewhere that it might fit ALMOST the same role as the Methuss was to the Hyaku-Shiki’s MBL, minus the MA to MA docking of course.

Comment by valkyriepilot

ha! CV ‘the gundam god’ does it again! come on, enlighten us on what a gundam should be.

back to archer. i really wanna know how this thing’s powered up. it’s kinda weird and inconvenient for arios to transform into MA mode in battle just to recharge archer’s batteries (we’re assuming that both can dock in MA mode only)

Comment by flamerounin

Personally I think that the GN Archer looks more like the Gaplant, if you oculd compare it to anything, and even that can be considered a bit of a stretch. Mayb it’s just me, but I like that this mobile suit is simple. It doesn’t really have all the flairs and such that mobile suits from SEED tended to have. I don’t know, for a support unit I think it’s pretty cool.

Comment by D-kun

c:v is still on this insignificant website making comments about how bad designs are while the other guy is designing mecha for Sunrise for a living. That says everything.

Comment by Anonymous

NICE! Allelujah x Marie = Gundam Arios x GN Archer!! isnt that a great combination!?!?

Comment by Ken

cv, you suck! 00 and other universes(UC or AU)rules

Comment by anonymous

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